Kirby Air Ride EX is the newest installament of the "Kirby Air Ride" series. It is exclusive to Wii U. In Japan, the game is called "Kābī no Ea Raido Ex", which means "Kirby's Air Ride EX".


Gameplay is mostly the same as the other installaments. There are 2 types of vehicles in the game. Classic Vehicles return from previous installaments. New Vehicles are brand new vehicles to ride. Any character can ride any vehicle, and some even have exclusive vehicles. The game features 5 different game modes. They are Air Ride, Top Ride, Sky Ride, City Trial and Boss Brawl. All of the modes can be played alone, or in local/online multiplayer.

Playable Characters

Kirby (Pink, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Brown, White)

King Dedede

Meta Knight

Bandana Waddle Dee

Rick The Hampster

Nago The Cat


Captain Olimar (Guest Character)

Mii (Guest Character)


Symbol What It Means
~ Only King Dedede can use it
` Only Meta Knight can use it
^ Exclusive to Top Ride
* Exclusive to City Trial
- Can't be used in Sky Ride

Classic Vehicles

Warp Star

Slick Star-

Winged Star

Formula Star-

Shadow Star

Swerve Star-

Rocket Star-

Wagon Star-

Turbo Star-

Jet Star

Wheelie Bike-

Wheelie Scooter-

Rex Wheelie-

Compact Star

Meta Knight's Wings `

Dedede's Bike ~ -

Free Star ^ -

Steer Star ^ -

Dragoon *

Hydra *

Flight Warp Star *

New Vehicles

Mine Cart -

Magic Broom



Fake Bronto Burt

Yarn Car -

Yarn Buggy -

Star Ship

Bulborb Wheelie -

Fake Soarar

Dyna Chick

Kabula's Missle

Floating Wii Remote

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