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PrincessRosalina Mariofan45's fan game!

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This is a Icey Inc. fan-game being made by Mariofan45 (tbc). To rate it or disguss it, go here.

1. No editing without my permission, unless your a sysop or patrooler. 2. No spamming on my games. 3. No cursing the article. 4. Leave your username on the talk page so I know who you are! 5. No flaming on the game's talk page.

Kirby Air Ride 3 is the first Mariofan45 Kirby fan-game. It's an upcoming game for the Wii.


No plot is confirmed. but a classic plot of Kirby And Keeby VS Meta Knight and King Dedede.


These are items helping you drive.

  • Shell Toss
  • Lucal Superstar


A: Dash

B: Turn

1: Dash

2: Turn

Arrows: Helps you make a bomb


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