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Kirby 64 Remastered is a remake of the Nintendo 64 game Kirby 64 for the Wii. Many of the flaws of the original have been covered up in this remake, while adding a plethora of new material.



Kirby 64 Remastered has the same controls and layout as Kirby 64. Health has been changed to a health bar, while level select has been changed from an image based select screen to a map screen.


Kirby 64 Remastered features multiple playable characters. The desired character is chosen before each level. There are a total of four playable characters, all unlocked by playing through the first world.

  • Kirby - Titular hero of the Kirby series, Kirby inhales enemies to mix and match abilities.
  • Waddle Dee - A normal Waddle Dee, except red. He attacks by simply punching and kicking his foes.
  • Adeleine - Saved by Kirby in his previous adventure, this Human painter can bring what she paints to life.
  • King Dedede - Fat king of Dreamland. He can inhale enemies, fly, and crush foes under his mallet and enormous, erm... girth.

Worlds and Levels

The storyline is divided into eight worlds. Seven of those eight are lifted straight from Kirby 64, with more levels added to each one while the already existing levels were extended. In each level are now six Crystal Shards. Each world has one mid-boss and one boss. Both bosses yield one shard each when defeated.


  • Star - Spread randomly across the levels, collecting forty of these will grant the player a 1-Up.
  • Food - Restores a little bit of health.
  • Maxim Tomato - Restores health to 100%.
  • 1-Up - Grants the player another life.
  • Crystal Shards - All of these must be obtained to complete the game.
  • Info Card - Acquired in the end level minigame. These give information and backstories on characters and locations.


The story has been lifted straight from Kirby 64. However, the storyline has been extended, cutscenes have been added, and so has a whole new world.

World 1: Pop Star

World 2: Rock Star

World 3: Aqua Star

World 4: Neo Star

World 5: Shiver Star

World 6: Silver Star

World 7: Ripple Star

Bad Ending

World 8: Dark Star

Good Ending

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