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Kirby 64 DS: The Shadow King is a light remake of Kirby 64 the Crystal Shards. It has 2 story Modes. The Crystal Shard one and a new Shadow King Story.The Crystal Shard story makes half of the game and the whole remake. The Shadow King part is like an entirely new game shared with a remake


The Crystal Shards

The storyline is the same but King Dedede declines the offer to be Kirby's partner. Instead Meta Knight does.

The Shadow King

One day in dreamland, Kirby was waddling along. He saw a Cheesecake. Kirby dashed over to the scrumtious delight. A speeding shadow swiped the cake. Kirby swallowed dirty air and coughed. He searched all through Dreamland. Then he went to King Dedede's castle. The greedy king was hiding a black crystal when Kirby entered the Throne room. The crystal shot out of Dedede's hands and turned into a big, shady hand. It introduced itself as "The Dark Hand". Then it shot the roof with a Dark Ray. It grabbed Kirby and zoomed upwards out of the hole. Above Pop Star, The Dark Hand made a shadow course. Kirby beat the hand when it let kirby go. A Dark Crystal Heart dropped out of the hand as the platform dissolved.The heart was falling to pop star as was Kirby. Kirby was going to take the Crystal heart so it wouldnt fall into the wrong hands. But a meteor hit the Heart and scattered the peices around the Dream System (Kirby's Solar System). Kirby went to Rock Star to get the shards.

Copy Abilities

Secret Copy Abilities

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