Playable Characters

Sprite Character Description_of_the_character Character__abilities How_to_unlock
Kirbysprite Kirby It's everybody's favorite round pink hero, Kirby! He's back for a second helping of being a star warrior! Kirby can inhale enemies and gain they're abilities. N/A
Metaknightsprite Meta Knight The mysterious knight of Dreamland, Meta Knight, has decided to join Kirby on his quest. Meta Knight acts like Sword and Wing Kirby. Beat Meta Knight on Hard.
Kingdddsprite King Dedede I'll bet nobody was expecting Kirby's hated nemesis, King Dedede, to join him on this adventure! King Dedede acts like Hammer Kirby. Beat King Dedede on Hard.
Samurite Samurite This Bio Spark is one of Meta Knght's students, and by golly, he's ready to show what he's made of! Samurite acts like Ninja Kirby. Beat Boss Rush mode with Ninja Kirby.

Enemies in the game

Sprite Enemy_name Description_of_the_enemy Ability
Waddled Waddle Dee The most popular species of Kirby enemies, Waddle Dees really do nothing but... well... waddle. None
Parasolwaddled Parasol Waddle Dee Waddle Dees that wield umbrellas. They fall a lot slower than regular Waddle Dees. Parasol
Spead Soldier Waddle Dee These spear-wielding Waddle Dees have been trained to perfection! Will that be a problem? None
Bigd Big Dee These bigger Waddle Dees are much harder to suck up, but they're so much more filling! None
Waddledood Waddle Doo Waddle Doos are Waddle Dees with one eye. They can also fire beams from that eye. Cool! Beam
Sirkibble Sir Kibble These soldiers wield boomerangs. They aren't as common as Waddle Dees, but close enough. Cutter
Scarfy1Scary2 Scarfy Scarfies may appear like cute, innocent little creatures at first, but when they get angry, they turn into hideous monters! So keep them happy! None
Knukoe Knuckle Joe Knuckle Joes are not enemies you wanna mess with! They're pretty tough, so watch out! Fighter
N/A Magnedude Watch out for these guys, they'll be definetly attracted to you! Magnet
Bladk Blade Knight These sword-wielding minions slice with everything they've got! Watch out! Sword
Rockirby Rocky Sometimes they just stand there, other times they try to CRUSH you! Stone
Gordo Gordo Careful now, these enemies can't be attacked or inhaled! What makes them so indestructable? None
Whelie Wheelie These guys are on a roll! Literally. And boy do they go fast! Wheel
Birdon Birdon Remember that saying "free as a bird"? Forget it when you beat up these guys! Wing
Grizzo Grizzo Grizzos are tough guys that try to charge into anybody they want, so watch out for them. Fighter

More to come.

Minior Bosses in The Game

  • Giant OZ
  • Moley
  • Kracko Jr.
  • Big Bad Joe
  • Wizard Of Boo
  • Giant Grizzo
  • Shadow Bat
  • King Doo
  • Bonkers
  • Paint Dee
  • Water Galbo

Major Bosses in the Game

  • Whispy Woods
  • Loolaa
  • Door like eye the door is a attacked for the haunted house.
  • Kracko
  • Kabula and Jetboola
  • Metanet Dinosuar
  • Prince Matter
  • Rocky Matter
  • Zero Seven
  • Ture Mega Matter


  • Metamato
  • Apples
  • Bandannas
  • Oranges
  • Flower Suit

Sub Games

  • Cart Chase
  • Paint Panic
  • Block Attack
  • Truck Riders
  • Kirby Pinball
  • Snow Ball Fight
  • Gaxacia
  • Kirby and Roll
  • Gator Panic
  • Kirby Motos
  • Nintendo All Stars
  • Kirby's Safar


  • Dreamland
  • Grassland
  • Loolaa Land
  • Spooky Land
  • Cloud Land
  • Floaty Island
  • Dino Land
  • Matter Land
  • Hyper Land
  • Extra Land

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