Kirby 3D Marx Resurrection

Box Art.

Kirby 3D: Marx Resurrection (Or called "Kirby 3D" for short) is a Kirby game released for the Nintendo 3DS. It was released on March 5, 2014 and is a sequel to Kirby's Dreamland 4. 


The story for this game is that Marx returns to get his revenge on Kirby after killing him in the past. So, Marx decides to team up with some other villains like Galacta Knight, Zero Two, and even Nightmare himself. Marx's evil plan is to steal the Dream Ring (A ring that is related to the Star Rod) and cause peoples minds to have bad dreams and thoughts. When KIrby hears about this plan, he acts quickly and teams up with Meta Knight, King Dedede, And the Waddle Dee to stop Marx for good.

Kirby's Abilities

Kirby has some old and some new abilites after he inhales a certain enemy. 

Regular Abilities

1. Fire Kirby

2. Hammer Kirby

3. Rock Kirby

4. Wing Kirby

5. Tornado Kirby

6. Ice Kirby

7. Beam Kirby

8. Wheel Kirby

9. Sword Kirby

10. Fighter Kirby

11. Suplex Kirby

12. High-Jump Kirby

13. Cutter Kirby

14. Mic Kirby

15. Needle Kirby

16. Bomb Kirby

17. Parasol Kirby

New Abilites

1. Acid Kirby

2. Phantom Kirby

3. Ultra-Vacuum Kirby


Their is a large variety of levels.8 hub levels that have 5 mini-levels plus a boss level.

1. Vegetable Valley (Hub Level 1)

Boss 1: Whispy Woods

2. Meat Mountain (Hub Level 2)

Boss 2: Max Flexer (Macho San)

3. Orange Oasis (Hub Level 3)

Boss 3: Mr. Bright And Mr. Shine

4. Peanut Peak (Hub Level 4)

Boss 4: Peanut Buster

5. Cake Lake (Hub World 5)

Boss 5: Galacta Knight

6. Cherry Castles (Hub World 6)

Boss 6: Zero Two

7. Blackberry Beach (Hub World 7)

Boss 7: Nightmare

8. Marx's Fountain Of Doom (Hub World 8)

Boss 8: Ultimate Dark Marx


King Dedede and Meta Knight have similar voices like they did in the Kirby Right Back At Ya!

The final boss is a fan character that is a combination of Marx And Nightmare, along with some other bosses.

This is very similar to Kirby's Adventure (Kirby's Nightmare In Dreamland.)

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