Kirby 3D is a new installment in the Kirby series, released for the Nintendo 3DS.


Kirby 3D is inspired by Kirby Return to Dreamland. Similar to Kirby Return to Dreamland, the main zone is the Airus similar to the Lor Starcutter from the original. The Airus has the same engines that the Lor had but now includes the creator of abilities.

Main Characters

KRtDL Kirby 2
Kirby is the main hero of the game
Meta Knight is Kirby's rival and the boss of the second world.
KRtDL Dedede
King Dedede is the sub-villain and the boss of World 9
180px-Espíritu de Marx
Marx Soul is the center of the universe and the final boss

Playable Characters

KRtDL Kirby 2
Kirby is the main hero of the game
Meta Knight is the kirby rival and in kirby 3d first a popstar boss and next at playable characater
KRtDL Dedede
King Dedede is the boss of World 9 and a playable character after the defeat of Marx
Mario is Kirby's new friend in Kirby 3d and is a playable character
Mii now has the same abilities as Kirby


Name Image World Boss
Whispy Woods
278153-whispy copy large
Popstar Grassland
Meta Knight
Popstar Beach
Popstar University
Popstar Sky
Popstar Pole
200px-Landia 2
Popstar Volcano
General Metal
General Metal
Factory Guaride
King Dedede
157px-KRtDL Dedede
Dedede Galaxy
Marx Soul
180px-Espíritu de Marx
Center of the Universe
Center of the Universe


All the abilities from Kirby Return to Dreamland reappear as well as two new abilities.

  1. Punch Kirby
  2. Posion Kirby

DLC Abilities

Kirby 3D includes new DLC abilities only for the Arena and True Arena.

  1. Spray Kirby.
  2. Banana Kirby.
  3. Ink Kirby.
  4. Claw Kirby.
  5. Dragon Kirby.
  6. Wolf Kirby.


  • Bonkers
  • Dragonius
  • Rolling Turtle
  • Calamardus
  • Jukid
  • Scientific X
  • Baby Dyna Blade
  • Avinus
  • Sr Morsez
  • Giant Pengi
  • Firelion
  • Flame Dragon
  • Iron Mam
  • Roboxius
  • Pompy Bros Sr
  • Dark Statue
  • Tedhaum
  • Dark Doomer
  • Dark Bonkers
  • Dark Jukid

Super Abilities

Two new super abilities appear alongside the ones from Kirby Return to Dreamland

  1. Leaf Tornado Kirby
  2. Storm Kirby

Popstar Arena Bosses

The Arena and True Arena use the same main bosses. The ten bosses are the most powerful in the Kirby series!


Doroach is the first boss in the popstar arena

Grand Doomer is the second boss in the popstar arena
Joya Cataplof

Cataplof Gem is the third popstar arena boss

Dedede enmascarado

Masked Dedede is the fourth arena boss

180px-Brawl Boss Galacta Knight by hextupleyoodot

Galacta Knight is the fifth popstar arena boss

180px-Dark warrior

Dark Warrior is the sixth boss in the popsatr arena

180px-Miraccle matter

Miracle Matter is the seventh boss in the popstar arena

250px-Espíritu de Maglor

Maglor Soul is the eight boss in the popstar arena

Wiz adv
Nightmare is the noven boss in the popstar arena

02 is the last boss in popstar arena and the ultra boss in kirby 3D

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