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KirbyIcon USBIV
The little hero of Dreamland
Universe SSB Kirby Series
Appearances in SSB Super Smash Bros. 64

Super Smash Bros. Melee Super Smash Bros. Brawl Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U

Recent Game Kirby's Rainbow Curse
Avaiability Starter
Final Smash Super Ability (All 4:)
  • Ultra Sword
  • Monster Flame
  • Flare Beam
  • Snow Bowl
Tier A+ (2)

Kirby is the second lightest character in the game, Ultra Smash Bros. IV. He's confirmed at the E3 trailer and emo where the Original 8 were fighting to each other, including Captain FalconNessJigglypuff and Luigi. Due to his lightness, Kirby is enable to jump many times in the air for a better recovery. He has also strong different special moves such as the Hammer Flip. He's the only character who can perform the Copy Ability move, so he can perform identtical neutral specials from all the characters, except those of the same race, because he's Kirby himself. Generally, Kirby is a pink puffball who lives in Dreamland, and also a hero of his homeland. 

His voiceclips are the same as in SSB4.

Kirby's tier place is best in his 18th place, in B+, in the middle of the Roy and Toon Link. This is a huge amelioration and also significant for him, for his aerial gameplay. Also, this is the second time that Kirby is in the highest tier since SSB64.

Changes from SSB4.

Comparing to SSB4, Kirby heavly buffed for his aerial gameplay and his smash attacks. His aerials have become faster and balanced, and his smash moves, stronger:

  • Kirby not only can perform neutral Copy Abilities, but now he can perform all the special attacks like others (Side, Down and Up-Specials). Per example: if Kirby inhales Mario, he cannot only throw Fireballs, but also perform the Super Cape, charging the F.L.U.D.D., and perform a Super Jump. But Kirby only can perform all special moves, not from the custom ones.
  • He became faster while he runs.
  • While performing an Hammer Flip, Kirby cannot charge his hammer anymore while midair. You can only charge on the ground and also while jumping.
    • This is nerfing Kirby for awhile but also he buffed thanks to his midair floaty Hammer Flip into the air similar to Kirby's Hammer Flip in SSBB.

Alternate Costumes

Color: Description:

First Row

Pink + Magenta His original default costume.
Yellow + (sort of) Orange His yellow costume from his various multiplayer games.
Light Cyan + Cyan "
Red  " Also, it's his transformation form from the Fire Ability.
Lime + Orange " Also, it's his transformation from from the Plasma Ability.
Grey It was his old original costume of his first game: Kirby's Dreamland for the Game Boy.
Blue + Purple His blue costume from his own fighting game: Kirby Fighters (Deluxe). 
Void + Purple Meta Knight colors with yellow eyes.

Second Row

Orange + Crimson TBA
Beige + Magenta It's his transformation form from the Beam Ability.
Brown It's his transformation form from the Stone Ability. 
Purple + Violet It's his transformation form from the Ninja Ability.
Green His green costume from various multiplayer games. It was debuted in SSB64.
Light Cyan + Blue It's his transformation form from the Ice Ability.
Dark Grey + Grey Unknown. Probably, it's his inverted costume of the Game Boy font. Of it's his Game-Boy texture.
Magenta + Grey Galacta Kinght's colors with crimson eyes. 

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