The little hero of Dreamland
Universe SSB Kirby Series
Appearances in SSB Super Smash Bros. 64

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U

Avaiability Starter
Final Smash Super Ability (All 4 in 1 chance:)
  • Ultra Sword
  • Monster Flame
  • Flare Beam
  • Snow Bowl
Tier A+ (12)

Kirby is a startable playable character in the game, Ultra Smash Bros. IV. He makes his fifth appearance in the Smash Bros. series. He's confirmed at the E3 trailer and demo to be a old member at the Original 8, including Captain FalconNessJigglypuff and LuigiGenerally, Kirby is a pink puffball who lives in Dreamland, and also a hero of his homeland.

His voiceclips are the same as in SSB4 voiced once again by Makiko Omoto. 

Kirby ranks the 12th place of the 103rd (A+) behind Villager and after Samus in the tier list placing him at the top tier placement. This is a huge amelioration and also significant for Kirby since he was a low-tier character in Smash 4. Also, this is the second time that Kirby is in the highest tier placement since Smash 64.

Causing his lightness, Kirby is enable to jump 5 times in the air for a better recovery. He has also strong different special moves such as the Hammer Flip. He's the only character who can perform the Copy Ability move, so he can perform identtical neutral specials from all the characters, except those of the same race, because he transforms to Kirby himself. 

Changes from SSB4Edit

Comparing to SSB4, Kirby is slightly buffed especially for his aerials and his range. His aerials have become more dynamic, useful and balanced.


  • Dash is faster (1.57 > 1.586)
  • Kirby's range of his attacks of his feets are slightly bigger improving his approach and combo potential like in Brawl.
  • Air speed is faster (0.8 > 0.85) improving his survivability.
  • Kirby falls slower (1.23 > 1.22)
  • Kirby's fast fall is slower (1.968 > 1.959)

Ground attacksEdit

  • Forward tilt and down tilt have a larger hitbox (3.3u > 4u)
  • Late down smash semi-spikes the opponent improving his edge-guarding.

Aerial attacksEdit

  • Forward aerial, clean back aerial and up aerial have a bigger hitbox increased to 5u
  • Late back aerial has a bigger hitbox (3.4u > 4u).
  • Down aerial has increased base knockback (40 > 50)

Special movesEdit

  • Kirby not only can perform neutral Copy Abilities, but now he can perform all the special attacks like others (Side, Down and Up-Specials). Per example: if Kirby inhales Mario, he cannot only throw Fireballs, but also perform the Super Cape, charging the F.L.U.D.D., and perform a Super Jump. But Kirby only can perform all special moves, not from the custom ones.
    • However his range of his special moves have decreased comparing to the original special moves from each character (per example: Kirby's F.L.U.D.D. has less range than Mario's.)
  • Grounded unchargeable Hammer Flip deals 1% more damage (19% > 20%) and has increased knockback (60 (base) > 80).
  • Grounded chargeable Hammer Flip deals 5% less damage.
  • Hammer Flip is no longer chargeable in midair. Only if Kirby charges first on ground and then jumping in midair he can charge it.
  • Mid-aerial Hammer Flip gives Kirby air momentum like in Brawl improving his recovery.
    • However, the more momentum it will give, the more heavier he will be able to fall faster, similar to Yoshi's up special, Egg Throw.
  • Hammer Flip's frames in general increased ending lag by 2 frame preventing staling.
  • Stone has new visuals. It now has three types of stones: the Star Fox's Landmaster stoneform in miniature version of it, Mario's Brick Block and Kirby's golden trophy in Stone form like in his games. These are the most rarest to perform. Like Mr. Game & Watch's Judge, it depends which stone form will pop up by his rarity.
  • Stone has now different properties. Each form can deal more/less damage than an another one.
    • Kirby's actual stone in his games deals the same amount in Smash 4.
    • Spiky Ball's impact deals 6% more damage (14% > 20%) increasing knockback too (65 > 75)
    • 100 Ton Weight's impact deals 2% more damage (14% > 16%)
    • Garbage Block's impact deals 4% less damage (14% > 10%) including his base knockback (65 > 60)
    • Thwomp's impact deals 11% more damage (14% > 25%). This is the most dangerous stone form for opponents.
    • Landmaster's impact deals the same amount has Kirby's actual stone.
    • Mario's Brick Block deals 2% less damage (14% > 12%). It has no super armor.
    • Kirby's golden statue deals 16% more damage (14% > 30%). This is the most dangerous stone form for opponents.
  • Depending on Stone's damage, how lower their damage, how often those Stone types come.
  • Final Cutter's shockwave range is longer like in Brawl.
  • Final Cutter's first hit deals 1% less damage (5% > 4%)
  • Kirby has now a new Final Smash called Super Ability now accessing four Super Abilities from his game with the same name: Kirby's Return to Dreamland. Here it comes randomly:
    • Ultra Sword acts similar to Smash 4.
    • Monster Flame is a dragon-like flame monster that goes from one side to the blast zone to another horizontally. It has a large size similar to Samus' Zero Laser. It goes to a direction depending which way Kirby is facing. You can perform this slightly diognally.
    • Flare Beam is a giant sparkling sphere that it can be controlled around the whole stage, similar to Pikachu's Volt Tackle.
    • Snow Bowl enables Kirby to create a giant snowball, enable to catch opponents stuck in the snow. When ready, the snowball explodes and then all the opponents whose who were stuck will be launched with freeze animation.
    • Grand Hammer allows Kirby to stomp with his golden giant hammer to the stage causing massive damage that launches to the top.


Ground attacksEdit

Aerials attacksEdit

Grabs & throwsEdit

Special movesEdit

Name Special Moves Percentage Description
Neutral Special
Inhale Default
Ice Breath C1
Jumping Inhale C2
Wind Blow C3
Side Special
Hammer Flip Default
Hammer Bash C1
Giant Hammer C2
Hammer Stomp C3
Down Special
Stone Default
Grounding Stone C1
Meteor Stone C2
Giant Stone C3
Up Special
Final Cutter Default
Wave Cutter C1
Upper Cutter C2
Hi-Jump C3
Final Smash
Super Ability

Alternate CostumesEdit

Color: Description:

First Row

Pink + Magenta His original default costume.
Yellow + (sort of) Orange His yellow costume from his various multiplayer games.
Light Cyan + Cyan "
Red  " Also, it's his transformation form from the Fire Ability.
Lime + Orange " Also, it's his transformation from from the Plasma Ability.
Grey It was his old original costume of his first game: Kirby's Dreamland for the Game Boy.
Blue + Purple His blue costume from his own fighting game: Kirby Fighters (Deluxe). 
Void + Purple Meta Knight colors with yellow eyes.

Second Row

Orange + Crimson TBA
Beige + Magenta It's his transformation form from the Beam Ability.
Brown It's his transformation form from the Stone Ability. 
Purple + Violet It's his transformation form from the Ninja Ability.
Green His green costume from various multiplayer games. It was debuted in SSB64.
Light Cyan + Blue It's his transformation form from the Ice Ability.
Dark Grey + Grey Unknown. Probably, it's his inverted costume of the Game Boy font. Of it's his Game-Boy texture.
Magenta + Grey Galacta Kinght's colors with crimson eyes.