Kirby (Tentative Title)
Developer(s) ϞPlazzapϟ (tbc)
KinglerMaster (tbc)
Laybrinth (tbc)
.lennongrad (tbc)
Pyrostar (tbc)
SuperSmashBlender17 (tbc)
Solarrion (tbc)
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Pyro Enterprises
Platform(s) Wii U
Thermo Z
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
ESRB2013E Cero a YfgPEGI 3.svgUSK 6
Genre(s) Platformer
Series Kirby
Predecessor  ???
Successor  ???

Kirby: Tentative Title is a large Kirby series collaboration being developed by ϞPlazzapϟ (tbc), KinglerMaster (tbc), .suisai. (tbc), .lennongrad (tbc), Pyrostar (tbc), Solarrion (tbc), and StarfyBlenda (tbc).

Not much about it is known, but it is known to include some RPG elements and a time-travel theme.



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