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Other Super Smash Bros. Appearances SSB/SSBM/SSBB/SSB4
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Final Smash Ultra Sword

Kirby (カービィ, Kirby) returns as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. V. He was confirmed along with Link, Donkey Kong, Pikachu, Fox, Yoshi, Samus, and Inkling in the Official SSBV trailer + Inkling Reveal Trailer shown at E3 in 2018. His appearance is pretty much the same.

Kirby is confirmed to have no alternate costume.

Kirby is once again voiced by Makiko Ohmoto.

Changes from Smash 4


Like every other veteran, Kirby now appears much more vibrant and his appearance is more based off its appearance in its games with a small realistic touch.


Kirby moves a bit faster on the ground and in the air.

Ground Attacks

All tilt power slightly increased.

Aerial Attacks

No Changes

Grabs and Throws

No Changes

Special Moves

Ultra Sword power increased.

Special Moves

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Inhale 6% (spit), 10% (swallow) Kirby sucks up his opponent. He can exhale them as a star to deal damage, or copy their neutral special attack. Some characters will give him an alternative special move due to mechanics that wouldn't work properly when copied over, like Olimar's Pikmin Pluck.
Alternate 1 Ice Breath 2.4% (nearest), 1.2% (near), 2.4% (far), 6% (farthest) Kirby exhales cold air, which freezes his opponent. He cannot suck anything in with this move. This move hits multiple times.
Alternate 2 Jumping Inhale 5% (spit), 8% (swallow) Kirby jumps forwards before inhaling. If Kirby spits out his opponent, the star won't deal damage.
Side Special Hammer Flip 19% (ground uncharged), 15% (air uncharged), 35% (ground fully charged), 27% (air fully charged) Kirby swings his hammer forwards in an arc, which increases in power the longer it charges. He can move around and jump while charging this move.
Alternate 1 Hammer Bash 21% (ground head), 18% (ground handle), 4% (air hit 1), 17% (air hit 2 head), 15% (air hit 2 handle) Kirby swings his hammer forwards in an arc, which sends his opponents skyward on contact. He cannot charge this move. Using this move in midair cause Kirby to rise slightly.
Alternate 2 Giant Hammer 22% (ground uncharged), 20% (air uncharged), 40% (ground fully charged), 32% (air fully charged) Kirby swings a massive hammer, which is slower but stronger than his normal one. Kirby has super armor while charging the hammer.
Up Special Final Cutter 5% (rise), 2% (drop), 5% (landing), 6% (wave) Kirby jumps straight up and falls straight down, cutting anyone he comes in contact with on the way up and meteor smashing anyone he comes in contact with on the way down. When landing, Kirby creates a shockwave projectile that moves forwards quickly.
Alternate 1 Wave Cutter 15% (blade), 10% (projectile), 5% (Kirby) Kirby jumps straight up and falls straight down, creating a shockwave that sends rocks flying outwards. The move only deals damage when Kirby lands on the ground.
Alternate 2 Upper Cutter 10% Kirby jumps straight up, cutting anyone he comes in contact with. Stronger than his regular blade and goes higher, but cannot hit anything on the way down.
Down Special Stone 14% (shockwave), 18% (impact) Kirby turns into a heavy object and plummets straight down. Enemies are sent flying on contact. Kirby cannot be damaged in this form, but can be grabbed.
Alternate 1 Grounding Stone 6% (shockwave), 10% (impact on grounded opponents), 12% (impact on airborne opponents) Kirby turns into a heavy object and plummets straight down. Kirby takes longer to transform, but takes less time transforming back, and grounded enemies are buried on contact.
Alternate 2 Meteor Stone 12% (clean), 10% (mid), 8% (late) Kirby turns into a heavy object and plummets straight down. Kirby takes longer to transform back, but he will meteor smash any enemies he hits while falling.
Final Smash Ultra Sword 3% (stun), 5% (hit 1), 2% (hits 2-9), 26% (hit 10) Kirby takes out his Ultra Sword and slashes at the opponent. If the move connects, he will teleport around them while slashing at them multiple times. He finishes the move with a powerful hit from a further enlarged sword. This move is similar to Great Aether.

Animations and Misc.


SIDE - Does a twirl and says "Yew!".

UP - Performs part of his victory dance.

DOWN - Waves with both hands towards the screen and says "Hiiiii!"

Character Selection Screen Animation

Kirby waves at the screen happily.

On Screen Appearance

Crash-lands a Warp Star to the ground.

Victory Animations

Does a flip and faces away from the screen briefly, then jumps and flips towards the screen again, and holds his hand up.

Performs two slide attacks, spins, then bends over and holds his hand up.

Waves his arms, then flips while jumping and holds his hand up.

Losing Animation

Kirby is seen waving his hands rapidly

Crowd Cheer

“Kir - by!”

Victory Theme

A remix of the cover of the short recurring theme that plays when Kirby completes a stage, debuting in Kirby's Dream Land. The Melee version of this flourish is considerably slower in pace in relation to the original track, though its other versions more closely match its original tempo.

Fighting Stance

Retains his fighting stance from SSB4.

Idle Poses

Hops to look back, then returns to position

Briefly falls asleep, then wakes up again


Retains his walking animation from SSB4.


Retains his dashing animation from SSB4.

Palette Swaps and Alternate Costume w/Palette Swap

Color Origin/Description
Locked First
Locked Second