KTD Kirby walk
Kirby, the savior of Pop Star.
Universe Kirby
Previous Smash Appearances SSB, SSBM, SSBB, SSB4
Availability Starter
Final Smash Hypernova

This article details Kirby as he appears in Super Smash Bros. Crusade, not the character as a whole. Please do not edit anything here unless it is categories that could be added or if the creator gives you permission.

Kirby returns in Super Smash Bros. Crusade, alongside the other 7 starters of the original Smash Bros. He was first confirmed on July 2, 2015, in the debut trailer of the game alongside 14 other characters. Kirby hasn't changed much since Super Smash Bros. 4, asides from being a brighter pink color to match his recent official art and a new Final Smash based off of Kirby: Triple Deluxe

Major Changes from Smash 4

  • Kirby is a brighter pink color, matching his appearance in Kirby: Triple Deluxe.
  • Kirby's air speed has increased.
  • Kirby's weight has increased.
  • Most of Kirby's ground moves come out faster.
  • Hammer has been buffed in power, but takes longer to charge.
  • Kirby's copied powers now do 1.2x damage to make up for his inferior hitboxes.
  • Stone's power has been buffed.
  • Kirby has a new Final Smash, Hypernova.


Move Name Description
Neutral Special Inhale Kirby can suck up an opponent and either spit them out or copy their ability.
Custom Special 1 Jumping Inhale Kirby jumps upwards and eats the opponents in front of him.
Custom Special 2 Black Hole Inhale A quick and sudden inhale from Kirby that will suck in from an extended range and do extra damage.
Side Special Hammer Flip Kirby charges a powerful hammer attack that can easily KO opponents.
Custom Special 1 Hammer Kirby throws a quick hammer attack out, without the ability to charge.
Custom Special 2 Hammer Swing Kirby swings a hammer forward multiple times. Weak, but reflects projectiles.
Up Special Final Cutter Use a cutter to jump up and slash downwards.
Custom Special 1 Sculpting Cutter Kirby creates a wave of rocks after he lands, but cannot deal damage on the way up or down.
Custom Special 2 Upper Cutter Kirby uses the damage to perform a powerful recovery move upwards, but doesn't come down.
Down Special Stone Transform into a near invincible stone and plummet to the ground.
Custom Special 1 Crushing Stone Transform into a giant stone that buries opponents into the ground.
Custom Special 2 Meteor Stone Transform into a slow-moving stone that spikes opponents hit from the bottom.
Final Smash Hypernova Transform into Hypernova Kirby and chase down opponents. Use your Hypernova Inhale to trap foes inside for rapid damage.

Copy Abilities

Below is a list of all the Copy Abilities Kirby can copy in Super Smash Bros. Crusade, and their effects.


Move Character Description
Fireball Mario Kirby throws a red fireball that bounces on the ground. Has less vertical range than normal due to Kirby's height. Wears Mario's red cap.
Toad Peach Kirby pulls out Toad, who will counterattack if Kirby gets hurt. Wears Peach's gold crown.
Fire Breath Bowser Kirby spews a stream of fire that grows weaker over time. Wears the horns and hair of Bowser.
Egg Lay Yoshi Kirby swallows a player and traps them in an egg. Does not produce Mini Eggs. Wears a green Yoshi hat.
Giant Punch Donkey Kong Kirby charges up a large, powerful punch. Wears a Donkey Kong fur suit.
Peanut Popgun Diddy Kong Kirby charges up a popgun that fires edible peanuts. Wears Diddy Kong's red cap.
Hero's Bow Link Kirby charges up a bow and arrow. Has less range than normal due to Kirby's height. Wears Link's dark green cap.
Nayru's Love Zelda Kirby creates a reflective crystal around him that deals damage. Wears Young Zelda's headdress from Ocarina of Time.
Needle Sheik Kirby charges up a quick storm of needles in front of him. Wear's Sheik's headgear wrapped around him.
Fire Bow Toon Link Kirby charges up a quick fiery arrow from his bow, with less range than normal due to Kirby's height. Wears Toon Link's light green cap.
Copy Ability Kirby Kirby can steal Copy Abilities from other Kirbys. Kirby does not get an ability from a Kirby with no ability.
Inhale King Dedede Kirby gains a more powerful Inhale and Star Shot. Wears King Dedede's cap.
Charge Shot Samus Kirby charges up a powerful projectile shot. Wears Samus's helmet.
Paralyzer Zero Suit Samus Kirby pulls out a stun gun that fires a paralyzing shot. Wears Zero Suit Samus's blonde ponytail.
Blaster Fox Kirby fires quick shots from a Blaster. Wears Fox's ears and headgear, along with a replicated Blaster.
Thunder Jolt Pikachu Kirby fires a traveling spark of electricity. Wears a Pikachu cap.
Flamethrower Charizard Kirby spews a stream of fire not unlike Bowser's Fire Breath. Wears a Charizard cap.
Aura Sphere Lucario Kirby charges an Aura Sphere. The damage of the Aura Sphere is identical to the Aura Sphere of a Lucario with 75%. Wears a Lucario cap.
PK Freeze Lucas Kirby uses a PK Freeze projectile that can freeze opponents. Wears Lucas's blond haircut.
Falcon Punch Captain Falcon Kirby performs a powerful Falcon Punch. Wears Captain Falcon's helmet.
Shield Breaker Marth Kirby pulls out a sword and unleashes a thrust that does high shield damage. Wears a wig of Marth's blue hair.
Eruption Ike Kirby creates a fiery eruption surrounding him. Wears Ike's hair and headband.
Palutena Bow Pit Kirby fires arrows that can be aimed. Wears Pit's laurel crown and small wings.
Pikmin Pluck Pikmin and Olimar Kirby will pick up a Pikmin (order: red, yellow, blue, white, purple). He immediately tosses it, rather than letting it follow him. Wears Olimar's nose and helmetlight.
Pocket Villager Kirby can pocket any projectile. Wears the standard Villager's pink hairstyle.
Monado Arts Shulk Kirby can use the Monado Arts to boost his stats. Wears a copy of the Monado on his back.
Straight Lunge Little Mac Kirby charges up a straight-moving punch. Wears Little Mac's black hair and angry eyebrows.
Homing Attack Sonic Kirby curls up and homes in on the nearest opponent with a swift move. Wears a cap with Sonic's ears and needles.


Move Character Description
Copy Block Paper Mario Kirby uses the Copy Block to summon a second Kirby that follows. Can only take one hit. Kirby wears Paper Mario's red hat, and gains a thick black outline around him.
Splattershot Inkling Kirby pulls out a Splattershot and fires light pink ink. The ink does not help Kirby in any way, and slows all opponents down. Wears the standard Inkling's orange tentacle hair.
Chaos Orb Shovel Knight Kirby throws a bouncy Chaos Orb forward. Wears Shovel Knight's helmet.
Windmill Knife Takamaru Kirby throws windmill knifes quickly in four coordinate directions. Wears Takamaru's blue ponytail and hair.
Aurora Beam Suicune Kirby charges up an icy beam of energy that can be aimed around and cause freezing. Wears Suicune's large crystal and flowing purple hair.
Bubblegum Popgun Dixie Kong Kirby charges up a popgun that fires sticky bubblegum, slowing opponents down. Wears Dixie Kong's cap and ponytail.
Summon  Kamek Kirby can choose from different Mario enemies to summon in battle. Wears Kamek's long cap and glassses.
Back Up! Slime Kirby can choose from different Slimes to back him up. Wears a Slime cap.


  • Up: Performs a Kirby Dance.
  • Right: Spins around and sticks a leg out.
  • Left: Sits down and kicks his feet a bit.
  • Down: Waves towards the camera and says hi.

On-Screen Appearance

Kirby crash-lands on the Warp Star.

Select Sound

Kirby says "Hi!", identically to his down taunt.

Victory Poses

  • Kirby spins around and then holds his hand up.
  • Kirby performs some flips and then holds his hand up.
  • Kirby skids to the sides and then holds his hand up.

Losing Pose

Kirby happily tries to clap for the player, his hands barely reaching each other.

Idle Poses

  • Hops back to look behind him, than returns to his regular position.
  • Falls asleep for a second, then wakes up.

Victory Fanfare

A remix combining Kirby Super Star's intro and the Kirby Dance theme. (0:41 - 0:46)



First you draw a circle, then you dot the eyes...add a great big smile, and presto! You have one of the cutest characters in video game history. Kirby might look like a pink marshmallow, but he's very versatile - so much, in fact, that he can copy your abilities by inhaling you! You have to admit, he does pull off looks quite well.


Kirby's Hammer Flip is pretty powerful if you just mash a bunch of buttons, but it gets even stronger when you hold the special button! Charging for too long will hurt be careful! It'll keep adding damage until you reach 100%, so you're safest when using the move at very high percents.


Final Cutter is a great tool for combat, but in recovery, it might not help to be sent plummeting straight down so quick. The Upper Cutter custom is great for recovery purposes only. Oh, and we can't forget to talk about the Inhale! Kirby's Copy Ability moves are actually more powerful than the original versions - what a copy master!

Battle Spire

Eating a Miracle Fruit will quite literally cause a miracle! Kirby's colors burst off him to form the ever powerful Hypernova Kirby. Chase down your foes and press the attack button to start a huge inhale attack. Players that get swallowed in this form will remain inside Kirby until the transformation ends, racking up heavy damage.

Pallete Swaps