The funny hero of Dreamland, Kirby, is ready another time for fight! He is very good in jumping and he has got a special feature: the Inhale! He has also changed his Side and Up Special Moves because he want to be always the strongest! He is a Jumper character and his main element is Fire.

Special Moves

Standard Special: Inhale. Kirby will inhale the opponent and he will copy his Standard Special Move! This move also inflicts 3% of damage.

Side Special: Comet Dash. Kirby will become very hot and he will dash into the stage inflicting 12% of damage to every opponent he will find.

Up Special: Trampoline. Kirby will jump very high and he will inflict 7% of damage to every opponent he touches.

Down Special: Stone. Kirby will transform into a stone which inflicts 20% of damage. Kirby is invulnerable in his stone form but when the opponents inflict up to 30% of damage, Kirby will return normal.

Final Smash: Hypernova. Kirby will suck every opponent in his direction and he will inflict to they 40% of damage.

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