Kirby is a returning character. He is playable from the start


Standern B-Inhale: Kirby will suck up a foe and copy his foe's ability no matter what the character is.

List of Kirby Hats
Character Ability Mario Kirby will have Mario's hat and have the ability to shoot fireballs on his foes
Luigi Kirby will have Luigi's hat and have the ability to shoot green fireball at his foes
Peach Kirby will have Peach's crown and have the ability to use a Toad as a shield to shield off any foe attack
Bowser Kirby will have Bowser's hair and horns and have the ability to breath fire for a while
Bowser Jr Kirby will have Bowser Jr's hair and horns and have the ability to breath fireballs
Hammer Brother

Kirby will have Hammer Brother's helmet and have the ability to toss hammers

Side B-Hammer: Kirby will swing him hammer at his foes.

Up B-Final Cutter: Kirby will use a cutter slicer and slices upwards than slices it back down.

Down B-Stone: Kirby will turn into a stone figure.

Final Smash-Ultra Sword Kirby: Kirby transforms into Ultra Sworld Kirby and prepares for a dead slice though his enimies. Than, he'll jump into the air and slices rocks that will fall on you! He finishes the attack with Kirby landing at a foe. He'll slice him/her four times, ending with a large sword attack!

Role in The Revenge of the Darkness

He starts his role with Keebe and Prince Fluff napping under a tree. The quest begin when a loud boom is heard though the trees. The three decide to discover it. Kirby and his pal go though Green Greens and Cave of Fears with his pals. The three puffballs meet up with Mecha Ridley and his defeated foes, Pit and Cream. The three revive the losers and they fought the mecha monster. Cheese discoves a Warp Star standing there with no one there to protect it. The five others looked at it.

The team of Kirby enter the Badlands of Bowser! Kirby and his pals mad it past the classic World 8-3. The five encounter Bowser's Castle, the castle of the evil loard Bowser. Kirby and his team enter the castle to meet Bowser. As they enter the castle, they met Bowser and the koopalings! Kirby and his team took down all the koopalings with the help of Meta Knight. A darkness bomb was set off but Meta Knight slices it in half, stopping the attack! Bowser finishes Kirby and he turns into a trophy!

Kirby was later revived by Captain Falcon in Port Town.

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