Kirby & The Dreamland Curse
Developer(s) Cyclone Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
Story, Boss Rush, Mini-games, Library
Age Rating(s)
PEGI: 3+


Genre(s) 2D Platformer
Series Kirby
Predecessor Kirby Master Land
Media Included 3DS Card
Kirby & The Dreamland Curse is a Kirby game being developed by Cyclone Games, and has 8 characters, 4 from Kirby's Return to Dreamland, and 4 either new, or from old Kirby games.


Image: Character: Description: Moveset:
Kirbyartwork Kirby A pink Popopo, Kirby can suck up enemies to get their powers! See Powers
MetaKnightartwork Meta Knight A masked warrior who may be a Popopo, he can use his sword to attack!

Y: Sword Attack

Y & Side: Spin Slash

Y & Down: Mach Tornado

Y & Up: Shuttle Loop

Y (In air): Sword Thrust

KingDededeartwork King Dedede The self proclaimed ruler of Dreamland is here to help Kirby again!

Y: Hammer Strike

Y & Side: Hammer Smash

Y & Down: Hammer Spin

Y & Up: Hammer Uppercut

Y (In air): Hammer Tornado

BandannaDee Bandanna Dee A random Waddle Dee wearing a Bandanna decides to help Kirby on his quest!

Y: Spear Jab

Y & Side: Spear Throw

Y & Down: Spear Combo

Y & Up: Spear Spin

Y (In air): Spear Thrust

Knuckle Joe ()()()()() Knuckle Joe An old friend of Kirby, this guy certainly packs a punch!

Y: Cerulean Kick

Y & Side: Cyan Punch

Y & Down: Martial Arts Chop

Y & Up: Rising Break

Y (In air): Azure Twister

Swift Swift A new face in town, Swift helps Kirby after the curse is set on Popstar, and his home, Tart Tower. And he is also extremely fast!

Y: Swift Dash

Y & Side: Speed Twirl

Y & Down: Quick Hurricane

Y & Up: Agility Whirlwind

Y (In air): Mach Cutter

GalactaKnight Galacta Knight Wait, what! Galacta Knight is here! Anyway, Meta Knight's rival joins after his castle, Magenta Mansion, is taken over!

Y: Galacta Stab

Y & Side: Star Spinner

Y & Down: Lance Beam

Y & Up: Knight's Loop

Y (In air): Magenta Cyclone

Keeby Keeby Kirby's best buddy is here to fight! She plays the same as Kirby, except she is less powerful, but is faster with her attacks! See Powers


Picture: Name: First Super Ability: Boss:
Tart Tower Ultra Sword Golden Calvalier
Grapefruit Grassland Thorn Whip Whispy Woods
Cream Cove Hydro Wave Giadra
Sherbet Snowland Snow Bowl Tundross
Donut Desert Flare Beam Laser Doo
Lemon Laboratory Grand Hammer Smackdem
Violet Valley Thunder Strike Kracko
Magenta Mansion Blast Explosion Dynatitan
Crimson Crater Monster Flame Pyrogon
Rainbow Race None Magolor's Survival/Magolor's Eye

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