The Enemy List is a book about encountered enemies, mid-bosses and bosses found in Kirby & Magolor: Huge Trouble! as well as what Copy Ability it will give if it have any. Although bosses cannot be swallowed by Kirby, some of their attacks will give a certain Copy Ability if Kirby had swallowed it, or used Super Inhale against big projectiles from Giant Bosses.


Name Description
Stardle Dee Blue and mischeivous counterpart of Waddle Dees, and serves the Star Horde. Generally act like their Pop Star counterpart, but do also uses traps to get rid of Kirby and the others.
Big Stardle Dee Bigger, but just as mischeivous. They take more damage than Stardle Dees, but they can actually move faster, which make them a surprise for rushing players.
Waddle Doo Ability Star Beam
Act like regular Stardle Dees, but when approached, they will not hesitate to whip you with a beam. They also use a Charge Beam to attack you from a distance.
Sword Knight Ability Star Sword
Either walk in circle or are stationary. The Sword Knights will slash you with a quick slice or rapid slashes to attack you.
Grizzo Walk toward you or anything else. Takes more HP than most enemies, and he deals a good amount of damage, especially when he body slams!
Scarfy Ability Star Crash
Do nothing but hovering around, but attempt to swallow or harm him will make him go berserk and shows his scary face! Oh dear...
Gordo Stand still or move around, and hurt a lot with their spikes. Cannot be defeated, unless if you are Giant.
Shotzo Stand still, and fires small cannonballs. It may even aim at you which can make it dangerous! Cannot be defeated without being Giant first.
Cappy Wonder around, and may occasionally hop his mushroom-like cap. A regular Inhale will only remove his cap, but a Super Inhale will swallow both.
Kabu Ability Star Bomb
Jump, slide or teleport around. It may even try to tackle Kirby and the others after teleported once. Grey variation will even try to explode!
Big Kabu Ability Star Crash
Bigger version of Kabu which required Super Inhale to swallow. The grey Big Kabus are much rarer, but even more dangerous, as its explosion can cause a monstrous damage!
Bronto Burt Fly forward. Some will chase Kirby, others will divebomb shall they spot him, and others will actually drop hurtful stuff!
Poppy Bro. Jr. Ability Star Bomb
Jump around and throw a bomb. Can be dangerous if they are multiple of them around you, so fly away if this happens!
Broom Hatter CleanStar
Just slide left and right in order to clean his area. Although some meaner Broom Hatters will try to throw dust at you with their broom!
Parasol Stardle Dee Ability Star Parasol
Float down slowly before walking normally. Some will let the parasol to fly away, others will actively chase Kirby and swings with it!
Parasol Waddle Doo Ability Star Parasol/Ability Star Beam
Combine the behaviors of Parasol Stardle Dee and Waddle Doo. Some will even use a Charge Beam during their flight!
Sir Kibble Ability Star Cutter
Throw a cutter from his helmet when Kirby is nearby. He might even run to headbutt you, so be careful with this knight!
Galbo Ability Star Fire
Just hop up and down. When Kirby is nearby, he will breath fire at him. A more aggressive Galbo will chase Kirby.
Water Galbo Ability Star Water
Act like their fire counterpart, but spit water instead. A more aggressive Water Galbo will jump at Kirby.
Venogoo Ability Star Poison
Act like the Galbos, but spits poisonous blob instead. A more aggressive Moros will try to eat Kirby instead!
Plugg Ability Star Spark
Will just walk slowly, and send a shockwave after jumping up and land on with his plug. Bigger variation will instead shoot a charged Spark Cannon at Kirby!
Sparky Ability Star Spark
Hop around and will eventually unleash small electric field when Kirby is nearby. Sometimes, a Sparky will instead send thunderbolt anywhere!
Glunk Stick on the floor, wall or ceiling, and send up three small energy bullets. Bigger one will instead release chasing enemies!
Leafan Ability Star Leaf
Slowly fall down, or float in the air, and send down seeds. Bigger ones will have explosive seeds.
Acrobadee Acrobatic
Run faster than Stardle Dees, and will wall jump when running forward a wall! Bigger one will constantly roll ahead.
Chip Either jump around, or leap to a great distance. Pink female variation will approach and kiss Kirby, which he don't like it!
Big Chip A bigger Chip, and can leap at greater distance. Pink colored female variation will approach and kiss Kirby...which is embarrassing if you compare the size difference!
Tick Ability Star Needle
Innocent at first sight, but if you get over him, he will expend his spike to hurt you! Make sure to get high enough, or get rid of that crook.
Lovely Cannot be inhaled. She stick on the ground or ceiling and try to trap Kirby and "kiss" him in order to damage the pink hero. Bigger one are nastier business!
Knuckle Joe Ability Star Fighting
Jump back and forth, and uses Vulcan Jac or Rising Break to attack Kirby. Some bigger one will even uses the 
Spynum Ability Star Archer
Bubbles Ball
Beetley Ability Star Beetle
Ringle Ability Star Bell
Bubble Head Bubble Ability Star New
Clown Acrobot Circus Ability Star New
Tac CopyKirby
Cupie Ability Star Cupid
Hot Head Ability Star Fire
Starman Hero
Chilly Ability Star Ice
Capsule J2 Jet Ability Star New
Simirror Ability Star Mirror


Each boss had a Giant variation that have doubled HP and increased power, as well as slight appearance change. The giant counterpart will have their name included in parentheses.

Name Description


(Bigger Bonkers)

Ability Star Hammer

Poppy Bro. Sr.

(Snappy Bro.)

Ability Star Bomb


(Big Bad Bugzzy)

Ability Star Suplex + Ability Star Beetle


(Mother Dubior)

Ability Star UFO KPR

Plasma Blast

(Plasma Eruption)

Ability Star Spark


(Master Athos)

Ability Star ESP


(Great Miasmoros)

Ability Star Poison KPR

Flame Galboros

(Volcano Galboros)

Ability Star Fire

Water Galboros

(Sea Galboros)

Ability Star Water


(Mega Mightlight)

Light Ability Star New

Mr. Frosty

(Mr. Frostbite)

Ability Star Ice KSA

Chef Kawasaki

(Head Chef Kawasaki)

Ability Star Cook KSA

Iron Mam

(Silver Mam)

Ability Star Fighter KSA


(Viral Vividria)

Ability Star Artist KSA


(Big Bang Explosiorb)

Ability Star Crash KSA



Ability Star Wing KSA