This is the list of all Copy Abilities in Kirby & Magolor: Huge Trouble!, including Super Abilities, Hypernova, Robobot Armor and it's Modes, and the new ones as Giant Size and Giant Abilities. It is confirmed that all Abilities that were in Kirby's Return in Dream Land, Triple Deluxe and Planet Robobot wiill returns, as well as old, forgotten ones. Most of them are rebalanced, with the exception of Hammer where its nerf is only applied to the Kirby Wars sub-game, as most enemies and bosses has much HP than the previous games.

Since Water and Poison are familiar Copy Abilities, Water will be faster than Poison, and grant invincibility on Kirby's powerful attacks but his Geyser attack cannot be aimed, while Poison is slower, but is slightly stronger and can leave a trail of poison behind Kirby, and also can grab enemies. Water itself had even a Giant counterpart, while Poison have a Robobot Mode counterpart.

The Mix from previous games also works the same, except that because of the return of the Super Inhale from normal Kirby, he needs three enemies with different Abilities.

A new category of Copy Ability is Fusion Ability, which combines two Abilities into one. Not all Abilities can fusion and most of them are under three categories: Weapon, Element and Neutral.

Regular Abilities

These can be obtained normally and can be kept at the end of any stages. Some Amiibos can also give some of them. Almost each Abilities also have their own Helper that Kirby can summon.

While being able to damage Giant Bosses, they can break through all shields, including defenses from Leaf and Archer, and requires constant moving instead of standing around and spamming a move.

Some Abilities becomes a better version of it via Ability Evolution, which requires the player to clear a stage, and the evolved Abilities are rarer than their unevolved counterpart. Take note that some enemies do not have recent images such as Bubbles from Kirby's Adventure thus are marked with words.

Image + Kirby Info Friends
Ability Star Archer
Archer Kirby
Kirby can shoot faraway with this Copy Ability. With camouflage and other Archer techniques, this Ability can be very practical with a good aim, but quite less in a now 3D Stages... Spynum
Acrobatic, Neutral, Acrobatic Kirby A real athlete at that! He runs faster and jump higher than usual, and he can also perform wall kicks, a mid-air jump, as well as a rolling attack! What would you think that this Ability would not work well? Helper: Acrobadee
Ball, Neutral
Ball Kirby
Boing! Boing! Pow! With the new Aim-Shot, this allows Ball Kirby to attack on an enemy without getting damage collision and even able to make Red Switches to be permanently on with the Bounce! Helper: Bubbles
Ability Star Beam
Whip 'em, blast 'em, capture 'em, the Beam is versatile and easy to use. The Wave Beam is much stronger as it can now makes an electronic explosion once collided on a wall. Just don't get too near with dangerous foes...Oh, and one more thing: Beam it!! Woo hoo! Waddledoo
Ability Star Beetle
Beetle Kirby
Here comes the King of the Beetles! Kirby can catch, slam and ram on his foes with his fierce horn, like what else beetles can do best on battles? This solid Copy Ability, as well as advanced flight, makes this an advanced weapon for anyone who knows who to slams.
Evolved from Suplex after clearing a level.
Ability Star Bell
Bell Kirby
Ding-ling-ling-ling-ding! This might stuck on your head if you make your volume too high. It will always stuck on enemies who are unfortunate enough to get hit by one of Kirby's dinging moves... Helper: Ringle
Ability Star Bomb
Kirby is going to bombard you with bombs! He can throw these fast with wider range than before, as well as bigger bomb radius. You can also now charge it to make it more powerful instand of just aiming it! Poppybrojr
Bubble Ability Star New
Rumble by the bubbles! This Copy Ability can help Kirby to reach higher places by jumping on his own bubbles as well as by charging long enough, you could get Collect-Stars by upon defeating an enemy.
Evolves into Water after completing a level.
Circus Ability Star New
Circus Kirby
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Kirby's Spectacular Extravaganza! Oh wait, this is only Kirby's Circus Ability. Anyway, from the perilous Fire-Hop Jump, to the awesome Acrobatics and the adorable Balloon Pop Art, this is what now I like to see! Helper: Clown Acrobot
Clean Ability Star New
Clean Kirby KDL3D
Even Kirby is serious with personal hygiene and cleaning up his house. Now he is going to clean everything on his path! I know that doesn't sound so bad, but if you are a literally dirty villain who never takes hygiene... Broomhatter
Cook Ability Star New
Cook Kirby KDL3D
Hey Kirby! What are you cooking today? Various, delicious foods? I'm on it! And what ingredients do you uses?... What!? Eh... I think I need to rather drink water, if you don't mind... Chef Kawasaki KDL3D
Copy Kirby
Quite the same thing as inhaling a foe and copy it, but pretty quicker and can even copy some Abilities from enemies that cannot be swallowed or to copy it immediately from Mid-Bosses. Some new attacks are available, such as Copy-Paste Helper. TacIdle
Ability Star Crash
KTD Crash artwork
This is Kirby's strongest Copy Ability right next to Super Abilities and Hypernova. Charge your explosion, then go boom! All enemies on your radius are all gone! It also inflict amazing damage to the Mid-Bosses and Bosses, and is even capable to do it so on Giant Bosses! No Helper.
Ability Star Cupid
He have limitless flight and shoot arrows even faster than Archer does. That's right, this Copy Ability becomes faster than before as he can shoot like crazy, and the arrows are now more straight. Those who laughed at Kirby's cutesy look with his cupid look would be sorry now! CupieTransparent
Ability Star Cutter
Cutter Kirby
One of the classic Copy Ability. This razor-sharp style can cut (almost) anything on Kirby's path, and beside of the chargeable basic attack, he can also deliver a dreadful combo on any enemies unlucky enough to be near him. Sir Kibble KTD
Dark, Element
Dark Kirby
Oh no! Kirby is consumed by the darkness!!...Huh? Oh, wait, false alarm. He actually swallow some sort of a dark enemy. Sneak in the floor, cast a shadow sphere, and gives a menacing glare to his force! Now looks like his enemies fear him even more than before...oh ho. Helper:: Darkin
Doctor Ability Star New
Doctor Kirby
What's up, doc? Doctor Kirby delivers capsules, science medicine and anything to do with medicines and sciences. No need to worry about him, he is still the sweet, lovable hero of his planet, even as a scientist. (Helper coming soon)
Ability Star ESP KSA
ESP Kirby PlanetRobobot
Doesn't this Copy Ability reminds you of someone? ESP, which means "extrasensory perception", allows Kirby to send a powerful Psychic Bubble, transport himself into short distance, and deliver a counterattack. How about that for a literal mind-game? (Helper coming soon)
KRtDL Fighter icon
Fighter Kirby
Kirby is taking his martial art skills to the maximum! From the rapid Vulcan Jab to the great Rising Break, and the attack will all depend on if you just tap the button or if you hold it. Master these techniques, and you will be the martial this game that is. Knuckle Joe (Kirby Super Star Ultra)-1-
Ability Star Fire
125px-385px-Fire Kirby KRTDL
Spit fire like its hot! Use this to melt many icy obstacles and turn up the fuse, as well as covering yourself in flame. In this game, there's no real danger, but in real life, you humans wouldn't really want to play it for safety reasons. 162px-Hothead
Ghost Ability Star New
Ghost Kirby KDL3D
Don't tell me that you had made your pants wet just because you see Ghost Kirby? Come on, it doesn't make Kirby malevolent, and this is not some respect you gives if you think so! Anyway, he can possess almost any type of enemies and mid-bosses (not Giant Enemies, sadly). Tedhaun Kirby
Ability Star Hammer
Hammer Kirby KDL3D
Yep, one of the most powerful regular Copy Abilities, and one of the most versatile, too. Clubber your foes in a few whacks, and deliver a mighty finishing with the Hammer Flip. The only downside is that only a mid-boss can give such Ability; the fearsome Bonkers. Bonkers Kirby
Ability Star Hi-Jump
Hi-Jump KRtDL
Its a plane! A bird? No, its Kirby, using the powerful Hi-Jump Copy Ability! Capable of lifting enemies and throwing them, as well as the High Jump's attacks, this allows Kirby to take on even the mightiest foes! I hope... Starman Sticker
Ability Star Ice
KTD Ice artwork
Somebody should hand him ice cream, because Ice Kirby isn't going to chill out with this freezing ability! Frozen enemies will become ice blocks, allowing Kirby to kick them, and those ice blocks are almost as damaging as Star Spits. Chilly KSAS
Ability Star Jet
Jet kirby
This Ability seems difficult to use, but with practice, Kirby can go through the heavy winds and slam down enemies like there are no tomorrows. Talk about an Ability with a blast off! Capsulej2
Ability Star Leaf
KTD Leaf artwork
One of the Abilities that should not be mocked. Call the force of nature to annihilate enemies with sharp leaves, as well as hiding in a pile of leaves to avoid non-contact attacks. Leafan KRtDL
Light Ability Star New
Light Kirby (Samtendo09)
In Kirby's Adventure, all it can do is to light up a dark room. That's it. But today, this Ability is one of the most powerful you could ever imagine, as it can burn ropes, shines crystals up, and deal heavy damage on enemies with the Light Blast! Helper: Mightlight
Magic Ability Star New
Magic kirby
Abracadabra! Kirby is a magician now! Being able to throw cards, hide behind a carpet, and an Ability-Sacrifice attack that transform all enemies into helpful items. You don't want to mess with a magician! Boxy Kirby
Ability Star Mike
Mike Kirby
Testing, testing, testing!! Alright, too loud. A deadly Ability wheras Kirby sings loudly, dealing monstrous damage to the enemies and their eardrums. Especially their eardrums. No Helper.
Ability Star Mirror
Mirror Kirby PlanetRobobot
Ability Star Needle
Ability Star Ninja
Ninja Kirby
Ability Star Artist KSA
Ability Star Parasol
Parasol Kirby
Ability Star Poison
(Poison Helper)
Ability Star Sleep
KTD Sleep
Kirby is now fully healed after letting Sleep naturally wearing off. No Helper.
Ability Star Smash Bros.
Smash Kirby
Helper: Smash-Bot
Ability Star Spark
KTD Spark artwork
Ability Star Spear
Spear Kirby
Helper: Lanzer
Ability Star Stone
Stone Kirby
Ability Star Suplex
Suplex Kirby
Evolves into Beetle upon completing a stage. Bugzzy 3D
Ability Star Sword
Sword Kirby
KTD Blade Knight artwork 2
Ability Star Tornado
Tornado Kirby
Ability Star UFO
Ability Star Water
Water Kirby
Evolved from Bubble upon completing a stage. Water Galbo KRtDL
KSA Driblee Artwork 2
Ability Star Wheel
KTD Wheel
Wheeliebike SSU
Ability Star Whip
Whip Kirby
Helper: Whippy or Wester
Ability Star Wing
Wing Kirby
Yo-Yo Ability Star New
Yo-Yo Kirby

Giant Size and Giant Abilities

The Giant Size makes Kirby huge and becomes capable to defeat even invincible enemies like Gordos. Like the powerful Abilities as the two above, it will wears off when you complete a stage.

Fusion Abilities

To make one Fusion Ability, you need to shake your Stored Ability on the GamePad while using a Copy Ability to do so. There are three categories, although some Fusion Ability are a exceptional results.

  • Weapon: Any Copy Abilities that use a type of weapon, like Sword, Bomb and Hammer. It will gather the Element or be used by the Neutral.
  • Element: Any Copy Abilities based on elements, many of those from typical RPG games, such as Fire, Dark and ESP. It will pass the elemental effects for the Weapon or Neutral.
  • Neutral: Any Copy Abilities that does not fit anything of above, such as Jet, Acrobatic and Doctor. It will either get the Element or wield a Weapon.
  • Special: A special result that makes a particular Fusion Ability, such as Water and Poison makes Toxic Water.

Special Cases

Ability Combination Special Fusion Short Description
Poison + Water Toxic Water Combines properties of Water and Poison, as well as combined attacks, and is as fast as Water and as damaging as Poison.
Bomb + Archer Explosive Archer Shoots explosive arrows that deals more damage. Combines properties of Archer and Bomb.
Suplex + Beetle Wrestling Beetle Combines properties of Suplex and Beetle. Can catches and throw foes in greater range.
Sword + Cutter Warrior Combines properties of Sword and Cutter. Slashing with the sword will also send cutter attackes.
Spark + Bubble Shock Bubble Combines properties of Spark and Bubble. Charging your attack will make a bigger bubble, and that bigger bubble will only pop out from strong attacks or if reached an obstacles or the ceiling.
UFO + Yarn UFO Yarn Combines UFO and Yarn. Plays just like the UFO form of Yarn Kirby from Kirby's Epic Yarn.
Dark + Ghost Phantom Combines Dark and Ghost properties. Kirby is capable to possess an enemy and can survive from the possessed enemy's defeat.
Stone + Light Gemstone Combines Stone and Light properties. While Kirby can still use his Rock (now Gemstone) Transform, other attacks are Light but also with various gemstones.
Mirror + Ice Cold Mirror Combines Mirror and Ice. Mirror attacks can freezes enemies and can make an icicle clone that chases enemies.
Beam + ESP Psychic Beam Combines Beam and ESP. While most moves are from Beam, the Charge Beam will use a chasing telekinesis orb that chases any enemies in reach and continually attack the mid-boss or boss.