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Kirby & Gumchie And The Candy Comet is a upcoming crossover game for the 3DS, between Kirby and Gumchie


One day Kirby was having a vacation on Mobius when he met a chao named Gumchie. Gumchie decided to take Kirby to her house, the Gum Manor. In the Space Viewing Room (The Main Menu) Kirby spots a comet made of candy crashing towards Dreamland. Worried, Kirby and Gumchie must save Dreamland by using the powerful Sling Star.



  • Kirby - The savior of Dreamland
  • Gumchie - The candy loving Chao
  • Halloweny - Gumchie's Brother
  • Green Waddle Dee - A side character

Non Playable

  • Tutorial Chao - Tutorial Guide
  • King Dedede - First Boss
  • Bramball - Second Boss
  • Bugsy - Third Boss
  • Boohemoth - Fourth Boss
  • Egg Robo - Fifth Boss
  • Sorbetti - Sixth Boss
  • Dyan Blaze - Seventh Boss
  • Collospace - Final Boss


  • Dedede Station - A space station filled with Gummy Dees.
  • Junglium - A jungle planet which is home to Neyororo.
  • Antiras - A planet where insects are huge and other enemies are small.
  • Ghostyua - A giant haunted space hotel filled with ghosts.
  • Halacandra Zone - Halacandra has many robots which can rebuild their own planet.
  • Icetop - A giant space snowball with many blizzards.
  • Volcone - A giant volcano on Mobius which can take the heros to Candysteroid
  • Candysteroid - The large Candy Comet is a world where the final battle takes place.

Copy Abilities

  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Leaf
  • Sword
  • Fire Sword
  • Candy
  • Hammer
  • Leaf Hammer
  • Needle
  • Fighter
  • Bomb
  • Missle
  • Animal
  • Wing
  • Fire Bird
  • Refridgerator


  • Waddle Doo
  • Goomba
  • Gummy Dee
  • Neyororo
  • Dry Bones
  • Mega Goomba
  • Podoboo
  • Gummy Flamer
  • Poison Ivy Goomleafy
  • Buglunt
  • Cricket Dee
  • Knuckle Joe
  • Bonkers
  • Para-Dee
  • Poppy Bros Jr.
  • Sweet Top


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