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Kirby:Powered helmet is a upcoming kirby game. and the first game of clem789's kirby series.


The Game starts on Pop Star, Kirby eating a train, Kirby then uses his Super Sword Ability and Cutter Mode Robobot Armour to chop down trees. Suddenly a helmet falls from the sky, hitting Kirby. Kirby hears a voice from the helmet say "I feel weak" before ceasing. Kirby then notices a mole carrying Electronic Chips running and Kirby gives chase.


Boss Description Info abilities
Pixel Woods
With a Gimlet Electronic Chip, this old tree appears to be under someone's control





The game features 6 Main Levels which spell out Helmet in English and Casque in French.

Level Level Boss Collectibles Description
1 Heavenly Hill (Colline Câline ) Pixel Woods Gimlet chip
2 Electronic Exhibition (Allée Abondante) flyfant Flying chip
3 Legendary Leaps (Saut Sensationnel)
4 Mechanical Minefield (Quête Quadrillée)
5 Everlasting Earth (Univers Utopique) Max Flexer Musically chip

Max flexer returns! for beat 'em,use mega music ability and sing!

6 Twinkling Tower (Empire éminent)

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