Kirby: Warrior of Wishes is an RPG game for the 3DS. The game is the first official Kirby game that is a RPG. Blecki Hearts made the game, but the development mysteriously stopped before the project was taken over by Dreams Corp.


The story is divided into 10 Kirby chapters, 10 Dedede chapters, 10 Metaknight chapters and 3 Final Chapters, each one with their individual partners. Prologue

Before anything existed, there was one thing, that thing was called "Dream Orb" it slowly started growing and evolving more and more until creating what is now known as the "Dream Universe" which is where Kirby lives, now the Dream Orb is hidden and protected in the core of Pop Star, waiting for someone to grab it....or should i say.....steal it.

Chapter 1

Kirby, King Dedede and Bandana Dee are doing their usual stuff, chasing each other around that is, until they are interrupted by Metaknight, who tries to separate them, but fails, then they all see a giant storm forming and decide to get close, then they see Marx, with a black cape, a mossy hat and glowing green eyes, he holds up the Dream Orb, which he evidently stole, as no one would give the Dream Orb to such a freak, no one could even be able to grab it in the first place, Kirby and friends react, and try to stop him, but Marx attacks them and sends them flying off, except Kirby, who charges at Marx once more, but ends up breaking the Dream Orb in pieces, most of them go flying off into space, but one of them lands on the nostalgic Ice Cream Island, Kirby starts his adventure to find it, after going through Green Greens and Ice Cream Island and fighting off the first boss, Paint Roller, Kirby touches the Dream Orb which gives him a bit of knowledge about the Dream Orb, and he sees that some of the other pieces landed in other planets, this is where the real adventure begins.

Chapter 2

Kirby goes back to a town called "Starstone Town", in which they start searching for a famous inventor that lives there, called "Professor Proffesion", then they see how he gets captured by strange monsters, they fight with them and notice how they have the same necklace as Marx, they tell the inventor that they need something to go to outer space, he says that he has a rocketship, but the last part was stolen by the same monsters, who fled to Green Greens, Kirby and the gang go back there and see how the monsters are "infecting" the wildlife and turning them into mindless monsters, then they see how they infect Whispy Woods, his wood then becomes black and infected and his leaves become rotten, as well as his fruit, and you have to fight him, after defeating him, they try to chase the monsters down, but they dissappear, however, they drop the last part of the rocketship, which Kirby and the gang give to Prof. Proffesion, which completes the rocketship. Chapter 3

Kirby enters the rocketship and blast off into space, Kirby tries to control the rocketship but fails and he almost crashes into Shiver Star, but luckily he doesn't, then the famous inventor tells them through the rocketship's phone that Shiver Star is where the first piece is, but first he needs to find supplies to make a shelter, when he finds out that the same monsters from before are also there and have infected most of the machines, once he gets the supplies, Infected HR-H comes out of the factory in it's HR-E Form, where he starts flying through the air scouting the city, Kirby then sneaks into the factory, where he finds one of the Dream Orb's pieces, before HR-E comes back and steals it before flying off into the city again, Kirby then tries to chase him and in the way he finds an Ice Dragon with the name of "Bree", she tells him that she was once a creature that lived happily in Shiver Star, but wheneveryone left the planet she was ofrgotten, Kirby manages to cheer her up, and she asks him if she can follow him until he leaves Shiver Star, Kirby says yes, and then she follows him and helps him fight Infected HR-H, after collecting the Dream Orb's piece Kirby asks Bree if she wants to help him out in his adventure, Bree says yes and they leave Shiver Star.

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12


Outside of Battle

Like any other RPG, the character can roam about an interact with objects, talk to NPCs, solve puzzles, and obtain items. Some characters or partners can do certain things to affect something or go to new areas. 


The game is a turn based RPG. Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede each have different moves. The game also has stats; the higher the character's stats are, they more effective they are when facing tough enemies. When you defeat all the enemies, you earn Star Points aka Experience Points, these points allow to level up, boosting the characters' stats. Enemies can even drop items when defeated, but they'll make sure they don't get defeated in the first place, when it's an enemy's turn, you can dodge or, if you're playing as Kirby, inhale his attacks (depending on what he does), if you suck them you can either spit them back at the enemy or if it's special you can swallow it and gain it's Copy Ability which will change your attacks, of course you can just drop the Copy Ability at any time, the other characters can't inhale attacks, but they can upgrade their weapons to gain new attacks. If you don't want to battle, you can simply press the "Run Option", although this option will be remplaced by an option saying "Tough it out!" in boss fights and special fights, if you press it, nothing will happen, of course the faster the enemies are, the lower your chances of running away. 

Battle Options

  • Attack
  • Block
  • Special
  • Items
  • Run
  • Tough it out! (only in boss fights or special enemies)


Main Playable Characters

Image Name Description
Kirby KSSU Kirby The heroic pink puffball is out on another quest! This time, he needs to collect all the pieces of the Dream Orb to save the whole universe!
Dedede2 King Dedede The greedy "king" of Dreamland has to save the universe from Marx, because if he doesn't, his kingdom will be destroyed! Oh boy will this destroy his reputation as a villain...
Metaknight This brave and strong, yet calm Star Warrior, is going on a quest to save the universe from Marx, who knows? maybe he'll finally fight and defeat Kirby along the way....

Kirby's Helpers

Image Name Description Unlocked at...
Bree An Ice Dragon that was left behind in Shiver Star, she's nice but a bit shy. Chapter 3
Doobert A young green Waddle Doo that wears a backpack and blue glasses with one lense. He is also a major nerd and is the only one who idols Kirby in his school. Chapter 1
Gooey2 Gooey TBA Chapter 1  
Boomer TBA Chapter 2
Splishy TBA Chapter 3
Luvmi TBA Chapter 4
Cheri Flake TBA Chapter 5
Knuckle Jon TBA Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12

Other Helpers

Image Name Description Unlocked at... Character
SailorDee Sailor Waddle Dee One of the member's of the group, the Meta Knights. He's pretty intelligent, but his mainly known for being very loyal to his leader Meta Knight. Prolouge Halberd Interior Meta Knight
AxKnight Ax Knight TBA Prolouge Halberd Exterior Meta Knight
Maceknight Mace Knight TBA Prolouge Halberd Steering Room Meta Knight
Bandana Waddle Dee Bandana Dee TBA Default King Dedede

Worlds and Areas

Name Description Mid-Boss Boss
Green Greens This area is the first place in Kirby's journey, and while in the first time it looks just as before, the second time it'll be infected by Marx's new minions, and the plant life will be rotten...and deadly!?  Poppy Bros Sr. (1st time only) Infected Whispy Woods (2nd time only)
Ice Cream Island This island is filled with what you would expect from an island, with the exception of the enemies of course, and if you make it through that, you'll find a castle, it's not abandoned however... Phan Phan Paint Roller



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