Kirby: Warrior Of The Cosmos is an animated series created by Renardy for the Nintendo Animated Universe. The series takes place in a new location called Mechtanium, a futuristic like planet.


Kirby is traveling through Pop Star until he is met by a mysterious shapeshifting like being called Wormwood. Wormwood then sends Kirby into a mysterious planet called Mechtanium. Kirby meets two siblings, Roy and Syla, who tell him that Wormwood wants to destroy their planet. Kirby then steps up to fight this new evil until the end.


The series is planned to have either 10 or 13 episodes, but most likely 10. The series is set to be mainly different than the games, such as introducing new characters. Copy Abilities will have a role in the series also.


Name Air Date Info
Crash Arrival April 13, 2013 Kirby, Roy, and Syla travel to Wormwood's Castle in order to stop his assault on Mechtanium's power source, The Starsole.
Double Trouble June 26, 2013 Wormwood is very mad for his defeat, he sends his minions, the Widwiks to take over Mechtanium, but fails, but then Wormwood comes up with a devious scheme that could cause a whole lot of trouble for Kirby!
A Feast Of Doom August 24, 2013 Wormwood discovers that Kirby really loves to eat after sending one of his minions to spy on him, the evil Wormwood then has a brilliant idea, to see if that puffball would get full enough to not eat anything that would give him his special powers.
The Turbo Thief TBA A thief begins to steal many valuable things in Mechtanium, but it appears to look like he cannot be caught due to his strange gadgets.
Separate Ways TBA Kirby, Meta Knight, Syla, and Roy are split into different worlds, but they find a familiar face wandering between them.
A Duel Awaits TBA Kirby must fight King Dedede in the ultimate showdown, or else he'll be seen no longer in Mechtanium!
Time Turner TBA Wormwood is tired of Kirby, so he goes into the past to prevent Kirby from entering Mechtanium, but then he gets into a bad situation, where he must fight himself to stop his past self from letting Kirby fall into Mechtanium!
Emotions TBA
Welcome Home TBA Part 1
Curtain Call TBA Part 2

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