This is a game about Kirby. It is the forth game in the Kirby Delight Series (the first ones being Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland, Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, and Kirby: Sqeak Squad.) In this game, you can play as Kirby, Tac, Mr. Frosty, and Chef Kawasaki. This game is for the Nintendo 3DS.


"One day at Kirby's small home, Kirby was drinking water in a  nearby stream. Suddenly the water stopped flowing through. Kirby's friends, Tac, Mr. Frosty, and Kawasaki came over wondering about the loss of water. Kirby decided that this must be the work of that terrible King Dedede being selfish again. So the four of them rushed to his castle on Mount. Dedede. Hey! What's this?! Someone was watching them in the bushes..."

"Hey, who's that! Oh, it's Meta Knight! Grab that sword, and defeat him. Watch out for tornadoes!"

"Hey, that's Cracko. Why does he look different? Well that doesn't matter right now! Go get him!"

"You defeated him! Wait. Who's that person who jumped out behind Cracko! Oh no, he got away!'

"King Dedede! Go get that fat penguin, and get some awnsers from him!"

"Dedede doesn't know anything about the water? Oh, who's that radio guy that popped out of the shadows?! He through a purple pepper into the king's mouth. King Dedede inhaled Kirby and friends. Oh no!"

"Ew, it's icky in here! It looks like were going to have to travel through Dedede's stomach and throat to get out. Look out for stomach acid."

"It's a giant uvila! Kill it! It's the only way to get out of this fat lump's body! Get that uvila!"

"Yeah, were out. Wait, why are we in a graveyard. Oh well. Let's keep going."

"Now that were across these hazards, let's go to the next world. Wait where is it? Look it's that radio guy again! He's making a portal in the ground. He jumped in it. Follow him! Whoa this is a wierd shadowy place. Make your way through it!"

"You cornered the radio guy. Wait what's this. Ahhhhh! He turned intoo the evil Shadow Sun. He's the one who took all the water in Dreamland. You have to defeat him. Go for it!"

"Horray! You defeated him. He's dissapearring! You won yay. So, Kirby went back home with all his friends, and they all drank fresh spring water peacefully..."

Places, Items, and Bosses:

Places: Mango Meadows, Croissant Caverns, Custard Canyon, Olive Ocean, Mount. Dedede, Dedede's Stomach, Garlic Graveyard, Jalepeno Hazards, Plunder Under.

Items: Candle, Cherry, Cracker, Invincability Candy, Key, Maxim Tomato, Music Note, Stomper Boot, Treasure Map, Vitilaty, Warp Star, World Map.

Bosses: Wispy Woods, Meta Knight, Cracko Imposter, Gobbler, King Dedede, Dedede's Uvila, Mr. Tick & Mr. Tock, Bohboh, Shadow Sun.

Kirby's Copy Abilities: Sword, Cutter, Beam, Fire, Ice, U. F. O., Ghost, Mic, Crash, Paint, Cook, Freeze, Steal.

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