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Kirby: United
Kirby United Logo
Developer(s) Playright Games
Platform(s) Wii U, 3DS
Release Date(s)
February 2016
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG
Series Kirby
Max. amount of players 1-4

Kirby: United is an RPG for the 3DS and Wii U. Because it is made for a younger audience than most RPG's, it has relatively simple mechanics and forgiving gameplay. The game covers most of the Kirby franchises history, and in a departure from past titles, predominantly features Kirby's helpers rather than Kirby himself.


The full story can be found here.
The game begins at dawn when a mysterious object crashes onto Mt. Dedede. Kirby sees the crash from a distance, and rushes in to help. He meets up with King Dedede and Waddle Dee, and Meta Knight shows up shortly afterwards. The four move in to identify the object, which appears to be a large glowing crystal. The gem flashes and floats off the ground as they approach it, prompting the group to attack. The object is beaten after a short battle, and Kirby eats it before it can escape. With the crisis seemingly resolved, the King throws an impromptu banquet for the heroes. Kirby enjoys it at first, but quickly becomes ill, eventually passing out.

When he recovers, he has been transformed into a crystal similar to the one he ate, and he finds that Dreamland has been taken over by a hostile force of data creatures and possessed helpers, led by what seems to be Kirby himself! With the help of three rogue helpers, Kirby must save his friends, destroy the crystal forces, and get his body back!


Game Modes

Just like previous entries, Kirby United has a variety of game modes to choose from. At first only the main story is unlocked, but more modes will be unlocked as the game progresses.

Main Adventure

This game mode follows the central story of the game, allowing the player to take control of Kirby's helpers to explore and battle. The overworld is split into several levels, which are connected either to a hub area or to each other. To complete each level, the player must traverse the area, defeating enemies they meet, completing challenges and puzzles, and defeating the bosses in the area. Many levels also have helpers and allies to defeat, allowing them to join your team.

Extra Adventures

Once the Main Adventure is complete, the player will be able to play through the game again, this time under different rules. These new modes don't have a story, but follow the same levels as the main story mode. Each mode has a different final boss.

  • Swift Mode- The standard time attack mode. In this mode, each level has a time limit to beat. In the overworld, characters and enemies move faster. In battle, the player has a limited amount of time to choose their moves, input commands must be executed faster, and enemy attacks are faster.
  • Hero Mode- This mode plays much more like a traditional RPG. The player does not have access to the helpers or Kirby- they can only use the partners. The player starts out with only Bandanna Dee. Up to four partners can be out at once, but only two can attack in a turn. Their attacks have no special inputs, but can be upgraded. If a partner falls in battle, they must be revived at a save point.
  • Helper Mode- In this mode, the player only has access to the three starting helpers. No partners can be recruited in this mode. The three helpers will learn new moves as the game progresses, and can use special moves at any time. There are no revives in battle except when using an item.
  • Kirby Mode- This mode is similar to the beta play style for Kirby United. Kirby is not trapped as a crystal, and is able to gain copy abilities by beating the possessed helpers. He cannot recruit any partners in this mode. He starts out with Wheel, Sword, and Fire. When using an ability, he can use the same moves as its respective helper. In battle, he can summon one helper based on any ability he has acquired so far, but will not be able to use that ability until he recalls the helper, or it is beaten.
  • Crisis Mode- This mode is inspired by Fire Emblem's death mechanic. The gameplay is similar to the standard mode, but much harder. Helpers and partners have less health and less item space. Enemies are also much stronger. If a helper falls in battle, it must be revived at a save point. If a partner falls in battle, they can only be revived by using a very rare item.


After finding Kirby's game system, the player can access additional sub games. Only a couple are available at once, but game cartridges can be found in story mode to unlock more. Completing each sub game on its hardest difficulty level will unlock additional super moves, items, or skills in the main game. Each game has both a single player and multiplayer mode.

  • Ninja Strike- Based on both Quick Draw, Samurai Kirby, and Speed Eaters, this game is a simple reaction game. Kirby must prove his skills by striking before his foe. On harder difficulty modes, the player must press the correct directional button to succeed. The multiplayer mode pits up to four Kirby's against each other, where they must grab food once it is revealed- the sooner they strike, the better food they get.
  • Egg Bomber- Based on Egg Catcher, this game adds a rhythm game element to the mix. Kirby must open his mouth to catch all the eggs King Dedede throws, but avoid eating the bombs. Later levels also add in Gordos which Kirby must jump over. In multiplayer, a second player controls King Dedede, with their goal being to make Kirby either drop to many eggs or take too much damage.
  • Crane Catch- Based on Crane Fever, this game mixes elements of fishing games, adding an element of skill to this otherwise luck based game. the goal is to earn enough credits to buy an expensive toy by retrieving items from a crane machine. Other members in the arcade are willing to give Kirby more credits in return for certain toys. There are several machines, each with different mechanics and prices- but if Kirby runs out of credits, its game over. In multiplayer, four Kirbies play a large machine at the same time, and try to pull the best items for themselves. Each player can also "tilt" the machine to gain an advantage, but doing so too often will penalize them.
  • Megaton Punch- Based on Megaton Punch and Crackity Hack, this is another timing based game. Kirby must rise through the ranks of Megaton Punch tournament by beating the opponents of each weight class. Each punch is performed by executing three inputs- this mode introduces several new types of techniques Kirby can learn that have unique properties. By combining the right moves, Kirby can earn even higher scores. In multiplayer, up to four players try to get the highest score in five rounds of punching.
  • Snack Tracks X- Based on the original Snack Tracks, this is a twitch game based in swift reactions. Much like the original, Kirby must eat the food presented while avoiding harmful items. In this version, Kirby is faced with four conveyor belts, and must also turn to face the one with food on it. Harder difficulties introduce new harmful items and special foods that are harder to eat. Multiplayer is identical to the original Snack Tracks, except with three rounds instead of two.
  • Gourmet Race- Based on Gourmet Race, this is a traditional platformer race. Kirby must race several opponents in three round races, seeking to eat the most food and reach the finish in time. Each foe has unique tactics that must be countered to win. In multiplayer, four players race to the finish of a four race prix. The leader is holding a cake that has a very high point value, but can be stoled if he is attacked.
  • Brawlball Arcade- Based on Brawlball, this is a simple pinball game. Kirby must clear several tables by scoring high points, meeting board objectives, and beating the table's boss. Abilities are introduced to this mode to give Kirby an edge. In multiplayer, four players try to either teach the high score first, or get the highest score within a time limit. By completing objectives, players can interfere with their opponents boards.
  • RPG Epic- Based on Kirby Quest, this is an extremely basic RPG. Kirby progresses through various quests, defeating enemies along the way. Battling implements a system similar to the one in the main campaign- attack and defend by performing inputs. Doing so perfectly results in a special attack or counter attack. Each of the four Kirby types uses a different input, and take turns attacking. At the end of the quest, the team faces a boss, which must be beaten in a certain number of turns. In multiplayer, up to four players control individual team members, and can execute powerful sync attacks.
  • Tower Bounce- Based on Block Attack, this is a breakout/puzzle hybrid. Kirby is tasked with reaching the top of several towers, which requires use of the touch screen. In designated areas, Kirby can switch between three forms, which changes how the player propels him. Paint Kirby is guided using paint ropes, Yarn Kirby is bounced off of yarn trampolines, and Clay Kirby is flicked across the screen. Each also has a unique attack, which will be necessary to beat the tower's artsy boss! In multiplayer, up to four players race through a tower composed of 10-30 random rooms, with the goal being to reach the top first.
  • Star Smash- Based on Smash Ride, this game is also inspired by StreetSmash from SSB4. Kirby must use his warp star to smash other fighters off of floating arenas. Items are occasionally dropped that can turn the tide of a battle. Single players can also tackle bosses through Classic Mode. In multiplayer, up to four players can start a free match, choose from 12 characters, and set the game to stock or time mode. Also available is Urban Trial, in which players collect stat boosts on one of four small city layouts, before competing in a random or chosen final challenge, including races, boss fights, or normal free for alls.
  • K.A.B.: Kirby Air Brigade- Based on Strato Patrol EOS, this game is a horizontal shooter. Kirby is part of King Dedede's new air force, and must defend Dream Land's skies from intruders. Kirby can be moved along the X and Y axis as expected, but can also switch between 3 planes to avoid obstacles or target enemies. Kirby can also acquire abilities that change his weapon, and bombs to clear the screen. At the end of each level, Kirby faces a boss, putting his shooting and switching to the test. In multiplayer, 2 Kirbies can team up to clear levels; alternatively, 3 Kirbies or two teams of 2 Kirbies can compete for the highest score.

Overworld Map

The overworld is divided into several connected levels, each based on locations from past titles. Helpers can be moved around these environments using the circle pad; pushing the pad farther will move them faster. Helpers can also jump using the Y button. Some helpers can also perform mid air jumps, hover, or fly for short distances.

Objects such as doors and chests can be interacted with by pressing the A button. Pressing the Y button performs a helper-specific move, which can be used to attack enemies or use special stage elements. Allies can also interact with certain objects by pressing A next to it. The current helper can be changed with the trigger buttons, cycling between the three current helpers. Teams of 3 helpers can be saved ahead of time, and chosen by holding both trigger buttons at once. The full helper menu can be opened with the B button.

Select opens the inventory, and start pauses the game. The pause menu provides several functions:

  • Helper Status- Shows the health of the current helpers, current experience and level for each class of helper, gives descriptions for all helpers found, and can be used to save preset teams of helpers for convenience.
  • Ally Status- Shows the health of the current ally, shows the current health and experience of the ally, and gives a description of all allies recruited.
  • Inventory- Shows all of the items found thus far, including food, weapons, and summons, as well as any plot-significant items. Also used to use or equip items to helpers and allies.
  • Map- Shows a map of the current area, a world map of all levels visited, and the location of important landmarks.
  • Log Book- Shows current and completed objectives, a record of past bosses and enemies defeated, side quests that have been accepted, the total play time for the current save file, and the location of the last save. Also contains various statistics, such as the number of perfect attacks and the number of enemies beaten.

Several levels contain Kawaski Houses- the area surrounding these houses are always free of enemies and hazards. As implied by the name, Kawaski can be found here to cook food for the team, or sell healing items. A limited supply of free healing items can be found to refresh the entire team. They also contain telephones, which can be used to switch the current ally- the only way to do so outside of Hub Levels. If there are multiple houses in a given level, they can be warped between using Switch Stars. Last but not least, they contain save points to save the game.

Several Hub Levels are found throughout the game. These levels are usually towns or airships that contain few enemies. Each level contains a Kawaski House (or a similar establishment), a warp room (which can be used to travel quickly between Hub Levels), and various stores selling weapons. Different hub levels also contain unique areas- for example, the Halberd contains a training room, and the Squeak Airship has a store where treasure can be sold.

Worlds and Levels

Level Name / Game of origin Helpers / Allies recruited Midbosses / Bosses
Zone 1
World A- Dream Land
Gem Cave

(Kirby United)

  • H-Blade Knight, Burning Leo, Wheelie
  • A-Bandanna Dee
  • M-Big Data
  • M-Gem Barrier
  • B-Bandanna Dee
Cappy Town

(Right Back at Ya)

  • None
  • None
Green Greens

(Kirby's Dream Land)

  • H-Sir Kibble, Waddle Doo
  • M-King Doo
  • M-Woods Jr.
  • B-Whispy Woods
Butter Building

(Kirby's Dream Land)

  • H-Poppy Bros. Jr.,
  • A-Adeleine
  • M-Adeleine
  • B-Lololo and Lalala
Bubbly Clouds

(Kirby's Dream Land)

  • H-Caller, Sparky
  • M-Kracko Jr.
  • B-Kracko
Mt. Dedede + Castle Dedede

(Kirby's Dream Land)

  • H-Spikey
  • M-Rolling Turtle
  • B-Kabula
Yogurt Yard

(Kirby's Adventure)

  • H-Rocky, Bonkers
  • M-Bonkers
  • B-Heavy Mole
Rainbow Resort

(Kirby's Adventure)

  • H-Mr. Frosty,
  • A-King Dedede
  • M-Twin Fire Lions
  • B-King Dedede
Zone 2
World A- The Great Cave Offensive
Old Tower

(Kirby Super Star)

  • H-Knuckle Joe
  • None
Sub Tree

(Kirby Super Star)

  • H-Klinko
  • M-Chameleo (1)
  • B-Fatty Whale
Crystal Area

(Kirby Super Star)

  • H-Cool Spook
  • B-Computer Virus
Garden Area

(Kirby Super Star)

  • H-Flappy
  • M-Wham Bam Rock
  • B-Wham Bam Jewel
World B- The Rainbow Islands
Big Forest

(Kirby's Dream Land 2)

  • H-Keke
  • A-Rick
  • M-Nruff and Nelly Team
  • B-Rick the Hamster + Pon and Con

(Kirby's Dream Land 2)

  • H-Simirror
  • A-Kine (joins Rick)
  • M-Kine the Sunfish
  • B-Ice Dragon
Cloudy Park

(Kirby's Dream Land 2)

  • A-Coo (Joins Rick and Kine)
  • M-Coo the Owl
  • B-Kracko's Revenge
Dark Castle

(Kirby's Dream Land 2)

  • H-Laser Ball
  • M-Efreeti, Master Green, Waiu
  • B-Dark Matter Swordsman
  • True Dark Matter
World C- MetaKnightmare
Red Canyon

(Kirby's Dream Land 2)

  • None
  • M-Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright
  • B-Dyna Blade
The Halberd

(Kirby Super Star)

  • A-Meta Knight
  • None
Halberd Exterior

(Kirby Super Star)

  • H-Gim
  • M-Combo Cannon
  • B-Meta Knight (if visited last)
Halberd Engine

(Kirby Super Star)

  • H-Plasma Wisp
  • M-Reactor Core
  • B-Meta Knight (if visited last)
Halberd Storage

(Kirby Super Star)

  • H-Capsule J2
  • M-Heavy Lobster
  • B-Meta Knight (if visited last)
World D- Crystal Chase
Ripple Star

(Kirby and the Crystal Shards)

  • A-Ribbon
  • M-Possessed Fairy Queen
  • B-Miracle Matter
Aqua Star

(Kirby and the Crystal Shards)

  • None
  • B-Acro
Neo Star

(Kirby and the Crystal Shards)

  • H-Pix
  • M-Pix Trio
  • B-Magman
Shiver Star

(Kirby and the Crystal Shards)

  • H-Bio Spark
  • B-HR-H
Dark Star

(Kirby and the Crystal Shards)

  • None
  • B-Zero
Zone 3
World A- Squeak Squad
Nature Notch

(Kirby Squeak Squad)

  • H-Cupie
  • M-Moley and Mrs. Moley
  • B-Spinni
Jam Jumgle

(Kirby Squeak Squad)

  • H-Bubble Head
  • M-Storo
  • B-Doc
Vocal Volcano

(Kirby Squeak Squad)

  • H-Gaw Gaw
  • M-Gao Gao
  • B-Doc + Yadogaine
Cushy Cloud

(Kirby Squeak Squad)

  • A-Daroach
  • M-Doc + Mecha Kracko
  • B-Daroach
Squeak Airship

(Kirby Squeak Squad)

  • A-Chef Kawaski (after his side-quest)
  • none
World B- Mirror Dimension
Cabbage Cavern

(Kirby and the Amazing Mirror)

  • H-Mumbie
  • B-King Golem
Carrot Castle

(Kirby and the Amazing Mirror)

  • H-Tac
  • A-Shadow Kirby
  • B-Mega Titan
Candy Constellation

(Kirby and the Amazing Mirror)

  • H-Bukiset
  • B-Master Hand and Crazy Hand
Dimension Mirror

(Kirby and the Amazing Mirror)

  • None
  • M-Dark MetaKnight
  • B-Dark Mind
World C- Paint Dimension
Contrast Cave

(Kirby Canvas Curse)

  • H-Chameleo Arm
  • B-Paint Chameleo
Machine Mansion

(Kirby Canvas Curse)

  • H-Bang-Bang
  • B-Paint Kracko
Spectacle Space

(Kirby Canvas Curse)

  • H-Starman
  • B-Paint Roller
Drawcia's World

(Kirby Canvas Curse)

  • None
  • M-Paintings
  • B-Drawcia
World D- Milky Way

(Kirby Super Star)

  • H-Metalun
  • M-Jukid
  • B-Twin Woods

(Kirby Super Star)

  • H-Wiz
  • M-Boxy and Wiz
  • B-Dark Dedede
Ultra Nova

(Kirby Super Star)

  • H-UFO
  • M-Galacta Knight
  • B-Marx / Marx Soul
Zone 4
World A- Deluxe Islands
Fine Fields

(Kirby Triple Deluxe)

  • H-Leafan
  • M-Gigant Chicks
  • B-Flowery Woods
Old Odyssey

(Kirby Triple Deluxe)

  • H-Ringle
  • M-Kracko DX
  • B-Steel Fortress
Wild World

(Kirby Triple Deluxe)

  • H-Beetley
  • M-Hornhead
  • B-Coily Rattler
Royal Road

(Kirby Triple Deluxe)

  • A-Taranza
  • M-Taranza
  • B-Queen Sectonia
World B1- Patch Land
Treat Land

(Kirby's Epic Yarn)

  • H-Clown Acrobat
  • M-Yarn Paintra
  • B-Squashini
Water Land

(Kirby's Epic Yarn)

  • H-Water Galbo
  • M-Blast Mariner
  • B-Capamari
Space Land

(Kirby's Epic Yarn)

  • None
  • M-Wicked Willow
  • B-Space Kracko
World B2- Seventopia
Yellow Dunes

(Kirby and the Rainbow Curse)

  • H-Omad
  • A-Prince Fluff
  • M-Clay Hot Wings
  • B-Hooplagoon
Indigo Ocean

(Kirby and the Rainbow Curse)

  • H-Minni
  • M-Deepsee
  • B-Claykken
Purple Fortress

(Kirby and the Rainbow Curse)

  • H-Lanzer
  • M-Mecha Cotta
  • B-Claycia
World B Final- Clay Tangle
Art Matrix

(Kirby United)

  • None
  • B-Dark Crafter and Mega Yin Yarn
World C- The Return
Raisin Ruins

(Kirby's Return to Dreamland)

  • H-Wester
  • M-Super Bonkers
  • B-Mr. Dooter
Onion Ocean

(Kirby's Return to Dreamland)

  • H-Noddy
  • M-Water Galboros
  • B-Fatty Puffer
White Wafer

(Kirby's Return to Dreamland)

  • H-Spynum
  • M-Waddle Dee Tank
  • B-Goriath

(Kirby's Return to Dreamland)

  • H-Analue
  • M-Metal General
  • B-Landia
Another Dimension

(Kirby's Return to Dreamland)

  • A-Magalor
  • M-Grand Doomer
  • B-Magolor
Lor Starcutter

(Kirby's Return to Dreamland)

  • None
  • None
World D- Ancient Dream
Data Base

(Kirby United)

  • None
  • B-Data Stream
Sleep Mode

(Kirby United)

  • None
  • B-Dark Memory
The Final Dream

(Kirby United)

  • None
  • M-Hero.EXE
  • B-DATA


Battle System

Battle is fought in a traditional turn system, while incorporating some action commands. Each battle has the same basic objectives- defeat all enemies, keep each helper alive, and keep Kirby safe. Turns follow a set pattern:

  • Kirby Phase- In the first phase, Kirby is set to one of the three helpers, and will remain with them until the next turn. The chosen helper receives several benefits in the following turn; they can use special attacks, and receive twice the experience for beating enemies, but cannot use any special defensive moves they have. If the helper is defeated, however, Kirby will be taken by the attacker, and the game will end if he is not rescued in time. Alternatively, Kirby can use a Super Attack, which means he won't be set to any helper for that turn.
  • Planning Phase- In the second phase, helpers and allies choose their attacks and can use items. It is important to take the enemy into consideration, as they often give away which party member they will attack. The helpers can also be switched out here, but this usually costs the helper a turn
  • Battle Phase- In the third phase, helpers and allies take turns attacking and defending. Some special offensive and defensive techniques require the use of action commands, but most do not. If Kirby is safe at the end of this phase, the Kirby phase is started- otherwise the Planning phase is started.

When on the offensive, each helper can choose between 2 attack types- standard and special. Standard attacks work the same as in most RPG's, with damage output and success rate determined primarily by the helper's stats, as well as the move's properties. Other factors, such as the enemies size, defenses, and position, should also be considered. Special attacks instead require action commands to successfully execute. There are three different types, each used by a specific class of helper:

  • Mash Attack- Used by elemental helpers, represented by a red reticle. Executing these attacks requires rapidly pressing the face buttons or the d-pad, filling a meter. Max power is achieved by keeping the meter in the sweet spot, which can be anywhere from the middle to the far end.
  • Time Attack- Used by weapon helpers, represented by a green reticle. When using these attacks, one or more needles will sweep over a curved gauge. Executing these attacks requires pressing any button when each needle is in the sweet spot of the gauge.
  • Code Attack- Used by skill helpers, represented by a blue reticle. Executing these attacks requires inputting a sequence of button inputs in the given amount of time, but also requires a steady rhythm for maximum effectiveness.

Just like helpers, enemies can also use standard and special attacks. When defending from standard attacks, the amount of damage taken is determined by the helpers defense and evasion, as well as their size and position. If the helper used a defensive move instead of attacking, they will take less damage, or even avoid the attack completely. When defending against special attacks, the means of avoiding it is determined by the type of attack:

  • Blast Attack- These attacks send a series of projectiles at the three helpers. The projectiles can be seen on the top screen, but are represented on the bottom screen as well. The attack is countered by tapping or swiping across each icon when they get close, and can be reflected by doing so at the last second. These are occasionally used by strong enemies, and commonly used by mid-bosses and bosses.
  • Lane Attack- These attacks send waves of hazards at the three helpers, sometimes forcing them to run away from the threat. Attacks must either be jumped over or blocked to survive. Pressing up, right, or down makes the first, second or third helper jump, or block by also holding down a trigger button. These are occasionally used by mid-bosses, and commonly used by bosses.
  • Field Attack- These attacks send waves of attacks at helpers from all directions. The helpers are placed on a grid, which can be seen from above on the lower screen. Helpers are moved on the grid by dragging or swiping them in the right direction to avoid attacks. These are only used by bosses.


Status Effects



Most of the party members the player will recruit are helpers. Each one uses moves from Kirby's various abilities.

  • Note- Attacks in Bold can only be used when holding Kirby, and attacks in Italics are defensive moves that can only be used when not holding Kirby.
Weapon Class Helpers
Blade Knight, AKA Blade

KRPG reveal Sword
Sword Ability

Sir Kibble, AKA Boomer

KRPG reveal Cutter
Cutter Ability

  • This noble knight is among the first to join Kirby's party. With keen focus and expert swordsmanship, he quickly takes his place as the leader of the small band. His Sword Beam and Spin Slash are sure to leave foes reeling!
  • Blade is excellent at offense with versatile attacks- some can hit flying enemies, others hit multiple foes at once. He is also the only one of the three starters to possess a projectile. While it would seem his skills would become obsolete as the party grows, mastery of his action commands gives him unparalleled damage output with little effort!
  • With his razor sharp blades and clever use of aerodynamics, Sir Kibble was sure to make the cut! With careful use, his Cutter Boomerang and Cutter Dash can slice through enemy defenses, before finishing them of with Final Cutter. With so many options, this guy is sure to keep you coming back!
  • Sir Kibble's unique weapon allows players to get around defense by taking advantage of enemies weak points. Virtually every enemy takes extra damage when hit from behind- and his boomerangs can do that easily! His melee attacks can also bypass defense. At the same time, his helmet protects him from above, another common weak point.
  • Overhead Slash- Blade slashes one enemy with his sword
  • Sky Sword- Blade raises his sword to the sky, charging up its power. Replaced with Sky Beam once used.
  • Sky Beam- Fires a slash projectile at one enemy. Replaced with Sky Sword once used.
  • Sword Spin- Blade jumps into the air spinning his sword around him. Can hit both flying and grounded enemies.
  • Spin Slash-Blade powers up his sword, then executes a spinning sword attack. Can hit two adjacent enemies multiple times. If the attack is timed right, it hits several more times than usual.
  • Multisword Stab- Jabs a single enemy with sword attacks before finishing with a powerful slash. Very powerful, but requires careful timing to keep up the pace.
  • Cutter Boomerang- Launches a sharpened boomerang that returns once thrown. It can hit the same enemy twice, or hit two enemies once each. The hit from behind bypasses defense.
  • Cutter Dash- Boomer dashes at an enemy while slashing with his cutter. A fairly weak attack, but it pierces defense and can easily deal critical hits.
  • Cleaving Cutter- Boomer deals a strong melee attack that hits enemies twice.
  • Hyper Boomerang- Boomer charges his cutter, making it larger. Once thrown, it will hit a single enemy multiple times. The attack hits more times if properly executed.
  • Final Cutter- Boomer executes a powerful melee combo before finishing with a jumping strike. The final hit launches a shockwave that hits two adjacent enemies. Boomer must properly time his inputs during the attack, or the combo will be dropped.
Sword Beam- If Blade's health is over 90%, he will launch a strong projectile at the start of every turn.

Vertical Slash- Can cut ropes, as well as reinforced steel cords.

Contact Edge- When defending against melee attacks, Boomers hat will damage enemies. He also takes less damage from attacks from above.

Horizontal Cutter- Can cut grass, as well as slice weak woven ropes from a distance.

Bonkers, AKA Maulius

KRPG reveal Hammer
Hammer Ability

Poppy Bros. Jr., AKA Peter

KRPG reveal Bomb
Bomb Ability

  • Once one of Kirby's most pugnacious foes, Bonkers brings the long coveted Hammer ability into battle. His Hammer Nail and Hammer Swing overwhelm his enemies with brute force, but his Hammer Flip is where its really at! Sure, it hurts him too, but power comes at a price.
  • Bonkers retains many of the qualities that make him a formidable midboss- his attacks can deal plenty of damage, and his bulk makes him hard to take down. He's so big, his melee attacks hit enemies from above, reducing the amount of defense he has to deal with. Don't pit him against fast enemies or foes with counters, though!
  • When Poppy Bros. Jr. is around, every battle is a blast! His strategy of throwing bombs may seem simplistic, but only to the uninitiated. Bomb Throw! Bomb Set! Bomb Bowl! So much nuance! Just don't hang on to one for too long... his explosives no neither friend nor foe!
  • While Poppy's bombs do high damage, they fare poorly against enemy defense. Good thing he can be serve them up in a variety of ways to maximize effectiveness! Pull out a bomb, and wait a while to power it up. During this time, you can use other helpers to both cover him and give him an opening to attack.
  • Hammer Nail- Maulius crushes a single enemy with his mallet.
  • Triple Hammer- Maulius charges his hammer, before hitting an enemy three times.
  • Hammer Swing- Spins like a tornado before bounding into an enemy. Can hit flying enemies and knock them down.
  • Giant Hammer- Maulius charges his hammer, making it larger. He then crushes his target with it, burying them. It can also trip any adjacent grounded enemies. Maulius must attack at the very end of the charging phase to maximize power, but will drop the hammer if he waits too long.
  • Hammer Flip- Charges his hammer with flames, before blasting an enemy with it. Can hit both flying and grounded enemies. While incredibly powerful, it deals recoil damage to Maulius. The recoil can be minimized by releasing the attack as soon as it finishes charging.
  • Ready Bomb- Pulls out a bomb to use in his next attack.
  • Bomb Throw- Peter throws his bomb at a grounded or flying enemy. Can burn its target.
  • Bomb Set- Places a bomb on a foes head. Traps them for one turn, preventing them from attacking, before exploding. The bomb will also explode if another helper attacks the enemy, possibly harming them.
  • Bomb Bowl- Peter rolls a bomb in front of enemy lines; when it explodes, it damages all enemy units. The timing of the release determines how far it rolls- letting go to early will damage his own allies!
  • Straight Throw- Peter hurls a bomb directly at an enemy, dealing more damage than Bomb Throw. The attack can only hit grounded foes. If the input is mistimed, the attack is likely to miss its target.
Big Boss- Maulius doesn't regain as much health from food, but has far more health than most helpers.

Pound- Can hammer in stakes or press large buttons.

Loose Cannon- Peter can ready a bomb, but not throw it immediately. For every turn he waits, his next attack becomes stronger. Waiting too long, however, will cause the bomb to explode in his hands. It can also explode when blocking enemy attacks, dealing damage to the attacker.

Bomb- Peter can throw bombs that destroy tough obstacles. The bombs can also activate bomb blocks.

Klinko, AKA Pitch

KRPG reveal Parasol
Parasol Ability

Gim, AKA 2-Y0

KRPG reveal YoYo
Yo-Yo Ability

  • The origins of Klinko's kind are steeped in mystery. All that is really known is that they drifted in one day... literally! In any case, Klinko can use his wooden hat to mimic the ancient art of Bumbershootry, using iconic techniques like Parasol Drill and Circus Throw! It also helps keep out the rain. Who knew?
  • Klinko's hat gives him very high defense from above and the sides- usually the most vulnerable areas- giving him an edge against strategic projectile users. At the same time, Klinko can deal powerful melee damage from a variety of directions, allowing him to circumvent enemy defense. His special attacks are hit-or-miss and require perfect execution.
  • Fun Fact: Yo Yo are thought to have originated as hunting weapons. As ridiculous as that sounds, Gim's mastery of the toy removes all doubt. His Yo Yo Throw and Hammer Drop are cool enough, but it's his radical dance moves that take the cake. Master his Break Spin and Gazer Spiral, and you will be awesome to the extreme!
  • Gim's weapon of choice has excellent reach, allowing him to attack flying or guarding enemies without being hit himself. Many of his attacks hit multiple foes, and his high trip rate gives his moves a tactical element. His high speed and agility let him dodge around enemy attacks while still hitting back.
  • Parasol Swing- Pitch swings his wooden hat forward, battering one enemy.
  • Parasol Drill- Pitch dashes forward while twirling it's hat, dealing multiple hits to one enemy.
  • Parasol Twirl- Pitch jumps low, before dropping on an enemy hat-first.
  • Circus Throw- Grabs a grounded foe and juggles them with his hat, before throwing them into another enemy. Only the final throw deals damage, so it is essential not to miss a command and drop the enemy.
  • Parasol Dive- Floats over to an enemy while slowly gaining altitude, before dropping on an enemy while spinning. The attack will miss if the drop is mistimed.
  • Yo Yo Throw- Throws a YoYo along the ground and hits a single enemy.
  • Break Spin- 2-Y0 dashes forward while spinning rapidly, battering a grounded enemy.
  • Yo Yo Up- 2-Y0 throws his YoYo upwards, hitting a flying enemy.
  • Gazer Spiral- 2-Y0 balances on his YoYo and flies upward while spinning, hitting grounded and flying enemies. The move creates two stars that also hits adjacent enemies. The balancing portion requires precise timing to avoid falling.
  • Hammer Drop- 2-Y0 uses his YoYo to grab an enemy, swings them around, then slams them onto the ground. The move deals very high critical damage if performed correctly.

Airtight Roof- Attacks from above only deal 25% damage, and cannot inflict status effects.
Shield- Protects Pitch from falling hazards.

Tangling String- YoYo attacks have a high chance of tripping grounded foes.
Parkour- 2-Y0 can jump across narrow ledges and poles.

Keke, AKA Lisbeth

KRPG reveal Clean
Clean Ability

Laser Ball, AKA Optic

KRPG reveal Laser
Laser Ability

  • Room Service! Once wielding only a broom, Keke has expanded her arsenal to include a duster and plunger! With these humble household tools, Keke can wipe out her enemies and do the chores at the same time. Her Dust Storm will obscure the vision of her foes, setting her up for a clean sweep!
  • Keke's attacks do little damage, but can inflict status ailments on foes. In particular, her dust attacks reduce their accuracy significantly, and is especially effective against projectile users. She also deals extra damage to enemies under status ailments, making her an excellent choice for crowd control. Her high speed and flying status also make her a difficult target to hit.
  • Lasers are like salt- they make everything better! With Laser Ball on your team, you will have no shortage of lasers. He has all kinds- lasers that bounce, lasers that burn, lasers that bypass defense. But when it's time to get serious, he can pull out the Super Diffusion Beam and roast the competition!
  • Laser Ball relies exclusively on projectiles, and every attack has high accuracy and damage. He is a versatile fighter, able to concentrate damage on one target or spread it out to several enemies. His inverted critical effect is important to remember- items and moves that increase his critical rate will actually hinder his damage output, so be careful when pairing him with support helpers!
  • Sweep- Hits the ground in front of an enemy with her broom, kicking up dust. The move does no damage, but greatly reduces their projectile accuracy, and makes them dusty.
  • Duster- Batters an enemy with a duster. The move does more damage to dusty enemies.
  • Plunger- Grabs a foe with a plunger, and violently pumps them several times. Can soak enemies.
  • BroomStick- Lisbeth flies through a line of flying or grounded enemies, dealing heavy damage. The attack will only hit one enemy if it isn't lined up right.
  • Dust Storm- Lisbeth kicks up tons of dust in front of all enemies. Significantly reduces the projectile accuracy of all enemies and helpers for a few turns. The attack also damages all enemy units if executed well.
  • Laser Blast- Fires a fast projectile that hits one enemy.
  • Angled Beams- Fires a bouncing beam that can hit up to three enemies
  • Arc Orb- Fires a plasma orb that hits one enemy several times, while potentially burning them
  • Big Laser Blast- Fires a concentrated beam through an enemy that ignores defense.
  • Super Diffusion Beam- Fires a powerful forked beam at several targets, dealing some recoil damage in the process.

Cleanser- Lisbeth recovers from status effects quickly, and deals extra damage to enemies under status effects.
Dust- Can clean dirty objects, or sweep the floor to reveal secrets.

Pinpoint- Has a very high accuracy rate, at the cost of an inverted critical effect, making critical hits deal less damage than normal ones. Increasing his critical rate is thus a handicap.
Laser Blast- Can fire reflecting beams off of slopes and mirrors.

Bang Bang, AKA Misty

KRPG reveal Missile
Missile Ability


KRPG reveal Smash
Smash Ability

  • 3-2-1-Liftoff! Bang Bang takes to the skies, raining explosive destruction on her enemies. Rocket Launch and Rocket Liftoff both devastate opponents; Rainbow Salvo elevates it to a fine art! What's that? Exploding hurts her too? Nothing an Armored Shell can't solve!
  • Bang Bang is a great choice for taking on strong enemies and midbosses, as she possesses a variety of powerful moves. She is fast, powerful, and can hit foes in the air. The only problem is that almost every move damages her too, forcing her to either frequently use Armored Shell or use her weaker Heat Exhaust. Her power is mostly wasted on weak enemies, and her recoil damage makes it too difficult to survive true boss battles.
  • Don't you love all the abilities Kirby has gained over the years? With Bukiset, you don't have to settle with just one! He brings an all-star line up of moves, along with some new ones! With the tools to deal with many situations, he's sure to be a smash hit! Just keep an eye on his health- he takes more damage the lower it is!
  • Bukiset is a true jack of all trades, literally using the skills of his allies in battle. Most of these moves are slightly different from the original, giving them different uses. He is perfect for knocking out weakened foes, but has low damage output in every other situation. His unique defensive move and special trait allow him to benefit even when he takes damage.
  • Rocket Launch- Flies into an enemy, exploding on contact.
  • Rocket Liftoff- Blasts off into the sky. On the next turn, Misty drops on top of an enemy, exploding on contact.
  • Heat Exhaust- Misty blasts an enemy with her fiery exhaust.
  • Armored Shell- Misty reinforces her body, preventing her next two attacks from dealing recoil damage.
  • Rainbow Salvo- Misty follows a multi-colored path, hitting up to five different enemies. She explodes on the fifth hit.
  • Payback Payload- Misty counter-attacks if she is attacked during that turn. She explodes if hit with a melee attack, and flies into enemies that hit her with projectiles.
  • Vulcan Jab- Unleashes a flurry of punches on a target. Weaker than Knuckle Joe's, but has a higher critical chance.
  • Twinkle Star- Bukiset spins in midair, knocking flying enemies to the ground.
  • Final Cutter- Bukiset strikes an enemy twice with a jumping attack, before shooting a small shockwave. The shockwave is stronger than Sir Kibble's, but only hits the targeted enemy.
  • Hammer Flip- Powers up a fiery hammer before battering a single enemy. Weaker than Bomker's hammer flip, but deals no recoil damage.
  • Smash Kick- Bukiset charges a flying kick attack that makes enemies dizzy. Deals more damage the lower the target's HP is, making it a good KO move.
  • Bubble Shield- Unlike most defensive techniques, the Bubble Shield blocks all damage. If it is hit too hard, it will break, leaving Bukiset open for one turn.

Kamikaze- Has very strong attacks that have high accuracy, but almost all of them deal recoil damage.
Rocket- Can fly around freely, and blows up iron blocks that she hits. She moves faster the longer she flies, making her difficult to control.

Percent Meter- Defense falls the lower his HP is, and he is more vulnerable to Status effects. At the same time, his damage output rises as his HP falls.
Pallete- Bukiset can use Hammer, Fire, Cutter, or Stone.

Wiz, AKA Houdini

KRPG reveal Magic
Magic Ability


KRPG reveal UFO
UFO Ability

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, it's showtime! Wiz has more than a few tricks up his sleeve- his trained Doves strike his weakest enemies, and his Card Trick can easily handle a large audience! But the main attraction is his Roulette; what trick will he do next? Turn enemies into food? Put on a fireworks show? Grant invincibility to his allies? Who knows?! Enjoy the show!
  • Wiz has a ton of useful tricks with weird properties, making him a niche fighter. Like an actual magician, his tricks depend on both sleight of hand and perfect execution, making him ineffective against fast or strong enemies, and no bosses will be falling for his tricks. Where he shines is in normal battles, where his area of effect moves and targeted attacks will clear out a crowd.
  • This galactic traveler comes with the most advanced technology. It has been observed using abilities similar to those of local denizens- such as Chain Beam and Piercing Beam- but with some enhancements. However, its Unidentified Flight continues to defy science. Perhaps some things are best left... unknown.
  • UFO is very unusual and difficult to use, but has a lot of versatile tools. All of its attacks are fairly weak, but can produce additional effects that stack up its damage. In particular, its star guard deals damage whenever it is close to an enemy (and up to five can be out at once), and its Heat attacks inflict burn. In tandem with its high speed, its self healing, and its flying status, it can both deal lots of damage and survive tough boss battles.
  • Doves- Houdini releases 3 doves that automatically target the three weakest enemies.
  • Card Trick- Throws three cards that hit three adjacent enemies.
  • Clown Spring- Houdini releases a bouncing clown from his hat. It strikes high first, knocking down flying enemies, before hitting again lower down. It hits flying enemies twice, and grounded enemies only once.
  • Roulette- Houdini produces a random card from his hat, each of which yields a different outcome:
    • Cherry- Turns the targeted enemy into food if it is below 50% health. If not, the attack deals weak damage. (Common)
    • "?" Mark- Deals a random status effect to the targeted enemy. (Common)
    • Candy- Makes Houdini and company invincible for the next turn. (Very Rare)
    • Fireworks- Releases an explosive light show that hits all enemies. (Rare)
  • Chain Beam- Flies close for an electric whip attack, similar, to Waddle Doo's.
  • Heat Beam- Releases a fiery whip attack at close range.
  • Piercing Beam- Releases a powerful laser similar to Laser Ball's, that deals fiery damage.
  • Heat Cannon- Fires off two consecutive heat beams, followed with a piercing beam.
  • Unidentified Flight- Teleports into enemies five times, each time hitting a random enemy.
  • Star Guard- While defending, UFO produces an orbiting star. The star deals damage to enemies who get close, and whenever UFO gets close to enemies during Chain Beam, Heat Beam, and Unidentified Flight. Up to five stars can be active at once.

Showman Spirit- Critical Chance rises the longer Houdini avoids taking damage.
Escape Artist- Houdini can trigger traps without being harmed himself.

Advanced Tech- UFO slowly heals itself whenever it isn't under a status effect.
Mystery Catch- UFO can lift heavy objects with its tractor beam, and move them around freely.

Wester, AKA Dusty

KRPG reveal Whip
Whip Ability

Ringle, AKA Aria

KRPG reveal Bell
Bell Ability

  • This cowboy hero don't need no fancy technology- Wester only needs his trusty whip to bring justice to the West. Use Whip Strike to score easy critical hits, or 100 Whip Dash to lay the damage on thick. When the time is right, use Whip Tornado to harness the power of the wind! You'll be riding into the sunset in no time!
  • Wester is an ideal choice when fighting strategic enemies. His long range allows him to avoid counter attacks, his attack speed makes his moves hard to avoid, and his high critical damage can strike through defense. He has a grabbing attack that also avoids counters. He has poor defense, so he relies on wise use of partners to win a fight.
  • Who would have thought a sentient bell could be such a threat? Ring your foes a new one with Ring Ding Dong, or throw bells at them with Twin Tinker, before finishing them off with Ding Finale! You can even block attacks with your bell hat! Saved by the bell indeed!
  • Ringle is good at crowd control, inflicting damage and status effects evenly across large groups. Its attacks either have high accuracy, or are area-of-effect, and thus are guaranteed to hit. While the damage is limited at first, executing specials successfully makes it a force to be reckoned with. Pair it with powerhouses that will draw enemy fire to make up for its limited speed and stamina.
  • Whip Strike- Dusty cracks his whip at an enemy, dealing a critical hit.
  • Jump Strike- Dusty jumps into the air, before striking upwards or downwards. Can hit a flying or grounded enemy.
  • 100 Whip Dash- Dusty charges forward and unleashes a flurry of whip strikes.
  • Whip Grab- Grabs a foe with his whip, then slams them into the ground twice.
  • Whip Tornado- Dusty leaps into the air, swinging his whip above his head. Hits three adjacent enemies, and deals more damage to flying enemies.
  • Ring Ding Dong- Ringle swings its bell into a single enemy three times. Generates sound waves that do damage to surrounding enemies, but is weaker the farther the enemy is.
  • Sting Ding- Creates two orbs of sound that home in on an enemy.
  • Twin Tinker- Spawns two smaller bells, then throws them at two different enemies.
  • Ding Finale- Releases two massive sound-waves, each of which can hit two enemies at once. The blast can make foes dizzy.
  • Tinker Melody- Releases bell-shaped symbols around Ringle's head, then they batter foes at random.
  • Bell Block- Ringle ducks inside its bell helmet. Melee attacks will create sound waves that damage attackers, but are too weak to stop their attacks.

Long Range- Melee attacks have such long range, they can safely hit enemies, even when they try to counter.
Lasso- Can latch onto distant hooks and swing from them, or nab items from a distance.

Pitch Perfect- Every perfect attack increases Ringle's power and speed.
Sound Wave- Ringle launches a sound wave that can break objects within its natural frequency.

Lanzer, AKA TriKnight

KRPG reveal Spear
Spear Ability

Spynum, AKA Noir

KRPG reveal Archer
Archer Ability

  • A master of the ancient art of stabbing things, Lanzer is ready to spearhead the next offensive! You could just use Spear Thrust and Skyward Thrust to poke enemies around, but that's child's play for Lanzer! Take to the sky with Spear Copter, and drill foes with Moon Drop! Get the point?
  • Lanzer is a powerhouse that can quickly deal damage to even the toughest foes. Most of his attacks are dealt at mid-range, so he is exposed to their counters in the process. When guarding Kirby, it is the exact opposite- his defense skyrockets, at the expense of his high damage output (although he can still pierce defense). Team him up with both damage-soaking tanks and damage-dealing brawlers to accommodate his mixed style.
  • Spynum isn't just an archer- he's an assassin! Armed with a simple bow and a quiver of arrows, he can take down entire empires... on shot at a time! His Sharp Shot and Leaping Quiver riddle foes from afar, and his Arrow Slash cuts down foes who get too close. After taking down his target with a charged arrow, he can slip into the shadows to avoid detection. Still think he's a simple archer?
  • Spynum is a glass cannon who deals rapid ranged damage, and is fast enough to avoid most enemy attacks. However, each shot he does take must count- he can quickly lose his advantage of high damage output if he shoots recklessly. Also keep in mind his most powerful (and thus most efficient) attacks require him to hold Kirby, preventing him from accessing his Camouflage move. Balance offense and defense, and strike only when necessary.
  • Spear Thrust- TriKnight stabs an enemy with his trident, with a chance of striking through defense.
  • Skyward Thrust- TriKinght positions himself beneath an enemy, and stabs upward. Can only hit flying enemies, but is almost always a critical hit.
  • Spear Copter- TriKnight spins his trident so fast, he can briefly fly. He then flies into a flying enemy, hitting them several times. He will stay in the air for the next turn.
  • Moon Drop- Leaps above an enemy, then drops on top of them with a deadly spearing attack.
  • Multi-Spear Attack- TriKnight blasts an enemy with numerous stab attacks, then throws three additional tridents at them.
  • Sharp Shot- Noir shoots a single arrow at an enemy.
  • Arrow Slash- Noir slashes an enemy twice with an arrow.
  • Leaping Quiver- Noir leaps into the air, before riddling an enemy with four arrows.
  • Sky Shot Shower- Fires a charged arrow into the sky, which splits into several arrows before raining onto enemies.
  • Magic Star Arrow- Charges up an arrow and blasts an enemy with an absurdly powerful projectiles. Blows straight through defense.
  • Camouflage- Ducks behind fake scenery. Rather than block attacks, it causes enemies to ignore him; attacks that hit random targets or hit a wide area can still strike him. It also cannot block special boss attacks.

Knight's Honor- TriKnight's defense rises significantly whenever he is holding Kirby, but his attack lowers at the same time.
Spear- TriKnight's trident can strike weak points in tough objects and break them. If a trident is lodged in a wall, he can bounce off it.

Waste Not- Each arrow Noir fires reduces his attack power, except when it is a killing blow. The only move that does not do this is Arrow Slash.
Trick Shot- Noir can fire arrows that cut through several ropes and shoot through small openings.

Element Class Helpers
Burning Leo, AKA Lionel

KRPG reveal Fire
Fire Ability

Rocky, AKA Mason

KRPG reveal Stone
Stone Ability

  • Burning Leo was among the first to join Kirby's team. His destructive potential knows no bounds! Fire Breath and Fireball Spin roast opponents, and his Blazing Flare coats the ground in flames! If you need to turn up the heat, use Inferno to power up your flames, before sealing the deal with Searing Bash!
  • Not surprisingly, Burning Leo is excellent offensively, but effective use requires a surprising amount of strategy. By using his Inferno and Blazing Flare together, he can cover himself and one ally from melee attack. This allows him to control which allies enemies will choose to attack, limiting their options in the process. His own attacks deal damage over time, allowing him to weaken enemies even while not attacking. Leo may not be incredibly complex, but a little extra thought can take him to the next level.
  • Are you ready to rock?! Then you've picked the right guy! Rocky does only one thing- SMASH! Stone Smash! Stone Uppercut! HEAVY SMASH! MIGHTY UPPERCUT! Rocky is so tough, status effects don't even touch him- even when he isn't using his impenetrable Statuesque Guard! Just don't let him fall asleep- it's impossible to wake the guy up.
  • With his high health and defense, Rocky is a good first choice for Kirby babysitting. In battle, it is important to have a helper to protect Kirby while the team regroups, and Rocky can do so without seriously comprising offense capability when not on defense. Plus, most of his attacks are not affected by counters or active defense such as fire or spines. Feel free to team him up with some frailer and faster allies- he will keep Kirby safe.
  • Fire Breath- Blasts an enemy with blazing flames that inflicts burn.
  • Blazing Flare- Shoots a flaming orb in front of an ally- melee attackers will take heavy damage if they try to approach.
  • Inferno- Engulfs Lionel in a flaming aura that powers up his next attack and burns any melee attackers.
  • Searing Bash- Lionel charges up his flames before blasting through an enemy at top speed, dealing tons of damage.
  • Fireball Spin- Lionel rolls into a blazing wheel, before bashing an enemy several times.
  • Stone Smash- Mason jumps on top of an enemy in stone form, crushing them.
  • Turbo Stone- Mason dashes into an enemy while spinning, hitting them a few times.
  • Stone Uppercut- Mason summons a stone fist from the ground, knocking an enemy upwards.
  • Heavy Smash- Mason leaps above an enemy before growing in size. When he lands on them, they are buried.
  • Mighty Uppercut- Mason summons a larger, spiked fist that breaks through enemy defense.
  • Statuesque Guard- Mason turns into solid stone, and will take no damage for the rest of the turn. On his next turn his speed his halved.

Hot Head- Cannot be burned, but being frozen or soaked lowers his defense and attack.
Burn- Lionel can breathe fire to light fuses and roast grass.

Megaton- While guarding, Mason is completely invincible, and most status effects cannot harm him. The only exception is sleep; Mason will sleep for a very long time if effected.
Stone- Mason can break through weak floors and press buttons with his weight.

Sparky, AKA Joulie

KRPG reveal Spark
Spark Ability

Mr. Frosty, AKA Celcia

KRPG reveal Ice
Ice Ability

  • Don't be fooled by her diminutive appearance- Sparky's strong enough to lead the charge in any battle! Thunder Bolt and Lightning Strikes hit foes from the sky, and her electric aura protects her from projectiles! Once her power is at the max, launch a Spark Laser to leave foes dazed!
  • Joulie, despite being an element class, serves a predominantly support-based role in battle. Her attacks are a little weird at first, but are also very effective once mastered. Many of her attacks will paralyze enemies, leaving them open for stronger helpers to finish. She can also defend herself from most projectiles, and release attacks that have a delayed effect, making them harder to block. Her Conductor trait also provides further protection to her allies. She works well with slow powerhouses and fragile speedsters alike.
  • Mr. Frosty is ready to put the bad guys on ice! Freezer Breath and Ice Sprinkle can freeze enemies in their tracks, and his Ice Ejection can suck up assailants to use as ammo! Don't worry about getting frozen yourself- the cold never bothers him, anyway. Just don't get him wet!
  • Frosty is essentially a more defensive version of Leo- much like him, he can prevent enemies from attacking his allies by freezing them, and defend himself from projectiles with Ice Ejection. His attacks don't deal damage over time, but do leave them open for allies to attack. His attacks also cover a wide area, often striking two enemies rather than one. Helpers with slow, powerful moves will love working with him.
  • Spark- Joulie approaches an enemy, and creates an electric barrier around her that damages them.
  • Thunder Bolt- Sends an electric bolt into the sky that strikes her target one turn later.
  • Charge Power- Joulie charges electricity to power her next move. This also creates an electric barrier that blocks projectiles.
  • Lightning Strike- Calls down a bolt of electricity on three enemies, potentially paralyzing them.
  • Spark Laser- Joulie fires a powerful electric arrow through an enemy that paralyzes them.
  • Freezer Breath- Blasts an enemy with chilly air that can freeze them.
  • Ice Sprinkle- Celcia spins about while blowing frosty air, freezing two adjacent enemies.
  • Ice Ball- Celcia rolls into an ice ball and rams an enemy.
  • Ice Ejection- Celcia prepares to catch the next attack and fire it back. This works on melee attacks too, but only if the enemy is small enough.
  • Ice Kick- Celcia creates two ice blocks, and knocks them toward two enemies.

Conductor- Attracts energy-based attacks toward her- these moves deal only half damage, and make her attack power rise.
Power Up-Can reactivate machines and light up power cords.

Cold Feet- Celcia cannot be frozen, but burning or soaking attacks lower her speed and defense.
Chill- Can freeze water and cool lava into stone.

Plasma Wisp, AKA Aurora

KRPG reveal Plasma
Plasma Ability

Simirror, AKA Magis

KRPG reveal Mirror
Mirror Ability

  • This blazing energy behaves like a mix of fire and lightning! At first, Plasma Wisp can only use weak attacks like Plasma Amp, but for every turn she does so, her attacks become stronger! Soon, her lowly Plasma Amp becomes the swift Needle Arrow, the blazing Plasma Laser, and the mighty Plasma Barrier! Fortunately, her special attacks can be used at any charge! Light 'em up!
  • Plasma Wisp is a very versatile fighter, with her damage output determined by the length of the battle and her current Plasma Level. At her worst, she has terrible attacks, poor defense, and only passable speed. As time passes, she gains stronger attacks, and gains a powerful defensive barrier at max level- her special moves are also ok, but are much better late into a fight. Team her up with meat shields that can cover her early on, until she has powered up enough to fight effectively.
  • In this world there is a legend of an amazing mirror connected to an alternate world. The magical properties of this artifact provide power to all mirrors- and those who know how to use them. Simirror is one such person. His art allows him to use Mirror Cut to slice up enemies, or bash them with Reflect Force. But what would a mirror master be without clones? With his Mirror Body techniques, he can double his damage and reduce enemy acc- huh? There weren't two of you before! Quick! Which one is left-handed?!
  • Simirror is primarily offensive, but also enjoys defensive abilities. With Mirror Body, he can both increase his own damage output and reduce his enemies chances of hitting him, while his cutting attacks deal high critical damage and mostly ignore defense. His special moves also deal high damage with little risk to himself. He can even use enemy attacks against them with both his Reflect Guard and passive reflective trait. If his allies can direct attacks his way, he will be able to turn them against his enemies.
  • Plasma Amp (Lv.0)- Increases Aurora's Plasma Level by 1, while also launching a weak plasma projectile. Her Plasma level maxes out at 3.
  • Plasma Needle Arrow (Lv.1)- Aurora fires a barrage of weak electric needles at random enemy units. Does not affect her Plasma Level.
  • Plasma Laser (Lv.2)- Aurora fires two powerful lasers that hit two adjacent enemies. Can stun her target. Reduces her Plasma Level by 2.
  • Plasma Barrier (Lv.3)- Aurora fires her barrier at a single enemy, dealing high damage and either burning or stunning them. Resets her Plasma Level.
  • Plasma Spray- Releases a massive barrage of weak plasma sparks that have a high chance of stunning her targets.
  • Plasma Comets- Aurora fires 3 powerful comets at random enemies, with the last one always stunning her target.
  • Plasma Guard- When Aurora's power reaches level 3, a barrier forms that automatically halves projectile damage. Unlike other defensive techniques, this one works even when not defending.
  • Mirror Cut- Magis turns his scepter into a glass sword, slashing his target twice.
  • Mirror Body- Magis creates a duplicate of himself that executes standard attacks alongside him, effectively doubling both his damage and critical rate while halving enemy accuracy; when using other Mirror Body techniques, the copy attacks with Magis, but does not produce more copies. The move does nothing if a clone already exists.
  • Reflect Force- Magis launches a wave of glass shards that can hit both standing and flying enemies.
  • M.B. Sky- Magis creates a tower of 5 duplicates, who all jump on a particular enemy. The original does slightly more damage.
  • M.B. Ring- Magis creates a ring of 6 duplicates who all dash at random enemies. The original does slightly more damage to the targeted enemy.
  • Reflect Guard- Magis creates a magic barrier that reflects up to two projectiles back at enemies, dealing 1.5x damage in the process.

Power Creep- Attacks and Defense become higher the longer a fight goes on.
Plasma Wave- Can fire blasts of plasma that can light up electric wires at a distance, and can travel through walls. It is too weak to restart machines, though.

Super Reflective- Magis takes less damage from energy based attacks, and reflects the excess damage back at the attacker.
Duplicate- Magis can create a temporary clone of himself to help solve puzzles or provide a distraction.

Chameleo Arm, AKA Michameleo

KRPG reveal Paint
Paint Ability

Cool Spook, AKA Lumen

KRPG reveal Light
Light Ability

  • Kirby once faced this colorful chameleon as an enemy, but all he ever wanted was to practice his art. Chameleo Arm now shows his true colors as an ally! His Paint Roller and Tail Whip deal lots of damage up close, but his true skill is his strategic use of color. Paint based attacks can all reduce accuracy and blind enemies, and his camouflage makes him difficult to see. He even does extra damage to foes with the same color!
  • Chameleo Arm, as a former boss, can dish out lots of punishment, but he also provides excellent support abilities. Most of his moves incapacitate his target in some way, allowing other allies to layer on more damage easily. He is tough enough to take a few hits, but can also avoid conflict altogether with Cameleo-flage. Keep an eye on his color as well- he gains offensive and defensive buffs against foes with the same base color. You can't control it, but you just might get lucky.
  • Cool Spook may be a ghost, but he means no harm- he's always ready to (literally) brighten someone's day. He can grant an ally supernatural vision, put the spotlight on an enemy to prevent them from dodging, or blind an enemy with dazzling light. When necessary, he can toss his halo as a weapon, and even save his allies from death itself! What a cool dude!
  • Cool Spook is primarily a support character, unlike most other elemental helpers. His light abilities allow him to control the accuracy and evasion of friend and foe alike, giving him incredible control of the flow of battle. However, only one of his attacks (Halo Disc) does any damage, and it incredibly difficult to execute properly; but if the button input is performed perfectly, it deals massive damage!
  • Paint Roller- Chameleo rolls over an enemy at high speed, potentially flattening them.
  • Tail Whip- Chameleo uses one of his tails to latch onto an enemy, before pulling himself into them.
  • Paint Bomber- Chameleo launches paint blobs at an enemy, blinding them.
  • Paint Out- Chameleo launches a massive paint blob that hits all foes, blinding them. It also reveals invisible or camouflaged foes.
  • Tounge Latch- Chameleo grabs a foe with his tongue, and fires them into the air.
  • Cameleo-flage- Chameleo blends into the background. Increases his evasion, but he takes more damage if he is hit. Once the turn ends, Chameleo changes to a random color.
  • Dazzling Light- Fires an orb of light directly at an enemy. It deals no damage, but halves its target's current accuracy.
  • Spectral Vision- Imbues an ally with holy light, doubling both their accuracy and critical damage.
  • Judgmental Spotlight- Shines a powerful spotlight on an enemy unit, lowering their evasion to 0.
  • Illumination- Bathes the entire battlefield in heavenly light, raising the accuracy of every ally and enemy to 100%.
  • Halo Disc- Fires his halo at an enemy unit. Very difficult to execute, but deals massive critical damage if successful.

Color Code- Chameleo both takes less damage from and deals more damage to enemies with the same color as him.
Painter- Chameleo can paint objects, changing their color or function, and also reveal hidden secrets.

See the Light- If an ally falls in battle, Cool Spook can save them at the cost of some HP. The ally returns with 50% health. This works only once in a battle, and does not work on Cool Spook himself.
Light Up- Can illuminate dark rooms and passages.

Metalun, AKA Orie

KRPG reveal Metal
Metal Ability

Bubble Head, AKA Suds

KRPG reveal Bubble
Bubble Ability

  • With the power of a freight train and the intelligence of a brick, Metalun is the epitome of dumb muscle. Metalun is so heavy, he can damage enemies by strolling past them! But skills like that leave little room for creativity. Ground Pound, Ball Bearing, Big Blade, Seismic Drop- all are merely variations on ways to crush the competition. He clearly doesn't care, and I don't think anyone else does either.
  • Metalun is very strong and very tough, making him a great choice for boss battles. His attacks are virtually impossible to block, and his Seismic Leap can even trip enemies in the air! At the same time, he has the highest defense in the game (so high, he doesn't have or need a guarding move), and is barely affected by most statuses. Only two can affect him- Bury (which traps him for a disproportionate time) and Sleep (he's even worse than Rocky here). Keep in mind his slow speed forces him to attack on every other turn.
  • You probably wouldn't expect bubbles to be an effective weapon... and it isn't. Bubble Beam has great accuracy, but pitiful damage output. When used properly, however, they can be very... annoying. Use Big Bubble to trap foes in a bubble, or put yourself in one using Floater to get some air. Both Foam Barrier and Soap Storm cover the entire battlefield! Argh! Freaking Bubbles!!!
  • Bubble Head is designed to trap enemies in weak bubbles. While they can be easily broken out of, they have a very high rate of success- plus, Bubble Head's high speed ensures he moves before his allies, setting up enemies for the ensuing attacks. He can also cover the battlefield in soapy foam, which traps any foe who tries to approach on the ground.
  • Steel Stroll- Wanders around enemy lines, damaging every enemy he comes in contact with.
  • Ground Pound- Jumps on an enemy, doing massive damage and potentially burying them.
  • Ball Bearing- Morphs into a steel ball, and rolls quickly over an enemy.
  • Big Blade- Metalun morphs his head into a massive blade before falling onto an enemy. Very powerful and can deal devastating critical damage.
  • Seismic Drop- Jumps, tripping all enemies on the ground and in the air.
  • Metalun has no normal or special blocking technique.
  • Bubble Beam- Fires a burst of bubbles at an enemy, dealing a little damage.
  • Big Bubble- Bubble Head fires a single large bubble at an enemy, trapping them. These bubbles force the enemy to move last in that turn cycle.
  • Floater- Bubble Head captures himself in a bubble, lifting hime off the ground. Changes his Elevation stat from Standing to Floating.
  • Foam Barrier- Coats the field in bubbles. If an enemy tries to approach on the ground, they are trapped and lose their turn. This effect lasts for only one turn.
  • Soap Storm- Fires a blast of bubbles at all enemies, trapping them until every ally has attacked.
  • Bubble Shield- Forms a defensive bubble around an ally. Said bubble completely negates the damage of a single hit. Bubble Head cannot use it on himself.

Perfect Defense- Metalun has incredibly high defense, but can only attack once every other turn.
Iron Gian- Can pass through most hazards and weigh down switches.

Item drop- Defeating an enemy in a bubble will increase its item drop chance.
Bubble- Can guide bubbles to retrieve distant objects.

Tac, AKA Bago

KRPG reveal Copy
Copy Ability

Pix, AKA Coda

KRPG reveal Jewel
Jewel Ability

  • It's the Tac with the Pack! He may not be the most trustworthy ally, but his unique... skills make him worth it. Tac can steal pretty much anything that isn't nailed down or on fire- health, moves, and even stats! Of course, like all good thieves, he also knows how to disappear. But all this comes at a cost, as Tac is one of the frailest fighters of them all. Remember, kids- crime doesn't pay!
  • Tac depends a lot on his fellow helpers to do the dirty work for him, but can still pull his own weight. His punching attacks all have a projectile's range, but the speed and power of a melee attack! These attacks also have secondary effects, such as stealing HP or assuming an enemy's identity. Tac can also take an ally's powers, but be careful- he doesn't change his stats in the process!
  • This gem may appear to be an oversized accessory, but it is actually the core of an ancient war machine! It represents an ability that has never been seen before- how did it get here? Regardless, Coda is best fighting from a distance, launching its Jewel Gun and Lens Wave from a distance, but that doesn't mean it is helpless up close. Its already tough exterior can be buffed with Jewel Case, while powering up its melee attacks. Treat it right, and this diamond is sure to be your best friend!
  • Coda fights the way you'd expect a sentient jewel to- it hits hard with flashy attacks, but is also incredibly tough. Most of its attacks are ranged- these typically trade accuracy for sheer power and penetration. The flashy nature of its attacks also makes them easier for enemies to dodge, but this can be countered with Flash Fractal, which can dazzle enemies.
  • HP Steal- Tac punches a foe, stealing some of their HP in the process. Tac sometimes also take on any status effects the enemy is under, wether good or bad.
  • Tac Attack- Tac unleashes a stronger punch attack- while it has the same traits as a melee punch, it behaves like a projectile.
  • Double Team- Tac taps another helper- while it deals 1 hit of damage to them, it allows Tac to take on their appearance and moves for a time. Cannot be used while Copy Cat is in effect.
  • Cat Magnum- Tac charges a powerful punch with good accuracy- it has a good chance of also stealing an item from the enemy.
  • Copy Cat- Tac taps an enemy, taking on all their stats (except for HP). Copy Cat is also replaced by one of their moves. Cannot be used while Double Team is in effect.
  • Tac Hide!- Tac becomes intangible, avoiding all damage for an entire turn. Tac's defense will be lowered when he returns. This move cannot be used while Copy Cat or Double Team are in effect.
  • Jewel Gun- Pix launches its three jewel pieces at one enemy. The move is fairly weak, but has a high critical multiplier.
  • Crown Bomb- Pix forms a spiky crown using its jewel pieces, then drops head-first on an enemy.
  • Flash Fractal- Releases a large burst of light. Has a chance of dazzling enemies.
  • Gem Drill- Pix drills into an enemy, dealing multiple powerful hits. Easily breaks defense, but has a low critical rate and is easy to dodge.
  • Lens Wave- Fires a focused laser beam, then sweeps it across enemy lines.
  • Jewel Case- Pix erects a jewel barrier around itself to reduce damage. Also increases the power of Jewel Gun and Crown Bomb.

Stolen Bread- Tac gets a healing bonus for food stolen from enemies, and the passive buffs they grant are increased.
Steal- Tac uses his ranged hands to grab items through grates, or pull distant levers. Hitting enemies with it does not start a battle, instead possibly getting an item from them.

Midas Touch- Enemies Pix defeats drop much more money than usual.
Prism- Pix can focus or diffuse light using its body. This can be used to solve puzzles, neutralize lasers, or start fires.

Leafan, AKA Sylvia

KRPG reveal Leaf
Leaf Ability

Water Galbo, AKA Aquas

KRPG reveal Water
Water Ability

  • Watch your step- this rose has thorns! Okay, so maybe Leafan isn't a rose. He also doesn't have thorns, but he doesn't need them to mow down his enemies. His Leaf Attack and Leaf Rain use sharp leaves to leave his enemies... leafy. He can also use Leaf Dance or Leaf Swirl to envelop himself in damaging leaves. Leafan can even leave enemies dumbstruck by using Leaf Guard, which leaves his leaves in a pile, allowing him to leave into the leaf pile, but if the leaves leave, Leafan is left leafless. To recap- leafy Leafan leaves leafy leaves, but leaving leaves leave leafy Leafan leafless.
  • Leafan is another crowd-control fighter, with a more defensive skill set. His various leaf attacks tend to hit several enemies for moderate damage, with only his Leaf Upper dealing concentrated damage. His Leaf Swirl in particular serves as a useful defensive technique that also deals damage during melee attacks. When the going gets tough, he can hide in a pile of leaves, but some attacks can remove the leaves, leaving him vulnerable.
  • Get ready to make a splash with Water Galbo! Take your foes on a wild ride with Wave Attack, or ride the waves yourself with Wave Surf. Use jets of water to hover, or blast enemies from beneath! You can even summon a giant rainbow to flood your enemies in water! It is futile to war with the sea- with Galbo's stabilizing water, he only takes half damage from all status effects. What a refresher!
  • Water Galbo slows the pace of any battle he is in, helping provide relief in hectic combat. Every single one of his attacks can inflict the soak effect, which reduces enemies power and accuracy. His wave attacks also have high accuracy, making him a dependable fighter. His Geyser hits from beneath, bypassing defense in the process, and his Fountain Hover avoids counterattacks easily. Since he takes limited damage from status effects, he can also be depended on as Kirby's guardian in hectic firefights. Overall, Galbo is good all around, so pair him up with pretty much anyone you want.
  • Leaf Attack- Leafan sends two leaves spiraling upwards. Each one can hit a grounded enemy once, or a flying enemy twice.
  • Leaf Swirl / Leaf Scatter- Summons a tornado of leaves around Leafan, which grow weaker for every turn they are out. These will hit any enemies who get close, and deal extra damage whenever Leafan approaches an enemy. Using the move a second time disperses the leaves.
  • Leaf Rain- Leafan leaps, before sending five leaves down on enemies.
  • Leaf Upper- Leafan summons a powerful plant that executes a rising attack. Hits flying enemies to the ground, but deals more damage to grounded enemies.
  • Leaf Dance- Leafan dashes forward with a whirlwind of leaves around him, hitting up to three adjacent enemies. Is stronger if Leaf Swirl is active, but will disperse them after the move.
  • Leaf Guard- Leafan summons a leaf pile, then hides in it. If Leaf Swirl is active, the leaf pile will be larger. Can block most attacks, but fire attacks will still hit, and wind attacks will disperse the leaves.
  • Wave Attack- Galbo spits two rolling waves at an enemy unit. Only hits grounded enemies. Can inflict soak.
  • Wave Surf- Galbo rides on a wave of water into an enemy, dealing moderate contact damage. The wave allows Galbo to bypass some obstructions on the battlefield, such as fire. Can inflict soak.
  • Fountain Hover- Galbo hovers in the air by shooting a jet of water downward, and positions himself over an enemy, hitting them numerous times. Often inflicts soak.
  • Jet Geyser- Galbo summons a geyser of water from beneath an enemy, tossing them a few times. Can knock down flying enemies, and is guaranteed to inflict soak.
  • Rainbow Rain- Galbo summons a rainbow, while showering enemies with widespread blobs of water. The number of times an enemy is hit varies, but each is hit at least once. Always inflicts soak.

Plant Cycle- Leafan's attack and defense peak every fourth battle, and hit bottom two battles later.
Green Thumb- Leafan can cause plants to grow in strategic areas, creating platforms or defensive walls.

Flux Stream- Galbo takes half damage from status effects, and recovers from ailments one turn sooner.
Surf- Galbo rides on a wave of water, which can carry him across bodies of lava or lakes.

Omad, AKA Travis

KRPG reveal Desert
Leaf Ability

Analue, AKA BinBin

KRPG reveal Cyber
Water Ability

  • A new helper has wandered into battle! Omad may be slow, but his high defense and attack power make up the difference. He can control his sand to perform a variety of attacks, from his simple Desert Wind to his spinning Dust Devil. His foes won't sand a chance when he pulls out Sink Hole, slowly smothering them in hot sand. When he needs to wear down tough opponents, Sand Storm and Whirling Scimitars are the way to go! Use his tools to reduce your enemies to dust!
  • Omad is a wall of a fighter, capable of taking lots of damage and wearing down enemy defense. His Desert Wind and Sand Storm can both blind enemies, while Dust Devil and Sink Hole are both grabs that can hit through defense. On his end, they defensive move Sandpile allows him to take almost no standard damage, and his passive trait Shifting Form reduces damage taken from physical attacks by 25%. His power attacks are fairly slow, so he needs to either reduce enemy mobility by blinding them with sand, or have a helper incapacitate them.

Download Complete. FlavorText.exe is now running:

  • Analue is to be a physical program, and can use its connection to the source code to bend reality. Analue can run three default programs: Diagnostics raises its defense; Analytics raises its attack power; Calibration increases its accuracy. When the Kirby_Cryst peripheral is active, Analue can also scramble enemy stats with ReCode, or deal heavy ranged damage with Data Breaker. Excessive damage from attacks will corrupt the program, so be sure to refresh often.
  • Analue depends on repeated use of buffs to be effective. Diagnostics, Analytics, and Calibration can all be used repeatedly, and the effect of each will increase each time. Its heavy hitting attacks ReCode and Data Breaker become devastating while buffed. Unfortunately, taking too much damage will inflict Analue with the unique Corruption status, causing it to take slowly lose HP. Using Data Wipe is the only way to get rid of it, but also removes all its buffs. Analue doesn't really go well with any other helper, being neither truly offensive or defensive.
  • Desert Wind- Omad blows hot sand into the face of enemies. Deals mild damage, and has a high chance of blinding the enemy for one turn.
  • Dust Devil- Omad summons a tornado of sand and thrusts it toward an enemy. When it hits, it deals several hits before flinging the target into the air. This attack has low accuracy, sometimes hitting a completely different enemy. It can knock down flying enemies.
  • Sink Hole- Omad buries a grounded enemy in a pile of hot sand, and deals several hits while crushing them. Reduces enemy accuracy and cannot be blocked, but is slow enough to easily dodge.
  • Sand Storm- Omad summons a wave of sand to buffet enemy units, blinding them. Has a similar effect to Dust Storm, but only affects enemies and lasts for one turn.
  • Whirling Scimitars- Omad forms his sand into two curved blades, then moves toward an enemy while spinning rapidly. Deals many powerful hits with a good critical rate, but can be easily blocked or dodged.
  • Sand Pile- Omad collapses into a pile of sand. Standard attacks will deal only one hit of damage each, but Omad cannot avoid status effects in this form.
  • Diagnostics- Analue targets an enemy with a reticle, dealing slight damage. Will reduce the damage Anlue takes from the targeted enemy type. The defensive effect stacks each time the move is used, and carries over between battles.
  • Analytics- Analue targets an enemy with a reticle, dealing slight damage. Will increase the damage its moves do to the targeted enemy type. The offensive effect stacks each time the move is used, and carries over between battles.
  • Calibration- Analue targets all enemies with reticles, dealing slight damage. Will increase the accuracy of its moves. The accuracy effect stacks each time the move is used, and carries over between battles.
  • ReCode- Analue scrambles the values of the targeted enemies stats (except for health), while dealing heavy damage. The effect lasts for two turns.
  • Data Breaker- Analue releases a massive wave of electricity that deals heavy electrical damage. The move does double damage to mechanical enemies.
  • Data Wipe- Analue resets its stats, undoing the effect of all Diagnostics, Analytics, and Calibrations, while also removing the Corruption status.

Shifting Form- Omad takes only 75% damage from contact-based attacks, but also deals less damage on contact.
Desert Snake- Omad uses its sand form to pass through grates in the ground or bars along walls.

Corrupted Program- Analue can be afflicted with the Corrupt status if it takes too much damage. Will deal constant self-damage until it uses Data Wipe.
Hot Wire- Analue can take over computers or machinery and travel through certain computer terminals.

Skill Class Helpers
Wheelie, AKA Vroom

KRPG reveal Wheel
Wheel Ability

Caller, AKA Aerie

KRPG reveal Twister
Twister Ability

  • Start your engines! Vroom was among the first helpers to join Kirby's party, using his impressive speed to strike opponents head-on. With his speedy Wheel Dash, he has complete mastery the ground, but he has a surprising variety of aerial maneuvers! Turn Jump, Down Shift, and the glorious Sky Wheel all deal massive damage to flying enemies. When you need to make some serious roadkill, rev up the Storm Wheel to power right through to the finish!
  • Vroom is very fast given his power, but can be difficult to get the hang of at first. Aside from his straight forward Wheel Dash, all his moves strike enemies in strange ways that require practice and strategy to take advantage of. Turn Jump deals a little damage to grounded enemies, but is best against flying foes. Downshift isn't very strong, but will knock down flying enemies. Sky Wheel and Storm Wheel are both special moves, and require precise timing to get maximum power. Here's a secret- if he defends after using a special attack, he can attack twice in one turn!
  • Today's forecast- strong winds and inclement weather! Aerie is well equipped to turn any battle around. She can strike remotely with mobile twisters using Rising Gust or Falling Gust, as well as diving into foes herself with Tornado Attack. When she needs to whip up a bigger storm, she can call on Hyper Tornado to wipe out the opposition, or send them sky high with Whirlwind Hold. With all that spinning, she can even use enemy status effects to power up and blow them away!
  • Aerie can use her wind to strike multiple foes, but her attacks are weak against heavy enemies. All her moves deal more damage against light or flying enemies, and can make them dizzy or knock them down. Rising Gust and Falling Gust can both hit multiple targets, and Hyper Tornado hits several times. When inflicted with the dizzy statistic, her attacks are much stronger and faster, but harder to aim.
  • Wheel Dash- Vroom rolls directly at an enemy, bouncing off them on contact. Deals a little damage, and can only hit grounded foes, but is very fast.
  • Turn Jump- Vroom drives into an enemy and flips through the air five times before driving back. Hits a grounded enemy only once before bouncing off, but strikes aerial enemies multiple times during each of the five jumps.
  • Downshift- Vroom jumps into the air and lands on an enemy, grinding them into the ground with his wheel. Has a high chance of knocking down a flying enemy, and reduces enemy defense.
  • Sky Wheel- Vroom charges up for a few seconds, before blasting forward with a high-power jump strike. Only hits flying enemies, and deals massive damage. If the attack is charged enough, it can burn enemies.
  • Storm Wheel- Vroom creates sparks by spinning its wheel before blasting straight through an enemy. The electric sparks can stun them if they are strong enough.
  • Tornado Attack- Aerie spins rapidly to form a tornado, then drifts into contact with an enemy. Deals several hits, but is easy to block or dodge.
  • Rising Gust- Aerie generates a twister and launches it at an enemy. The twister will float upward after hitting them, and can be directed at a flying enemy if one is present. Can make its victim dizzy.
  • Falling Gust- Aerie generates a twister and launches it above an enemy. The twister will descend onto them, dealing several hits on the way down. Can knock down flying enemies or make them dizzy.
  • Whirlwind Throw- Aerie generates a twister around an enemy that eventually throws them into the air. Damage is dealt when they land, so heavier foes who aren't sent as high take less damage. Will always knock down enemies that are flying.
  • Hyper Tornado- Aerie generates a twister around herself, before expanding it to encompass the entire arena. Deals several hits to foes, and has a high chance of making them dizzy. Deals little damage to foes who defend, but can interrupt attacks being charged between turns.

Rolling Start- Vroom will receive a 1/3 chance of getting two attacks after guarding; this only works if he used a special attack on the turn before guarding.
Mach Wheel- Vroom can drive straight across water and over spiked hazards.

Whirligig- Deals much more damage when inflicted with the dizzy status.
Bluster- Can fly through some hazards and over gaps, and use tornadoes to push light objects.

Waddle Doo, AKA Optico

KRPG reveal Beam
Wheel Ability

Spikey, AKA Pike

KRPG reveal Needle
Needle Ability

  • With two dorky hairs and a giant vulnerable eye, Optico doesn't seem like a go-to choice for a fighter; but look past the surface, and he's really a well rounded combatant! His eye allows him to perform a variety of electrifying Beam attacks - they can be fashioned into whips, launched as a spread, or concentrated into a single blast! He can even grab enemies with his beam and throw them around! This is one guy to keep your eye on!
  • Waddle Doo is an all-around helper with both offensive, defensive, and strategic perks. His Wave Beam is exceptionally strong and accurate, but only targets one enemy. His Beam Whip, Cycle Beam, and Revolution Beam all have great range for a melee attack and carry the "long-reach" trait. All his attacks save his Wave Beam have a chance to stun enemies, but Beam Blast is the most effective. He can fill a variety of roles, so he goes well with many types of helpers.
  • Pike is a rough dude and can be tough to handle, but he'll stick up for his allies when he's needed. His modus-operandi involves needling his foes - poking them around with a flurry of weak attacks. He has developed new moves beyond his basic Needle technique, such as the vertical Mega Needle or Razorback, and can pick up the pace with Rolling Needle. His needles also provide a convenient defense against irritated foes. His needles can even weaponize status ailments!
  • Spikey is strong defensively, but his attacks vary widely in strength. His Needle and Needle Burst are both fairly weak, while his Mega Needle and Razorback are fairly strong. Due to his spines, his melee attacks are immune to direct counters, which helps make up for their lack of power. All of his attacks (but Needle Burst in particular) carry the "Injection" trait, which only works while under a status ailment. He is best paired with heavy-hitting helpers.
  • Beam Whip- Optico forms an electric whip from his eye and strikes downward with it. Deals electric damage to one enemy.
  • Cycle Beam- Optico dashes forward and releases a spread of electric spheres towards two adjacent enemies.
  • Wave Beam- Optico charges energy within his eye and launches a concentrated electric blast at one enemy. Deals heavy damage.
  • Beam Blast- Optico jumps into the air and fires up to 3 rounds of electric sparks downwards. Each round requires the proper input to avoid canceling the attack. Has a very high stun rate.
  • Revolution Beam- Optico hovers in front of an enemy and spins forward, extending an electric whip outwards. Optico can spin up to 10 times with perfect inputs, dealing high damage.
  • Capture Beam- Optico charges a little power in his eye. If he is hit with a physical projectile or approached by a small enemy, Optico will grab it and throw it at a predetermined target.
  • Needle- Pike approaches an enemy, then extends his needles from his body. The attack can pierce defense.
  • Mega Needle- Pike charges an enemy and flips them over him. Once they are above him, he extends a single massive needle upward to stab them, dealing massive damage. Only works on foes light enough to lift.
  • Razorback- Pike jumps on top of an enemy with spikes facing down. He spins as he falls, dealing several consecutive hits.
  • Needle Burst- Pike crouches and fires a series of needles at three enemies. Deals little damage, but has a strong Injection rate.
  • Rolling Needle- Pike rolls into a ball and strikes and enemy. Once he makes contact, he drills into them by spinning rapidly. His spin speed is increased proper execution.
  • Thorn Hedge- Pike crouches and extends spikes as a defense. Foils most melee attacks, but lowers his defense against projectiles.

Long Reach- Optico's melee attacks can hit flying enemies easily, and have a chance to knock them down.
Catchy Eye- Optico's whip beams can be used to grab and throw items, as well as fire electric projectiles.

Injection- While under the effect of a negative status effect, Pike's needles can induce that same status in enemies. This works both when attacking with them or using them to defend.
Double Edge Defense- Pike can get the first attack on the overworld by walking into an enemy, or even allowing an enemy to strike with a melee attack.

Bio Spark, AKA Shi no Kaze

KRPG reveal Ninja
Ninja Ability

Capsule J/2, AKA Apollo

KRPG reveal Jet
Jet Ability

  • "Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt." - Sun Tzu These words are the foundation of the ninja arts, of which Shi no Kaze is a master. His skill is so advanced, that he knows four attacks instead of three! Slice foes with Kunai Throw or Stealth Slash, or utilize martial arts through Air Drop and Ninja Kick. When the time is right, unleash your power with Elemental Jutsu and your finesse with Blossom Storm! Just don't let your foes keep track of you.
  • Shi no Kaze is a glass cannon with high power and speed, but low defense. All of his normal attacks have a high rate of success- Stealth Slash in particular deals insanely high critical damage. His specials allow him to burn foes and put them to sleep, dealing considerable damage over time. His low defense and health are compensated for by his defensive Smoke Screen and Hide Guard skill. Use other helpers to draw away enemy focus for maximum effectiveness.
  • The marvels of modern flight didn't just revolutionize transport, but also combat. Fly with confidence with Apollo as your wingmate! Prime your engines to power up, then unleash your next attack! Will it be the speedy Jet Kick? The powerful Jet Dash? The fiery Jet Blow? Charge up enough, and take your foes for a ride with the glorious Rocket Dive!! The sky is the limit!
  • Apollo's attacks are fast and strong, but only once his engines are charged. All of his attacks have a chance to stun the target, becoming more likely to do so as they have greater charge. Jet Blow is very powerful, but can only be used after 3 consecutive charges, replacing Prime Engines. He is most effective against large enemies or bosses- draw enemy fire with his high defense, then use fellow helpers to immobilize them while Apollo charges up.
  • Kunai Throw- Shi throws five kunai at a single enemy. High defense penetration and high accuracy.
  • Ninja Kick- Shi leaps into the air, then drop kicks three times. Each kick can be aimed at a different enemy beforehand.
  • Air Drop- Shi dashes off screen after targeting an enemy. On the next turn, Shi appears behind the enemy and leaps into the air with them, slamming them down.
  • Stealth Slash- Shi dashes through an enemy, slicing them with his katana. Cannot be blocked, but relatively low damage unless it deals a critical hit.
  • Elemental Jutsu- Shi charges up energy, then punches the ground, unleashing a fiery wave that strikes all grounded foes.
  • Blossom Storm- Shi blasts his foe with cherry blossoms, dealing low damage but potentially putting the enemy to sleep.
  • Smoke Screen- Shi activates a smoke bomb around him that causes most attacks aimed at him to miss.
  • Jet Kick- Apollo dashes foot first into an enemy, kicking them It is faster, but less accurate.
  • Jet Dash- Apollo dashes head first into an enemy, bashing them. It is stronger, but easier to block.
  • Jet Blow- Apollo grabs a foe, then throws them upwards using his engines. Can lift larger foes with more charge.
  • Jet Cracker- Apollo releases a wave of energy spheres that strike foes at random. Even with Kirby's help, he cannot use this move without primed engines.
  • Rocket Dive- Apollo grabs an enemy, then flies into a loop before slamming the enemy down. Can lift larger enemies with more charge.
  • Prime Engines- Apollo charges his engines, then guards for the rest of the turn. Can charge up to three times.

Hide Guard- When struck with a melee attack, Shi has a chance of dodging in a puff of smoke, then countering with an explosion. Shi will always counter the first fatal blow he receives in a battle.
Ninja Strider- Shi can cloak himself to avoid detection for a short time by using a special walk. He can also tread across small bodies of water this way.

Fuel Tank- Apollo's attacks become faster but less accurate the more health he as.
Jet Hover- Apollo uses his jets to hover trough the air, slowing his fall. If charged first, Apollo will fly upwards rapidly.

Flappy, AKA Dyna

KRPG reveal Wing
Wing Ability

Knuckle Joe, AKA Bruce

KRPG reveal Fighter
Fighter Ability

  • Dyna is an often forgotten helper, but has been brushing up her air ride skills in the meantime. She possesses a weak projectile in the form of Feather Gun, but prefers to fight head on! Spin into foes with Gust Roll and Shuttle Loop! Slam them with Condor Bomb and Dive Bomb! As long as she keeps up speed, her attack will only be tougher to dodge!
  • Dyna is a fragile speedster that depends on evasion over defense. Her only projectile is pathetically weak, but it increases her air speed, making it safer to perform her true power moves, all of which require direct contact. At top speed, her attacks are impossible to dodge and difficult to counter. As long as other helpers provide the defense, she can fly in and strike at any moment.
  • "Round 1! Fight!" With that, Bruce is in the ring, and ready to punch, kick, and throw his way to victory! He brings an overwhelming amount of iconic moves to battle - the rapid-fire Vulcan Jab, the agile Sky Kick, the crushing Juuduo Throw, and the fiery Force Blast. When the time is right, unleash one of your two Ultra Combos: the fatal Smash Punch, or the devastating -say it with me- RIIIIISSIIIING BREAK!!!!!
  • Knuckle Joe has high speed, power, and defense, but is tricky to use. Vulcan Jab is the safest and easiest attack he knows, and is still decent for dealing damage. Sky Kick and Juuduo Throw are also fairly safe, but have a few rules that must be remembered to use them properly. His three specials, Force Blast, Smash Punch, and Rising Break, all have complex commands to master. Joe can easily carry a team by himself once perfected, but have a backup plan if his moves miss.
  • Feather Gun- Dyna approaches an enemy and flaps her wings, sending loose feathers smacking into them. The attack itself is very weak, but can it is essential to power up her "Air Ride" trait.
  • Condor Bomb- Dyna dashes into an aerial foe, than dives, slamming them into the ground. Can easily knock down flying enemies, but completely misses grounded enemies.
  • Gust Roll- Dyna blasts through a foe, doing an rapid aileron roll as she passes. The attack can make them dizzy if her speed is high enough.
  • Shuttle Loop- Dyna dashes up to a foe and tosses them, then tosses them upwards. While they are in the air, she strikes them with a swift loop. If her speed is high enough, she can follow up with a second loop.
  • Dive Bomb- Dyna does a loop before slamming headfirst into an enemy, spreading electric waves outward. The waves only strike grounded enemies, but deal a lot of damage. More waves are created if her speed is higher.
  • Vulcan Jab- Bruce punches an enemy with several rapid punches, before finishing with a stronger overhead punch. Each punch has its own separate critical rate. Foes will often block on the following turn.
  • Sky Kick- Bruce punches an enemy upwards and leaps after them. He then performs a diving kick right at them, knocking them back down. The attack requires the foe to not be blocking to work, and works best on light enemies; unless the enemy is flying, in which case heavy enemies work better.
  • Juuduo Throw- Bruce grapples with an enemy before throwing them backwards. The attack requires the foe to be blocking in order to work, and works best on heavy enemies. He can only grab grounded enemies, but will deal extra damage against flying enemies that have been knocked down.
  • Force Blast- Bruce charges energy in his hands and releases it as an energy projectile. The move can be charged to three different levels - higher levels are harder to charge, risking dropping the move, but deal much more damage.
  • Ultra Combo- Bruce dashes into an enemy and performs a combo of kicks and punches, requiring precise inputs to maintain. The attack he finishes with depends on the final input chain:
    • Smash Punch- Bruce delivers a devastating overhead punch, crushing the enemy into the ground. The attack has an equal chance of stunning or burying the opponent.
    • Rising Break- Bruce delivers a devastating rising punch, blasting the enemy skywards. The attack deals massive critical damage and burns the enemy.

Air Ride- Every time Dyna uses Feather Gun, her top speed is raised. Having higher speed changes the properties of some attacks.
Top Flight- Dyna can fly for a short time, allowing her to travel rapidly along the ground or cross large gaps.

Fighting Spirit- All of Bruce's attacks deal 1.5x damage and have a doubled critical rate if his health falls below 25%.
Champion Punch- Bruce's powerful strikes can drive in stakes that protrude from walls, which cannot be pushed in with a hammer.

Gaw Gaw, AKA Prime

KRPG reveal Animal
Animal Ability

Cupie, AKA Icarus

KRPG reveal Cupid
Cupid Ability

  • Prime is almost always on edge and ready to tear into any threats he faces. When he gets really mad, he can do a surprising number of things with those massive claws! Rage Slash strikes a foe multiple times with his claws, but he can also grab flying enemies with Cling Slash. Spin right into enemies with Drill Spin, or burrow under them with Shovel Dig. If he lands his Animal Fury, he'll go to town on any enemy in his way!
  • Gaw Gaw is a power helper that fights up close and personal, so it's important to properly use his slash attacks. Rage Slash and Cling Slash are essentially the same, just used on different types of enemies. Shovel Dig only works on grounded enemies, but bypasses natural defense. Animal Fury can be countered but not blocked, while Drill Spin can be blocked but not countered. Gaw Gaw has no projectiles, so be sure to have ranged fighters on deck.
  • Icarus may look the part, but he's no angel in battle! He may be known for his simple Angel Arrow, but he has many more tricky moves in store. Arrow Acrimony fires a supersonic piercing arrow, Arrow Judgment fires three arrows that strike at random, and Heavenly Wrath hits every enemy with electric bolts! But his best weapon is the Love Needle: it's love at first sight for its victim! It also leaves them wide open for a rude awakening!
  • Icarus has decent ranged attacks that have more strategic utility than raw power. Arrow Acrimony counters foes with high defense, Arrow Judgement counters faster enemies with high evasion, and Heavenly Wrath deals spread out damage for crowd control. Love Needle is especially good for handicapping enemy power players, but lasts for a random amount of time. Pair him with strong opponents who can use the openings he provides.
  • Rage Slash- Prime dashes up to an enemy and slashes them five times. Deals high damage even through shields. Only hits grounded enemies.
  • Cling Slash- Prime jumps under a flying enemy and grabs hold of them. He then slashes them three times with his claws before throwing them down. Deals high damage, but usually won't prevent enemies from returning to the air.
  • Shovel Dig- Prime burrows into the dirt towards a grounded enemy. He then bursts out from under them while spinning rapidly with his claws. Bypasses defense. The move automatically fails if the arena is made of impenetrable material.
  • Animal Fury- Prime leaps onto an enemy and slashes them for a set amount of time, with each strike being stronger than the one before. The slash command alternate between two set buttons, so press them rapidly to do maximum damage.
  • Drill Spin- Prime sharpens his claws against each other before spinning rapidly into an enemy. Correct commands let him sharpen them faster and make the attack stronger.
  • Angel Arrow- Icarus fires a single arrow at a foe, dealing moderate damage. The arrow homes in, so it's a guaranteed hit.
  • Arrow Acrimony- Icarus fires a faster arrow that pierces defense. It is more likely to miss, but is hard to dodge.
  • Arrow Judgement- Icarus fires three random arrows straight into the air. On the next turn, they strike random enemies. The arrows always deal critical damage.
  • Heavenly Wrath- Icarus fires an electric arrow into the air that splits into several electric bolts. Each enemy is struck by three bolts. Some enemies may be stunned.
  • Love Needle- Icarus prepares and fires a special arrow at an enemy. If it hits, they receive the Enamored status effect; they will not attack Icarus, and their attack power against other allies is halved. Lasts for a random number of turns.

Primal Rage- Prime's attacks deal 1.5x damage to the last enemy who hit him, and have a greater chance of piercing defense.
Dig Claw- Prime can burrow through certain materials and potentially dig up items

Holy Wings- Status effects only affect Icarus for one turn, regardless of their power.
Palu Bow- Icarus fires arrows that can be steered - they can also break ropes like Archer's arrows, but don't travel as far.

Starman, AKA Meteo

KRPG reveal HiJump
Hi-Jump Ability

Mumbie, AKA Phanto

KRPG reveal Ghost
Ghost Ability

  • Look, up in the sky! That's no plane - it's Meteo, the soaring hero! Watch him crush evildoers with his Hi-Tackle, perform a leaping punch with Rocket Jump, or release an explosive jump with Blast Foot! He can even dive onto enemies with Rocket Dive, or jump into them repeatedly with Meteor Hero! He's always ready to save the day with his super power of... jumping? Yeah, it's a little lame upon second thought, but his heart's in the right place.
  • Starman has several vertical attacks that strike weak points, but is otherwise unremarkable offensively. His Hi-Tackle deals minor damage to enemies, and Rocket Dive is just a slightly stronger version. Blast Foot and Rocket Jump can both burn enemies. Meteor Hero is by far his best move, but is hard to pull off. However, his "Mighty Hero" trait makes him great if Kirby is taken. If your team needs power over defense, use Starman as insurance.
  • We have no idea what Phanto was in his past life, but whatever it was must have been pretty scary. As an undead specter, Phanto has few direct attacks, but can take control of enemies to his advantage with Phantom Grab. Once he has control, he becomes a real nightmare - he can steal their health with Drain, strangle them with Bandage Twist, or even use them to strengthen his Poltackle! Even without enemies, he has a few extra tricks in store...
  • Phanto is a very defensive fighter - his attacks are weak, but his Phantom Grab move is versatile. It simultaneously prevents the enemy from attacking and causes all attacks directed at him to strike them instead. He can also use them to heal while damaging them in the process. His Vanish allows him to avoid all attacks, increasing his survivability. Pair him with stronger allies, and let him pick off enemies as sees fit.
  • Hi-Tackle- Meteo leaps high into the air, and lands on an enemy headfirst. Deals minor damage, but is hard to block.
  • Rocket Jump- Meteo tosses a foe upwards, then strikes them with a jumping punch. Works on both grounded and flying enemies.
  • Blast Foot- Meteo lands on top of an enemy, then leaps off them in a fiery explosion. Deals little damage, but burns adjacent enemies.
  • Rocket Dive- Meteo leaps above an enemy while charging power, then launches downwards in a fiery blast. Can bury flying enemies. Can be used without Kirby while under the effect of his "Mighty Hero" trait, and will be performed perfectly automatically.
  • Meteor Hero- Meteo blasts an enemy upwards with a fiery punch, then rams them repeatedly in midair, before finishing by slamming them into the ground. The resulting explosion hits all enemy units. Requires strict execution to be used properly. Can be used without Kirby while under the effect of his "Mighty Hero" trait, and will be performed perfectly automatically.
  • Phantom Grab- Phanto lashes out with his bandages and grabs an enemy, potentially possessing them. If he succeeds, the enemy will be pulled to his side and used to block attacks.
  • Bandage Twist- Phanto squeezes his bandages around a captured enemy, dealing moderate damage.
  • Drain- Phanto drains health from a possessed enemy. Deals light damage, but is Phanto's only means of regaining health.
  • Evil Eye- Phanto focuses on an enemy and glares at them. The move paralyzes the enemy for three turns. Cannot be used if he is possessing an enemy.
  • Poltackle- Phanto dashes into an enemy before throwing them with a poltergeist. Deals higher damage if he has control of an enemy.

Mighty Hero- If Kirby is captured, Meteo's power rises significantly. He can use his special attacks without Kirby, and they will always be executed perfectly.
Single Bound- Meteo uses a powerful jump that can break barriers above him.

Lifeless- Phanto cannot be healed with food - only by using Drain on captured enemies.
Phantom- Phanto can phase through thin walls with his ghostly power.

Beetley, AKA Scarab

KRPG reveal Beetle
Beetle Ability

Clown Acrobat, AKA Boz

KRPG reveal Circus
Circus Ability

  • Hope your not afraid of bugs, because this beetle is ready for battle! Scarab's weapon of choice is his horn, with which he can perform the swift Horn Flurry. He can also utilize his agility in the air to perform Spiral Horn and Rocket Horn! Scarab may be on the small side, but he can lift foes several times his size - his Power Lift trait makes moves like Crown Drop and Slamming Drill easy!
  • Beetley is a tank that can deal and take damage easily. All of his moves easily pass through defense, but are surprisingly slow. Horn Flurry is the most accurate, but also his weakest move. Spiral Horn and Rocket Horn can both be countered by fast opponents, but deal high damage otherwise. His two specials are both command grabs that cannot be blocked, and deal extra damage to heavy foes due to his Power Lift trait. Have strategic fighters on hand who can slow down or disable enemies.
  • The show is about to start - and Boz enters from stage right! He has a variety of crowd-pleasing tricks to show off. Somersault into enemies! Juggle Flaming Batons with ease! Roll over the audience with Ball Balance, or perform sensational leaps with Trampo-batics! Finish your act with the main event - Fire Hoop! Don't forget, every attack requires skillful inputs!
  • Clown Acrobot has some of the most versatile and powerful standard attacks, with the added bonus of having erratic movements that make them hard to counter. Somersault and Trampo-Batics are both jumping attacks that deal damage on contact. Flame Baton and Fire Hoop both burn enemies and deal high damage, but Flame Hoop will burn him if he messes up the move. He has low defense and speed, so consider pairing him with helpers that are faster.
  • Horn Flurry- Scarab approaches an enemy and slashes them repeatedly with his horn, finishing with a stronger hit. Can pierce defense.
  • Spiral Horn- Scarab approaches an enemy and tosses them into the air, then spirals upward. His horn deals multiple hits to the enemy and any adjacent foes.
  • Rocket Horn- Scarab extends his horn and dashes into an enemy, skewering them. He then tosses them away. This attack cannot be blocked.
  • Crown Drop- Scarab hooks an enemy with his horn, leaps into the air, then slams them onto another enemy. The slam deals more damage to the second enemy the heavier the first enemy is.
  • Slamming Drill- Scarab hooks an enemy with his horn, then drills them into the ground. Deals multiple strong hits to the enemy. This attack cannot be blocked.
  • Somersault- Boz flips forward, hitting an enemy. If the additional input is performed, he will perform a second back-flip while returning, hitting the enemy twice.
  • Flame Baton- Boz juggles batons while approaching an enemy, then throws each baton at that enemy. If the additional input is performed, the batons will catch on fire and deal fire damage when thrown.
  • Ball Balance- Boz summons a rubber ball and balances on it, then rolls towards an enemy, hitting them. If the additional input is performed, the ball is larger and will hit two foes at once.
  • Trampo-batics- Boz leaps from a trampoline onto an enemy. If the additional input is performed, Boz will bounce on a second trampoline before landing on the enemy, hitting them even harder.
  • Fire Hoop- Boz summons a fiery hoop, and runs towards it. If the input is performed correctly, he leaps through it, catches on fire, then slams into an enemy. He runs into the hoop and burns himself if he misses
  • Balloon Art- Boz blows up a balloon. When hit by a melee attack, the balloon pops and ends the attack. The balloon can also deflect a few projectiles before popping.

Power Lift- Scarab can lift any enemy, regardless of their size, weight, or status. His throws are actually stronger against heavier enemies.
Hook Horn- Scarab can latch onto and move objects too heavy for UFO to carry. He cannot move them over gaps like UFO can, however.

Eternal Performer- All of Boz's attacks - both standard and special - can be enhanced with timed inputs.
Trapeze Artist- Boz can swing on ropes and balance on tightropes.

Minny (no default name)

KRPG reveal Mini
Mini Ability

Noddy, AKA Winkle

KRPG reveal Sleep
Sleep Ability

  • Minny may be small and cute, but that won't help on the harsh field of battle. On its own, Minny is helpless, but it can Call In other Minny's to do serious damage! With up to 9 friends, its pitiful Lunge and Drop attacks can move even the largest foes! Summon reinforcements with Mini Assault, or unleash the Mass Attack to swamp the opposition - then Scatter to avoid retaliation. Can't hit what you can't see!
  • Minny has low health, defense, speed, and power on it's own, but is nearly impossible to hit. Once additional Minny's are called in, their attacks become much stronger, but also increase the risk of being hit. Distract enemies with other helpers while Minny assembles its ranks, then unleash a quick Mass Attack or Mini Assault before retreating.
  • ZZZZZ.... Okay, so pretty much every ability is good for something, but Sleep?! Believe it or not, with Winkle on your team, it's not snooze to lose, but sleep in to win! Once he Dozes Off, he can manipulate foes into attacking him with Snore, then put them to sleep when hit! Once a foe is caught napping, he can make them Wake Up with a painful slap, or unleash a devastating Dream Wave! Really, you have to see it to believe it.
  • Noddy is a fake joke character - while Sleep is usually seen as useless, his abilities are actually devastating in the right hands. It all stems from his innate ability to put foes to sleep if they hit him. A sleeping foe is not only vulnerable to his Wake Up! and Dream Wave, but also other helpers. He can also use Snore and Snuggle to efficiently attract or deter attackers. He is best paired with powerful offense helpers.
  • Call In- Minny calls in another Minny to help. Up to 9 additional Minny's can be summoned this way. The Minnys all share the same health bar.
  • Lunge- All present Minnys leap on a single enemy, deal a single hit each, and then bounce off. Deals more damage the more Minnys there are.
  • Drop- All present Minnys leap on a single enemy together, and lift it up slightly before slamming it down. The move can lift heavier enemies and do more damage the more Minnys there are.
  • Mini Assault- Minny is joined by 9 friends who all attack an enemy at once, each hitting twice. Also adds 2 Minnys to the total if there are less than 10.
  • Mass Attack- Minny summons an army of its kind that swarm every enemy, dealing massive damage. Requires at least 5 Minny's to be present.
  • Scatter- All additional Minnys run away, leaving only one behind. Makes Minny harder to hit.
  • Doze Off- Winkle goes to sleep if he isn't already. The move will fail if he is currently under a status effect (other than Sleep, of course).
  • Revitalize- Winkle enters a deep sleep and will heal for the next three turns. Can only be used if he is already asleep.
  • Snore- Winkle snores loudly, making enemies more likely to attack him.
  • Dream Wave- Winkle releases a wave of powerful psychic energy that deals massive damage, but only to sleeping enemies. Any sleeping allies will also be hit.
  • Wake Up!- Winkle wakes up if he is sleeping, and batters an enemy. Deals critical damage to sleeping enemies, but also wakes them up.
  • Snuggle- Winkle curls up tightly. He looks so cute that no standard enemy will attack him for that turn.

Untouchable- Minny is so small that almost every attack directed at it misses. If there are multiple Minnys together they are more likely to be hit.
Hidey-Hole- Minny is small enough to slip through small gaps in walls that others cannot fit through.

Sleepy Head- All of Winkle's stats are raised while sleeping, and attackers who hit him while he's sleeping will also doze off.
Dream- Winkle can receive information by sleeping. He can also detect the thoughts of nearby enemies.


Kirby's Allies
Bandanna Dee

KRPG ally BandanaDee
Spear-Wielding Sidekick

"Bandanna Dee is the head of King Dedede's guard, as well as Kirby's friend. He may look like just a normal Waddle Dee with extra headgear, but he is a real force on the battlefield. There are rumors that he once survived Kirby's inhale! You really can't get much tougher than that. Since then, he has come to Kirby's aid in several adventures, providing him with healing food before boss fights."

Bandanna Dee is a versatile fighter, good for beginners. The properties of his attacks change depending on the environment a fight is occurring in, and he can gain a Spear or a Parasol as weapons once he levels up. All his attacks are stronger with more Gutsy!

Ally Variable: Gutsy | Maxium value: 10
Bandanna Dee can gain feathers for his bandana. Each one raises his Gutsy by 1, increasing the damage of his attacks.
  • Bash- Bandana Dee dashes at an enemy, ramming them headfirst. The move deals recoil damage, but will hurt less if he has more Gutsy. The attack also deals more damage with more Gutsy.
  • Pummel- Bandanna Dee grabs an enemy and begins slapping them. Deals fairly low damage, but cannot be blocked or dodged.
  • Fetch- Bandanna Dee leaves the battle for one turn. When he comes back, he has an item with him. In addition to feathers for his bandana (which raise Gutsy by 1 each) and healing food for his inventory, he can find items specific to the battle environment. His Fetch move is replaced by the item technique until he uses it.
    • Rock - Found in mountains and caves. Can be thrown at enemies as a decently strong projectile.
    • Flower - Found in forests and plains. Raises his Gutsy by 5 for 3 turns.
    • Cloud - Found in skies. Creates a foggy mist around an enemy, halving the accuracy of their projectiles.
    • Snowball - Found on mountain peaks and snowfields. When thrown, has a 50% chance to make the target lose their turn.
    • Bomb - Found in factories and battleships. Will deal high damage when thrown, but will blow up if not used quickly.
    • Brimstone - Found in volcanoes and pits. Deals slight damage for every turn held, but is stronger than the Rock.
  • Spear- Bandana Dee uses his spear to execute a fast multi-hitting attack. Hard to block since it pierces defense.
  • Parasol- Bandana Dee uses his parasol to slap an enemy upwards. Hard to dodge due to its range. Bandana Dee uses it to block projectiles for the rest of his turn.
Stage Check- Bandanna Dee can find hidden passages in the overworld; these can often be used to quickly travel across large levels. Once he has identified one, it can be used even if he is not with you. He can also find items this way.

KRPG ally Adeleine
Creative Comrade

"Adeleine - or is it Ado? Can't quiet tell them apart, if they're even different people. Anyway, she is a skilled artist who lives in Dreamland, so skilled her creations can come to life! She has fought Kirby a few times in the past, but only because she was possessed by Dark Matter. She helped him defeat them as well, by providing food or drawing hints for secrets in later levels."

Adeleine is physically weak, but can use her art to support the team. As long as she has Paint, she can splatter enemies, conjure up healing items, or even form duplicates of enemies once she levels up. Basically she's a more technical version of Bandana Dee.

Ally Variable: Paint | Maxium value: 12
Adeleine needs Paint in order to use her moves, so it's important not to run out. She regains Paint by using her Mixup skill.
  • Mixup- Adeleine mixes pigments to make extra paint. Increases her Paint by 3. If used for two turns in a row, her Paint will increase by 5 the second time.
  • Splatter- Adeleine flings a blast of paint at an enemy. Inflicts the paint status effect. Costs 2 Paint.
  • Sketch- Adeleine draws a sketch of a small enemy, and brings it to life. The foe will attack automatically, and take damage for her. Once the copy dies, another one cannot be made for two turns. Costs 6 Paint.
  • Still Life- Adeleine draws a healing item for her team. While she can choose the type of food to draw, she cannot put it into her inventory. Costs 8 Paint.
  • Mega Sketch- Adeleine draws a sketch of a large enemy, and brings it to life. The foe will attack automatically, and take damage for her. It has more health and deals more damage. Once the copy dies, another one cannot be made for three turns. Costs 10 Paint.
Artful Eye- Adeleine can draw on the environment to reveal secrets or activate level elements drained of their color. She can also draw portraits of the level from certain "artistic vantage points", that are kept as collectibles.
King Dedede

KRPG ally Dedede

Massive Monarch
"King Dedede is the self-proclaimed ruler of Dreamland. While he has fought Kirby on several occasions, his only known villainous act is -ahem- 'stealing all the food in Dreamland'. He didn't even do that good a job, since there was still food everywhere! King Dedede's other scrapes with Kirby were either caused by external forces or entirely unintentional - he's even helped out on a few occasions!"

King Dedede is both strong and nimble, dealing massive blows with his hammer. He brought his personal army to battle this time, which give him even greater control of the battlefield. Just be sure to keep his Ranks in line!

Ally Variable: Ranks | Maxium value: 50
King Dedede can call in foot soldiers to back him. It is important to not only keep track of how many Ranks he has, but also the species of each soldier.
  • Recruit- King Dedede calls in 5 backup minions to help him in battle, joining the front of the line. The specific minions recruited are random, and each have different properties. Every minion, except for Gordo and Shotzo, will only last a few turns. Increases his Ranks by 5.
    • Waddle Dee - The best all around, they have no outstanding pros or cons.
    • Waddle Doo - Similar to Waddle Dee's, but they deal electric damage on contact.
    • Gordo - Very powerful when used with Advance or Inhale Ranks, but only deal recoil damage for Jet Hammer and Dedede Jump.
    • Shotzo - Can't help during Dedede Jump, but have a powerful ranged attack.
    • Moto Shotzo - Can't help during Jet Hammer, but attack twice for each turn.
    • Bronto Burt - Can attack twice in a turn, and very useful for Dedede Jump.
  • Advance Ranks- King Dedede directs the next three minions in line to attack enemies. Each minion uses a different attack. The minions used move to the back of the line. Reduces his Ranks by up to 3, depending on the strength of the units.
  • Inhale Ranks- King Dedede inhales his next 10 Ranks, and spits them at enemies randomly. While the attack is strong, it will remove all 10 minions from his line permanently. Reduces his Ranks by 10.
  • Jet Hammer- King Dedede approaches an enemy with his Jet Hammer, and charges it up. He then slams the foe with a powerful attack. 5 of his minions will help hold King Dedede still, allowing him to charge the hammer for longer and deal a stronger attack. Can reduce his Ranks by up to 5, but will always cost at least 3 regardless of the minion's strength.
  • Dedede Jump- King Dedede runs behind the battle lines a short ways, and jumps onto the enemies, dealing a powerful area-of-effect attack. He uses his army to boost him upwards for this move - each set of 10 ranks he has allows him to perform an extra jump before landing on his target, leading to a stronger attack. Always costs at least 10 Ranks.
Royal Status- King Dedede has the authority to enter otherwise restricted areas in Dreamland. Even when outside his kingdom, his status won't be denied. He can use this respect to gain access to storerooms for his team.
Animal Friends

KRPG ally AnimalFriends

Tree-hugging Trio
"Rick, Coo, and Kine are 3 pals of Kirby who live on the Rainbow Islands. Although how they met him is not clear, they have great chemistry as a team! Together, they succeeded in saving Pop Star from the evil Dark Matter - twice! They haven't been seen for a while since, but it's about time they came back to help Kirby again. Just like old times!"

Kirby's three friends join forces to form a powerful team. Each one has strengths and weaknesses - Rick is strong on the ground but weak in water, Coo is strong in the air but weak on the ground, and Kine is strong in the water but weak in the air. In addition to separate health bars, they also have Stamina to keep an eye on - be sure not to keep one buddy out for too long!

Ally Variable: Stamina | Maxium value: 6 each
Each move the Animal Friends uses consumes Stamina. They can still attack if they run out, but will be much weaker. Switch them out to recharge!
  • Switch- Replaces the current Animal Friend with the next in line. When not in use, the other two will regain Stamina over time. The order they take is Rick, then Coo, then Kine.
  • Animal Attack- The chosen pal attacks with a physical move. Each one is different, but they all use 2 Stamina.
    • Charge- Rick dashes into an enemy. Deals more damage to grounded enemies.
    • Swoop- Coo flies into an enemy. Deals more damage to flying enemies.
    • Flop- Kine flops on to of an enemy. Deals the same damage to all enemies.
  • Element Attack- The chosen pal uses an elemental technique, using 3 Stamina.
    • Fire- Rick breathes fire on an enemy, inflicting the burn status. Has the highest damage output of the three.
    • Wind- Coo strikes an enemy with a twister, inflicting the dizzy status. Has the highest speed of the three.
    • Water- Kine launches water bubbles at an enemy, inflicting the wet status. Has the highest accuracy of the three.
  • Instinct Rush- The chosen pal powers up their next attack, increases their stats for one turn, and reduces the next moves Stamina cost by 1.
  • Double Attack- The chosen pal joins forces with a second animal friend for a dual attack. Can only be used if the specified friend has been rescued.
    • Nago- Rick calls in Nago the Cat for a double ram attack. Has high damage output and accuracy.
    • Pitch- Coo calls in Pitch the Bird for a double feather attack. Has wide range and speed.
    • ChuChu- Kine calls in ChuChu the Octopus for a double slam attack. Cannot be blocked.
Animal Special- Each of the Animal Friends can travers special terrain - Rick can climb certain walls, Coo can carry the team across wider gaps that flying helpers cannot cross, and Kine can swim upstream against currents. In addition to providing occasional secret areas, these moves are needed to save Nago, Pitch, and ChuChu, and unlock their respective Double Attacks.

KRPG ally Ribbon

Super Sweet Sprite
"Ribbon is a young fairy from another planet known as Ripple Star. When the forces of Dark Matter attacked her home, she was sent away with the powerful crystal to get help. While she failed to completely escape and the crystal was shattered, she did meet Kirby, who was willing to help her out. She aids Kirby on his adventure by collecting crystal shards, and even battles Zero 2 with him!"

Ribbon is a glass cannon, possessing limited defensive techniques but overwhelming offensive potential when leveled up. By summoning Crystal Shards, she can execute devastating ranged attacks, or sacrifice power for a temporary shield.!

Ally Variable: Crystal Shards | Maxium value: 3 (can be increased to 5 & 7 after leveling up).
Ribbon wields crystals for many of her attacks, dealing more damage the more she has. Each additional crystal is harder to summon.
  • Crystal Call- Ribbon uses her magic to summon a crystal shard. If the move is successful, her Crystal Shard count is increased by 1, with a maximum of 3, 5, or 7, depending on her current level. Her chances of success decreases the more crystals she already has - however, for crystals 5-7, her chances will improve if she fails the first time.
    • 1st Crystal - 100% chance.
    • 2nd Crystal - 6/7 chance.
    • 3rd Crystal - 5/7 chance.
    • 4th Crystal - 4/7 chance.
    • 5th Crystal - 3/7 chance (5/7 on subsequent attempts).
    • 6th Crystal - 2/7 chance (4/7 on subsequent attempts).
    • 7th Crystal - 1/7 chance (3/7 on subsequent attempts).
  • Crystal Gun- Ribbon fires a single crystal at an enemy, dealing moderate damage. Has a bonus chance of dealing critical damage against shielding opponents. Reduces her Crystal Shard count by 1, unless she has only one left - in that case, the move may be used twice before losing the last crystal.
  • Crystal Shield- Ribbon transforms one of her crystals into a barrier, raising her defense. The move reduces her Crystal Shard count by 1. The barrier lasts for 7 turns, and up to 3 barriers can be active simultaneously.
  • Crystal Wave- Ribbon funnels energy through her crystals, firing 3 orbs of light at 3 chosen targets. Has a chance to blind its target, but is more likely to if multiple orbs are launched at the same target. Requires at least 3 Crystals, but only reduces her count by 2.
  • Crystal Salvo- Ribbon fires 5 energized crystals at random targets - the first crystal will always strike the targeted foe, and the fifth will always strike the weakest foe. Requires at least 5 Crystals, but only reduces her count by 3.
  • Crystal Beam- Ribbon forms a ring of crystals around her, charges up energy, and fires a powerful laser through enemy lines. Deals massive damage to the targeted enemy, and high splash damage to all others. This move cannot be blocked. Requires 7 Crystals to execute, but only reduces her count by 4.
Crystal Warp- Ribbon can use her powers to activate crystals on distant planets, including Ripple Star, Neo Star, Shiver Star, and Dark Star. Once active, she can warp to any activated crystal at will, even when the Warp Star isn't available. This ability is essential to complete World D of Zone 2.
Meta Knight

KRPG ally MetaKnight

Galaxia Guard
"Meta Knight is am enigmatic swordsman who has frequently battled Kirby. His first encounter was while in the employ of King Dedede, commissioned to guard a piece of the Star Rod. Ever since, he and his army of Meta-Knights have maintained a constant presence in Dream Land, providing a counterbalance to King Dedede. While his ultimate goal is unknown, and his methods are occasionally extreme, he is generally considered to be one of 'the good guys'. Many suspect he is actually training Kirby through his battles with him."

Meta Knight is a master swordsman who's fighting style combines high speed, deadly accuracy, and frightening power. If he summons a Sword Knight to aid him, his attacks gain an stronger team variant! However, almost all his moves consume XP, which must be restored by finishing off enemies. Get in there, and show them the power of Galaxia!

Ally Variable: XP | Maxium value: 80
Meta Knight uses XP to execute his stronger offensive and strategic techniques. Refill power by dealing the final blow to enemies!
  • Meta Multithrust / Double Multithrust- Meta Knight strikes out with his sword, dealing multiple hits with a high critical rate, but costs no XP. If Sword Knight is summoned, he attacks the same target alongside Meta Knight, and the cost is 5 XP.
  • Mach Tornado / Double Tornado- Meta Knight spins rapidly with his sword, hitting an enemy several times, and potentially making them dizzy, while costing him 10 XP. If Sword Knight is summoned, he will perform the attack instead while Meta Knight charges a giant tornado around his sword, throwing it at the enemy. The foe will be thrown in the air and slammed back down when hit. The stronger version costs 15 XP.
  • Knight Summon / Knight Dismiss- Meta Knight summons Sword Knight if he is not already present, with a cost of 20 XP. Sword Knight will attack alongside Meta Knight - overall, he has higher base damage and lower critical damage. If he is already present, the move instead sends him away, but not before he deals a final attack to a random foe. Dismiss actually restores 10 XP.
  • Quick Heal- Meta Knight uses both Meta Quick and Heal, increasing his speed and restoring half of his health. Meta Quick lasts for 4 turns, allowing Meta Knight to deal an additional basic attack at the start of each turn. If Sword Knight is summoned, Heal will restore 1/3 health for each of them. Cost 40 XP either way.
  • Galaxia Darkness / Meta Knightmares- Meta Knight covers the arena in shadow, preventing foes from dodging his attack. He then deals a massive strike to a single foe. It almost invariably kills in a single hit, but costs 50 XP. If Sword Knight is present , Meta Knight will summon his other Meta-Knights to deliver an explosive combo, dealing massive damage to all foes at the cost of 60 XP.
Knight's Table- While Meta Knight is with your team, there is a chance that his Meta-Knights will attack the enemy party at the start of a battle. When outside a fight, Meta Knight can access hidden armories he has hidden across Dreamland that his Knights guard.


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