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Kirby: Ultra Quest
Developer(s) Super Studios,HAL Laboratory
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Platformer
Series Kirby
Predecessor Kirby: Planet Robobot

Kirby: Ultra Quest is a video game in the Kirby series for Nintendo 3DS developed by Super Studios and HAL laboratory, it also serves as a reboot of the forgotten character Keeby.


The gameplay is very similar to past installments as Kirby can still jump,fly,and inhale, and he can still gain copy abilities from certain enemies.

Kirby also reunites with some of his animal buddies, Rick the Hamster, Kine the Fish, and Coo the Owl, who help him throughout the game.

Kirby can also collect various collectables such as Mystery Orbs which will unlock the Boss and EX stages in the game and Story Scrolls which explain the various backstories of the characters in the game.


One day, Kirby was running down a path when a portal opens and a puffball resembling himself comes out and steals the Ultra Star; Dreamland's source of power, Kirby follows the copy cat into the portal. When Kirby enters the portal he starts to remember many lost memories of the past yet can't seem to remember who that yellow stranger is. Kirby continues to explore this new land before discovering a path of footprints that leads to a mysterious forest and follows it.

After completing both Forgotten Forest and Lost Lagoon, Kirby makes his way into Rusty Ruins where he finds the yellow stranger who reveals himself as Keeby, after a short battle Keeby runs away dropping a map in the process showing where he is heading to (as well as revealing the name of the Forgotten Realm). After following the map throughout the Forgotten Realm, Kirby makes it to the Cracked Castle where he encounters Keeby yet again but unlike last time they have no time to fight as Keeby jumps on a warpstar and Kirby chases him and jumps on the same warpstar, while on the warpstar the two begin to fight as warpstar starts to crash into a asteroid belt known as Abandoned Asteroids. After crashing, Kirby notices a glowing planet and runs to it. 

After exploring most of Abandoned Asteroids, Kirby finally makes it to the glowing planet where he finds Keeby about to put the Ultra Star on a glowing shrine, however Kirby stops him right before it happens and the two begin to fight.

After defeating Keeby, Kirby heads to grab the Ultra Star but before he can a shadowy figure knocks it away revealing itself to be Dimenticato: a evil monster that plans on destroying the Forgotten Realm and Dreamland, Keeby runs over to Kirby and tells him that he stole the Ultra Star so that he could defeat Dimenticato. Dimenticato then throws Keeby into a asteroid faraway and attacks Kirby but misses and Kirby attacks Dimenticato as the final boss begins.

After Kirby seemingly defeats him, Dimenticato revives and becomes Dimenticato Core: a nearly invincible form of Dimenticato. Keeby quickly dashes to Kirby where he throws the Ultra Star to him, Kirby jumps on it and flies towards Dimenticato Core where the true final battle begins. After a long long battle, Dimenticato Core is finally defeated and peace is restored to the Forgotten Realm. Keeby appears and thanks Kirby as he uses the Ultra Star to open a portal to Dreamland.

Kirby jumps through the portal and turns around to wave goodbye to Keeby before the portal closes. Kirby then smells the aroma of his favorite food (strawberry shortcake) and follows it to Dedede's Castle as the credits roll. However, at the end of the credits a silhouette of a strange batlike creature is shown while laughing maniacally with the words "to be continued" on screen.

Bonus Modes

Bandanna Dee Quest

Bandanna Dee Quest is a special mode unlocked after the player beats story mode.

In this mode the player plays as Bandanna Dee throughout the eight areas in the game in one go with limited healing items.

Bandanna Dee's Gameplay

In this mode the player cannot inhale, copy abilities, or float, instead the player is stuck with the spear ability permanently.

In this mode there are also limited healing items as well as stronger enemies. All bosses and mid-bosses are also in their EX forms.

Bandanna Dee also has special abilities which can help him complete the levels. The first one is Super Heal which will heal all of the player's HP. The second one is Speed Boost which gives the player increased speed. The third one is Power Boost which temporarily increases the player's attack power. The fourth and final one is Spear Rain which causes dozens of spears to fall from the sky, defeating all weak enemies on screen and damaging stronger enemies and bosses.

Kirby Wars

Kirby Wars is a special multiplayer Sub-Game unlocked after completing Forgotten Forest.

In this mode, four kirbies battle it out in two separate challenges.

Kirby Race

In this game the four kirbies race through three different tracks with the goal of finishing the course before anyone else.

There is a gourmet mode which changes the rules to that of Gourmet Race from Kirby Super Star.

The player can also use items to hinder the other players progress.

Race Tracks

Name Description
Cookie Country

Returning from Kirby's Return to Dreamland, Cookie Country is a simple grass themed area with a forest near the end.

There are various obstacles that will try to stop the player from making it to the exit such as Whispy Woods who will attack with his roots during the forest section.

Bubbly Clouds

Returning from the original Kirby's Dreamland, Bubbly Clouds is a peaceful cloudy palace where Kirby first met Kracko.

In this course there are many bottomless pits and lighting clouds that can hinder the players progress.

Near the end Kracko will begin chasing the players using various attacks.

Dangerous Dinner

Kirby Brawl

In this mode the four kirbies battle it out in three large battle stages similarly to Kirby Fighters from Triple Deluxe.


Dedede's Waddle Ways


Copy Challenges

Returning from Kirby's Return to Dreamland, Copy Challenges is a extra mode where the player must complete a set of challenges based around the various copy abilities found in the game. These challenges can vary from completing a timed challenge without getting hit to defeating as many enemies before time runs out.


Name Objective Enemies
Sword Challenge

Make it to the exit before time runs out.

Defeating enemies will add more time to the timer.

  • Waddle Dee
  • Waddle Doo
  • Sir Kibble
  • Blade Knight
Beam Challenge Collect all the stars before time runs out.
  • Parasol Waddle Dee
  • Parasol Waddle Doo
  • Waddle Doo
Ice Challenge Make it to the exit without getting hit.
  • Hot Head
  • Knuckle Joe
  • Cappy
Beetle Challenge

Defeat all of the enemies before time runs out.

  • Waddle Dee
  • Beetly
  • Ringle
  • Grizzo
Mummy Challenge Collect all the stars before time runs out.
  • Mumbo
  • Fuwa Rover
  • Chilly
Hi-Jump Challenge

Make it to the exit before time runs out.

Defeating enemies will add more time to the timer.

  • Bronto Burt
  • Soarar
  • Parasol Waddle Dee
  • Star-Man
Game & Watch Challenge Collect all the stars before time runs out.
  • Flatzoner
  • Shotzo
  • Gordo
Axe Challenge Defeat all of the enemies before time runs out.
  • Slasher
  • Sword Knight
  • Blade Knight
  • Parasol Waddle Dee
  • Walky
  • Gigant Axe (Mid-Boss)
Hammer Challenge
ESP Challenge
Poison Challenge
Yo-Yo Challenge
Mike Challenge
No-Copy Challenge
UFO Challenge

DX Challenges

Name Objective Reward
Sword Challenge DX
Poison Challenge DX
Mirror Challenge
No-Copy Challenge DX
UFO Challenge DX

The Arena


Story Scrolls

Kirby: Ultra Quest/List of Story Scrolls


  • Kirby - The hero of the game, he follows Keeby to the Forgotten Realm to retreve the Ultra Star.
  • Keeby - The possible main antagonist of the game, or he could just be protecting his home.
  • Dementicato - The true antagonist of the game, Dementicato is a evil monster made of pure hate and darkness that plans on destroying Dreamland and the Forgotten Realm.
  • Bandanna Dee - This little guy always gets into trouble, especially when he follows Kirby into the Forgotten Realm, he ends up having his own adventure in this strange world
  • Sailor Dee - Remember this guy? Probably not, Sailor Dee was one of the Meta-Knights before he was forgotten, he is the main antagonist of Bandanna Dee's adventure for some reason.


Name Description Battle World
Twin Woods
Fatty Whale
Keeby (1st Battle)
Wham Bam Rock
Heavy Lobster
Ice Dragon
Keeby (2nd Battle)
Dimenticato Core

Extra Bosses

Name Description Battle World
Computer Virus
Sailor Dee
King Dedede


Name Battle Ability Appears In
Bonkers Hammer
Mr. Frosty Ice
Poppy Bro Sr Bomb
King Doo Beam
Mr. Tick Tock Clock
Rolling Turtle Shell
Jumpershoot Parasol
Blocky Stone
Miasmoros Poison
Telepathos ESP
Pharaohno Mummy
Gigant Axe Axe
Dubior UFO (Spark in The Arena)



  • Waddle Dee (None)
  • Big Waddle Dee (None)
  • Parasol Waddle Dee (Parasol)
  • Spear Waddle Dee (Spear)
  • Waddle Doo (Beam)
  • Bronto Burt (None)
  • Bouncy (None)
  • Soarar (None)
  • Sparky (Spark)
  • Bobo (Fire)
  • Nruff (None)
  • Kabu (None)
  • Grizzo (None)
  • Sir Kibble (Cutter)
  • Hot Head (Fire)
  • Deepsee (None)
  • Blipper (None)
  • Glunk (None)
  • Squishy (None)
  • Shotzo (None)
  • Walky (Mike)
  • Bomber (Crash)
  • Twister (Tornado)
  • Gim (Yo-Yo)
  • Poppy Bro Jr (Bomb)
  • Chilly (Ice)
  • Needlous (Needle)
  • Sword Knight (Sword)
  • Star-Man (Hi-Jump)
  • Rocky (Stone)
  • Simirror (Mirror)
  • Cappy (None)
  • Mumbie (Mummy)
  • Scarfy (None)
  • Chip (None)
  • Big Chip (None)
  • Sir Slippy (None)
  • Noddy (Sleep)
  • Wheelie (Wheel)
  • Knuckle Joe (Fighter)
  • Beetly (Beetle)
  • Ringle (Bell)
  • Batty (None)
  • Toxioad (Poison)
  • Biospark (Ninja)
  • Grinkey (None)
  • Fuwa Rover (None)
  • Hack (Axe)
  • Gabon (None)
  • Gordo (None)
  • Broom Hatter (None)
  • TAC (None)
  • Mr. UFO (UFO)


  • Flatzoner (Game and Watch)
  • Mumbo (Mummy)
  • Click Clock (Clock)
  • Shellster (Shell)
  • Slasher (Axe)
  • Jackie Box (Toy)


Name Description Stages Boss(es)
Forgotten Forest Forgotten Forest is a dark and mysterious forest home to many ghosts. There's also a haunted mansion and a small plain area. 6 Twin Woods
Lost Lagoon Lost Lagoon is a tropical island and underground hybrid area where waddle dees are seen mining giant blue crystals. 6 Fatty Whale
Rusty Ruins Rusty Ruins used to be a great bustling city. However, after a massive sandstorm the city became an abandoned desert wasteland. Life seems to have returned recently as the Waddle Dees are seen building skyscrapers on top of the previous ones. 7 Keeby & Wham Bam Rock
Haunted Halberd The Haunted Halberd is a sunken airship found at the bottom of the sea, it greatly resembles the Halberd. Various ghosts and robots make this their home. 7 Heavy Lobster
Crazy Circus 7 Wiz
Frozen Furnace 7 Ice Dragon
Cracked Castle 7 Kabula
Abandoned Asteroids 7 Keeby & Dimenticato

Copy Abilities


Image Name In-Game Description Gained From

Hot Head




Mr. Frosty (Mid-Boss)



Kracko Jr. (Mid-Boss)



Blocky (Mid-Boss)

Beam Kirby Good

Waddle Doo

King Doo (Mid-Boss)

725px-Sword Kirby KRTDL

Sword Knight

Gigant Edge (Mid-Boss)

Hammer Bonkers (Mid-Boss)
Parasol Kirby

Parasol Waddle Dee

Jumpershoot (Mid-Boss)

Spear Kirby
Spear Spear Waddle Dee
Beetle Kirby


Hornhead (Mid-Boss)

Bell Kirby
Bell Ringle
Yo-Yo Kirby
Yo-Yo Gim
Tornado Kirby
Tornado Twister
Mirror Kirby PlanetRobobot
Mirror Simirror
Poison Kirby


Miasmoros (Mid-Boss)

ESP Telepathos (Mid-Boss)
Bomb Kirby

Poppy Bro Jr.

Poppy Bro Sr (Mid-Boss)

Cutter Kirby

Sir Kibble

Kibble Blade (Mid-Boss)

Hi-Jump Starman
Ninja Kirby
Ninja Biospark
Fighter Kirby


Knuckle Joe
Needle Needlous
Sleep Kirby
Sleep Noddy
Wheel Wheelie


Dubior (Mid-Boss)

Image Name Description Gained From
Mike Kirby
Mike Walky
92px-KRTDL Crash
Crash Bomber


Image Name Description Gained From
Axe Kirby gains a viking helmet and axe that can be used in multiple ways including the ability to throw said axe. It can also be used underwater.



Gigant Axe (Mid-Boss)

Toy Kirby gets a cool yellow baseball cap and an assortment of toys to use such as a jack-in-a-box and a mini-windup-kirby that can enter areas Kirby can't. Jackie Box
Clock Kirby wears an alarm clock themed helmet which allows him to make annoying noises that hurt enemies.

Click Clock

Mr. Tick Tock (Mid-Boss)

Shell Kirby gains a shell-met that prevents damage from most enemy attacks when he crouches as well as being able to ground pound.


Rolling Turtle (Mid-Boss)

Game & Watch Kirby becomes a flat black LCD version of himself and can do various attacks based off the classic game & watch line of handheld electronic games such Chef and Parachute. Flatzoner
Mummy Kirby gets wrapped up in mummy wraps which allows him to bypass mummylike enemies with ease, Kirby can also attack using his mummy wraps like a whip.



Pharaohno (Mid-Boss)




  • Dimenticato means forgot in Italian

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