Kirby: The Movie 2 Rebirth by Night
Studio(s) 9009 Entertainment
Theatrical Release Date(s)
Prequel(s) Kirby: The Movie
Sequel(s) N/A
Kirby: The Movie 2 Rebirth By Night or Kirby 2 Rebirthed , is the new movie to the Nintendo Cinematic Universe and a sequel to Kirby: The Movie , 9009 Entertainment is creating the film. Not much is known yet. It's release date is unknown aswell. It concentrates after the former events of its prequel and is focused on a new Kirby being born.


Not much is known. But some details are released.

Kirby & Bandanna Dee are walking through Star Forest when they meet a peculiar star , with a weird creature inside it? , similar to that of Kirby.


Will be available after completion


Kirby: The Main Protaganist

Bandanna Dee: One of the Main Protaganist

King Dedede: Protaganist

Meta-Knight: Protaganist

Dark Matter: Antagonist

Zero Two: One of the Main Antagonists

Degenerator: Main Antagonist

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