Kirby: The Miracle's Matter
Developer(s) LunarScald (tbc)
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) 3DS, Wii U, An Unreleased Console
Release Date(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Series Kirby
Kirby: The Miracle's Matter is a platformer in the Kirby series. Unlike multiple other predecessors, it has an artstyle that is completely new to the series and is not at all 3D. It includes multiple new mechanics that may or may not persist in further fanon games.


Similarly to most other Kirby games, it is a platformer. There are multiple new mechanics:

Copy Ability Shields

Certain enemies are protected by shields that can only be broken by certain copy abilities. You may not absorb an enemy that has a shield, however, if it is in your interest, you may break the shield, get rid of your copy ability and absorb the initially shielded enemy.

Enemy Fusions

Multiple ripples exist in the dream world, due to how many creatures suddenly appearing in it slightly breaking it. Ripples will fuse enemies close to them, making them new enemies. Once the fused enemies are defeated (or swallowed), they will be split back into their former forms. If you swallowed a fused enemy, your only option will be to keep it until the end of the level or to spit it out, instantly making it the two former creatures. However, it is not recommended to do this especially if you're close to the ripple yourself, since they may fuse back immediately and fusions still take longer to swallow.


One gloomy day in Dreamland, Kirby was sitting down on a large hill and eating his slice of strawberry cake. It was peaceful despite the weather. Suddenly, the entire landscape became purple and the sky was lavender! Kirby felt extremely sleepy abruptly, and shortly fell asleep. This is where the story begins. Miracle Matter was in front of our protagonist, giggling before explaining that Kirby was in a dream, and so was the entire population of Popstar. He had put them all under a spell so he could turn them all against our hero! Then he made quick work of Kirby, defeating him quickly and then retreating. A fragment of Kirby remained to get the rest of him back and then defeat the returning antagonist.

When Kirby finally arrives at his final arena, Miracle Matter explains that he sent everyone in a dream world since he gained an influx of power in this world. Furthermore, if someone was truly defeated in a dream, they would be truly defeated in the real world! Kirby quickly realized what the villain planned: to destroy him in a land where he had more power to get rid of him! He could not let this happen though and, with his gained experience, defeated Miracle Matter. This was not the last of him. He soon came back as a version of him with a top hat and cloak that, when looked past, revealed a portal. This version of Miracle Matter was nicknamed Prodigy Matter, and is the mastermind of darkness. Despite this, Kirby was still victorious and got his top hat. From there, a mysterious figure dashed by and grabbed the top hat, and before Kirby could react, he was back in the real world!

King Dedede's Story

Very similar to Kirby's story at first, however the king was not the target. King Dedede would also travel through the dream Dreamland until he met with Miracle Matter too. Miracle Matter then put him against his first form, Magalor's first phase, Daroach (not dark), Masked Dedede and Prodigy Matter, to which Dedede will always fail against no matter what he does. This is made clear in the ending cutscene. King Dedede plays exactly like he does in Kirby: Planet Robobot when you use his amiibo.

Main Characters

Image Character Description
KirbyBlankPortrait Kirby Kirby, as usual, is the star of the game. He can suck up nearly anything and absorb it, sometimes getting a copy ability! Copy abilities increase Kirby's capability while removing his ability to suck things up, but he can get rid of them at any moment.
MiracleMatterIncompletePortrait2nd Miracle Matter Miracle Matter is now in his deadlier form, despite a lack of an aesthetic improvement. He now has hands that work completely separate from the body, and are detached too. His hands also provide him immunity as long as they are there.
MiracleMatterCompletePortrait Prodigy Matter Prodigy Matter is the complete form of Miracle Matter after his initial downfall. This is due to him slowly charging up during his battle. Now, instead of being the king of the dream world, he is the god of the dream world so he can rid Kirby from both worlds forever!


Image Name Description Copy Ability
WaddleDeePortrait Waddle Dee Waddle Dees are your basic enemy from any game. They are the main roamers of Dreamland with many forms! N/A
ShieldedDeePortrait Shielded Waddle Dee Shielded Waddle Dees hold a shield to block melee attacks like swords! Use energy beams or bubbles to attack instead, since bubbles render it's shield useless! GuardianStar
Waddle Doo Waddle Doos has one big eye that can create beams of energy, similar to Beam Kirby's wand! Yikes! Beam
Elemental Waddle Dee Elemental Waddle Dees float around in their flying clouds, firing leaves, fireballs, droplets and ice shards at you! Absorb these projectiles to get their respective ability, though the elemental itself has no ability! N/A (projectiles:FireStarIceStarWaterStarLeafStar)
BubbleDeePortrait Bubble Waddle Dee Bubble Waddle Dees float around in bubbles, specifically towards the player(s)! They will release bubbles that pop after 2 seconds in random directions to add some danger to handling them! BubbleStar
Waddledee Hero Waddledee Hero is a wannabe hero! Even with it's punches, kicks and weak beams! SuperheroStar
Primal Waddle Dee Primal Waddle Dees will waddle over to you with prehistoric fighting spirit! They weild huge clubs to wreck your day - and health! PrimalStar

Copy Abilities

Icon Description Star
KirbyFireIcon Fire Kirby - Thaw your weakness out with the fiery pits of doom! Breathe fire, spin fire and walk fire! FireStar
Water Kirby - Wash away all your worries as Water Kirby! Surf on liquids and knock enemies out of your way, create scalding gas from boiling H2O and fire up a geyser to defeat airborne attacks! WaterStar
KirbyIceIcon Ice Kirby - Freeze and kick away your foes as Kirby's icy version! Breathe tranquillizing ice to counter boiling magma while freezing enemies, and even better, now you can make it rain ice crystals! IceStar
Leaf Kirby - Safeguard in a pile of leaves and then unleash your wrath! Make bushes to act like ground spikes and fire deadly razor leaves at your enemy unknowing of fate! LeafStar
KirbyBombIcon Bomb Kirby - Make even the biggest opponent combust with your bombs of utter destruction! Kirby, now with so many bombs, is able to both lay down bombs until they detonate or lob them as projectiles! BombStar
KirbyBubbleIcon Bubble Kirby - Bubble Kirby will capture his enemies in soap bubbles! Soap bubbles will float around and slowly damage their victim! You may also attack with your wand! BubbleStar
KirbyArcherIcon Archer Kirby - Shoot down your targets one by one as an archer! The longer you hold down, the stronger your arrow gets! You may even grow some wings eventually! ArcherStar
KirbySuperheroIcon Superhero Kirby - Fire out long-distance beams of justice or punch your way out close-range! You are the superhero of Popstar now! SuperheroStar
KirbySniperIcon Sniper Kirby - Don't go with weak bows, go with a weapon that does high damage and can aim anywhere! Your only setback is the delay between every attack! SniperStar
KirbyPrimalIcon Primal Kirby - Follow your primal instincts! You now weild a heavy club and the help of dinosaurs! Along with this, you have a weak stone catapult! PrimalStar
KirbyMagicianIcon Magician Kirby - Trick your prey with your tricks! Bunnies jumping out of your hat, waving your wand and maybe even creating your own healing item! MagicianStar
KirbyGuardianIcon Guardian Kirby - The best offense is defense! Block any ranged attacks and hold up your shield in one direction to block physical attacks! You may even fling your shield around you to attack, though that's not what this is about! GuardianStar
Doctor Kirby - Now you are ALL about chemical combinations and reactions! Mix one with another and see what happens to aid your victory!
Beam Kirby - Beam Kirby specializes in creating beams of doom, short-range but knockback-heavy and damage-ready! Energy-beam your way out of this one!
KirbyAstronautIcon Astronaut Kirby - Space is vague and intriguing to Kirby! Fire an interstellar ray gun that, depending on how much you charge, will become stronger! Unlike Archer Kirby, your projectile fires straight infinitely and can only be fired left/right! AstronautStar
Sword Kirby - Slash the hordes down with your blade! As a sword-wielder, you are able to do a variety of cool tricks with your slicing!


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