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Kirby TAS Logo

The logo. Give credit to DarkPlanet!

"Kirby: The Animated Series," is a 4 season Kirby show that aired on Fantendo on February 10. Every season will have 20 episodes and the first three seasons will have an hour specail at the end. Series 3, however, marks the movie.

Critics give the series an extremly good rating, due to it being the only animated Kriby series that came out after Kirby: Right Back At Cha'!

Characters and Voice Actors

Makiko Ohmoto-Kirby

Ted Lewis-King Dedede

Eric Stuart-Meta Knight

Daniel Day-Lewis-Marx

Spencer Fox-Prince Heartly

Numerous Actors- Cappies

Numerous Actors- Waddle Dee's and Waddle Doo's

Numerous Actors- Monsters and Minions

Patrick Warenburg-Wallice The Cook

Alan Tudyk-Magolor

Numerous Actors- Animals Of Whispy

Makiko Ohmoto- Mirror Kirby


Season 1
1: Kirby's Return
 Marx returns to Dreamland and Kirby is ready. However, Marx has a few tricks up his sleeves this time. This is also when Kirby meets Prince Heartly.

2: Dedede's Triple Squad

When Dedede sends out 3 large Waddle Doo's, Kirby and the others find out they might be something else...

3: Into The Mirror

Kirby finds a mysterious mirror, and meets Mirror Kirby! When Mirror Kirby wrecks havoc, Cappy Town blames the REAL Kirby!

4: New Meta, Old Knight

Meta Knight shows up at The Dream Land Ball and does something he has never done: DANCE! But, is this the real Meta Knight?

5: Amusment To Me

Dedede builds an amusment park and tries to change his ways. But, who's better to bring Roller-Roaster to life than Marx?

6: Royal Flush

Marx challenges Kirby to a joust at Castle Dedede. But this time, Marx has some tricks up his sleeves, not to mention a little buddy...

7: Catch Me If You Can!

Magolor, an old enemy of Kirby, returns to help Marx, and becomes the fastest thing in Dream Land! Kirby then tries to race against him!

8: War Machine

Kirby battles Marx 1-on-1 for the first time in the series! Marx isn't ready to die just yet, though!

9: Waddle See, Waddle Doo!

Magolor hypnotizes all the Waddle Dee's and Waddle Doo's to make his army. Meanwhile, Marx's tale starts to unfold...

10 and 11: Aracnis Deathicous (2 Parts)

When spiders start to invade Dream Land, Kirby finds out why... and must put a stop to it!

12: Remembering Another Day

When Kirby starts to have weird thoughts on what happened in his life, Marx has the same thoughts... only different!

13: Bad Romance

Kirby starts seeing an old friend, and gets some feelings for her. But will Marx end that streak?

14: Angels From Above

A friend from Meta Knight's past comes and tells him to tell Kirby... the secret. Will Meta Knight tell Kirby, or will someone else hear it?

15: Magolor's Magma Mountain

Magolor returns, and takes over Dream Land's volcano! Can Kirby stop him before it erupts?

16: Warp Star Massacre

The Warp Star is broken into eight pieces, and Kirby needs to find them! But, who might be following him?

17: Deserted... Or Not!

When Meta Knight's ship blows up in the desert, Kirby and Prince Hearty must go out and rescue him before Dunes gets to him!

18: It's Snot Funny!

When Prince Hearty gets sick, Kirby not only has take care of him, but with one serious snot, too!

19: Dedede's Old Tricks

Dedede hires Mr. Frosty, Poppy Bro Sr., and Bonkers to take care of Kirby! Can Kirby use his Triple Finish on them?

20: The Secret (Season Finale)

After years of hiding his face, Meta Knight reveals his true idenity... Will Kirby remember him?

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