Kirby : The Amazed Adventure
Developer(s) 9009 Entertainment HAL Laboratory
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) 3DS
Release Date(s)

Time Easter Egg Mini-Game Free-Play Story-Mode Individual Story-Mode Min

Age Rating(s)
E 10+
Genre(s) Adventure
Media Included 3DS Cartridge , Download
Kirby: The Amazed Advenuture is a game created by 9009 Entertainment & by Hal Laboratory. Making it a partner game. It's release will be set once done in development. It will be a 2.5D game in 3D for the 3DS with 3D similar to Super Mario Bros 2's. It will have new gameplay and returning characters. It might be 9009 Ent.'s greatest game.





It will have a multiplayer mode in the game, It's unknown what will happen or be interacted with.


The health bar is found on the bottom screen, tt will deplete when hit, if you don't take damage in a level, you'll get a Super Ability which will stay throughout the next presumed level, it's recommended to Duplicate these.




Name Image Description Stat Obtainable
The hero of the Dream Land is fighting not for Pop Star, But for all the missing Candy! Weight: 2/4 Attack: 2/4 Speed 2/4 Dodge: 3/4 All-Around Character. Dodge great Defualt
He is the only one who cares what is going to happen to Pop Star! Weight:3/4 Attack: 3/4 Speed: 3/4 Dodge: 2/4 Great Character to use , Dodging downfall Do Multi-player with Meta-Knight, or Obtain all 3-types of swords.
King Dedede
He wants all the stolen candy like Kirby! They've joined forces for this quest! Weight: 4/4 Attack: 4/4 Speed: 1/4 Dodge: 1/4 Bad swiftness, but he makes up with his heft! Do multiplayer with Dedede, beat him in Boss Rush, or Master the Hammer Ability.
Bandanna Dee
He is finding the candy for his companion Kirby and Boss Dedede, also to get higher slef-esteem! Weight: 1/4 Attack: 1/4 Speed: 4/4 Dodge: 4/4 An opposite Dedede! He has light weight, which make him swift! Defualt
Waddle Doo N/A He is helping his master for his sake! Weight:1/4 Attack:2/4 Speed: 3/4 4/4 Dodge An All around character,true to his name! Download free from Nintendo e Shop


There is only 3 supports in the game. Only Adeliene is playable, but she is a Red-Alteration when played.

Name Image Description Obtainable
A Great Character is back and is a faster way to transport! In Woodland's, Obtainable in Star-World-1
Coo N/A A great owl of knowledge is giving you wings! High-Lands, Star-World-1
A returning artist in the presence! Beat as a boss, Everywhere.


Items-Food,Color, etc.


Abiltiy Image Description Powers Obtainable'
Tornado Tornado Kirby KDL3D A very classic ability in where Kirby will rampage through terrain and enemies! Form a tornado and is invincible to most attacks and is hard to control. Mastered: Can fuse with terrain to become a elemental tornado. ex. Tornado when on Lava terrain will turn into Fire-Tornado Wind Shrine, From enemies in the wind
Spark PlasmaKirby Spark goes high time now! Sometimes a good defense is a great offense! Form an electric shield, and form an electric jolt. Mastered: Form a humongous thunderbolt. Electic Hall, Electic Enemies.


Field Levels

These are hubs. Each world/lands will have hubs. They are free to explore and can get lots of items from peaceful residents of Pop-Star. The Halberd is the main hub, and will be your needy transport to diffrent worlds and lands.

Action Levels

Easter Egg Levels

Only downloaded through DLC, this will allow players to play Mario, Sonic, Legend of Zelda , & etc. levels. To hub worlds from Pokemon and even Final Fantasy. Many characters make cameos. Some levels are taken from real-life.

Time Levels

Only downloaded through DLC, this will have speed-timed races. They will have multiple cameos, from Video Game world to Real World. New items can be obtained only through this, This is the only way to get Waddle Doo.

Elemental Levels

Download through Nintendo e Shop as DLC, These levels usually focus on one certain ability or some that are fairly close to it. They are free in DLC. This is the easiest way to master an ability. This is also an easy way to unlock Meta-Knight and other characters. Star-World-1 however, is a default level where all abilties are prominent.



The equivalent to Pokemon's Bad-egg.' It can be obtained through hacking a large source, ex. Nintendo e Shop.  Nintendo will track down the hacker and send a Dark-Star, A black star similar to star-man but will purple-eyes and seems angry. It will freeze the game for a whole month or more. Hacking it to stop is worthless.

DLC ( DownLoadable Content )

Content that can only be obtained through download is Downloadable Content, or DLC. It will usually cost, but it sometimes offer free content or special offers. 'Many fans just hack to get through, but glitch is 10X more recommended, as hacking will give you a Dark-Star. ''Which will cause it to blacken the game out completely.


A hack term and Glitch term by fans, It grants the ability to copy an ability for an unlimited amount. It will cause annoying behavior of freezing , so it's luck if you complete the process.

Reviews / Reception





Fantendo Cameos

Many Fantendo users may make cameos, from God Plumber, To Hell-Dweller Queen Degen, It will feature many cameos from these series


These sprites can only be used by 9009 Ent. Employees


  • There is only 3 helpers:Rick, Coo, and Adeliene.
    • Adeliene will be playable however
  • Ribbon appears as a NPC