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Kirby: Super Star of Milky Way Wishes is a side-scrolling game in which Kirby must face his Nemesis AGAIN! But this time he's not up for tricks.

Vaati Kirby

PLOT: After the events of kirby super star, the Halberd roars into candy constellations. Meta knight is searching for the ultimate power,the star rod.Until,a huge crash bangs in the Halberd. Several aparoids turn the Halberd into a demon warship. Onlt meta knight and his crew were able to escape.

In planet pop star, kirby is outside playing with hisfriend, Rick. When suddenly,meta knight crashes onto kirby.After explaining how the halberd got destroyed,they all decide to go and find the star rod, and defeat it's power and he dies and turns inyo meta knight. After the LOL he LOL him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!&nbsp

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