Kirby: Story Break
Developer(s) Gear Games
Publisher(s) HAL Laboratory
Platform(s) Evo-Gem
Release Date(s)
Adventure Mode, Arcade Mode, Susie's Strike, The Arena, The True Arena, The Fusioned Arenas, The Mad Arena, Card Chess, Kirby Quiz
Age Rating(s)
E10+ for Comic Mischief, Cartoon Violence
Genre(s) Platforming Beat-em-Up
Series Kirby (series)
Predecessor Kirby & Magolor: Huge Trouble!
Media Included Evo-Gem disc


Manual(s) Enclosed instruction booklet (Retail)

Electronic manual (Download)

Cost $49,99 (Retail)

$29,99 (Download)

Kirby: Story Break is the 2.5D Adventure Beat-'em-Up Platforming game for the Evo-Gem, developed by Gear Games and published by HAL Laboratory. It is the second canoncial entry of Kirby: Heroes of Pop Star Trilogy and successor of Kirby & Magolor: Huge Trouble.

Unlike its predecessor, this game returns to 2.5D adventure with the multiplayer being more competitive than cooperative while the Ally Revival had returned, but only bringing back 1/4 health this time. The game aim for being more challenging while still welcoming new players.


The game uses 3D platforming similarly to its prequel, Kirby & Magolor: Huge Trouble, but also have important differences; the live system returns but instead become limited for up to five lives, Point Stars are only used to fulfill the Power Meter, and 1-Ups are more sparce. Another difference is that unless all players get knocked out at the same time, a knocked out player will quickly return in a second.

The game also add score, a feature not seen since Kirby Adventure, and the player gain points by collecting Shine Shards (the collectible of the game), defeating enemies and collecting various items. At the end of the stage, the player who scores the most points is the MVP. The players need to collect enough points to have access to the exit, otherwise they have to use the Startover Star. The players also need to collect the Gate Keys to gain access to the Strong Boss Stage.

Another notable addition is the Team Combo. When done enough damage to many enemies or a boss, the player who hit a weak spot of an enemy will make all players to pull a combo against it. It will only empties when performing one against a boss.

The Robobot Armor also returns, but this time all characters can use it does to how they work differently like most things in the Story Boom World. It functions the same as like Planet Robobot but with new attacks for unused Abilities and different characters.

Most bosses now works differently from both Star Allies and Huge Trouble; while gigantic bosses are even more sparce than in the latter game, the "normal-sized" bosses have an amount of HP slightly higher than Star Allies but also have an extra bar called Second-Round HP where the boss pulls up a much different phase and attacks which applies to all bosses, instead of very few like in both Star Allies and Huge Trouble. Also like Huge Trouble and unlike Star Allies, the bosses' HP increases much more instead of being decreased.


New to the Kirby series is the Enhancement, which is available to every Copy Ability, exclusing limited Abilities such as Crash. Each Enhanced Abilities gives a bit more decorated hat, and gives up to three new moves which have unique usage. Enhanced Stars cannot be destroyed and will automatically stored when Kirby had to drop it or on situation that would destroy normal Copy Stars. Helpers and other playable characters can also be Enhanced.

Enhancement can done by fulfilling the Power Meter by defeating enemies and collecting Point Stars. It would requires 100 Point Stars in order to perform an Enhancement, which is done by pressing zL or zR.

Each Ability can be Enhanced up to three times, with each Enhancement gives one or two more moves at the expense of weaker moves being removed. The M button is needed to perform Enhancement Moves instead of the regular Attack move. Enhancement will reset if the player dies.

The player(s) can also start being Enhanced by using an Enhancement Stone found in one of the levels' bonus rooms or by buying some in Story Break Magolor's shopee before entering a level. However, Kirby can only Enhance one Ability at a time, and thus he should only Enhance one that needs it.

Main Modes

Adventure Mode

The main and first mode available at the start among with Arcade Mode. The players can play any reached levels at any time and have unlimited lives, but shall they got all knocked out at the same time, it is game over. The bosses are normal but still have higher HP compared to the previous bosses from previous Kirby games. Strong Bosses still have slightly more HP and can call enemies for help. Vam Von Teppurse is faced as the final boss.

The players can play as Kirby, Meta Knight, Bandanna Dee, Magolor and can unlock King Dedede and Taranza when the players progresses. Each levels have either a linear where you must reach the goal or sandbox where you have to finish a certain objective.

The collectible are the Story Images, which are actually snapshots from previous Kirby games which can be posted in Image Book, with the images themselves can be modified. Some of them are only collected outside of this mode as one of the special accomplishment rewards.

Susie's Strike

Unlike Arcade Mode and Adventure Mode, Susie's Strike is a Time Attack mode that the goal is to complete the whole mode as fast as possible, and that it is only possible to save between two worlds (after defeating a Strong Boss). Also, if someone is knocked out, it will not comeback until the next area is reached.

Another difference is that bosses are altered, and also stronger and have a couple of new attacks. It also have the name "Cursed" before its name, such as Cursed Mega Brobo. There are few exceptions which are Bosses exclusive for this game. The exclusive bosses are; Shadow Dedede (despite the fact that the normal King Dedede is in this mode as Cursed King Dedede), Wham Bam Dread and Drawciusie. Teppurse, the final boss of the Adventure Mode, is not fought in this mode.

Arcade Mode

Unlike the other modes, the Arcade Mode is an endurance level where the player shall get as further as possible in as many cycles as possible. Once Cycle 10 is reached, it will continue in that Cycle, even after beating the final boss(es). Because it could make excessive length to complete all of the ten Cycles, it is possible to Quick Save which expires when resuming from that Quick Save.

The player can either do the Kirby's Path (Adventure Mode) or Susie's Path (Susie's Strike if unlocked) or Both Paths (Adventure Mode in Cycle 1, Susie's Strike in Cycle 2 and so on, if both modes completed). One of the main differences is that instead of game over if everyone got knocked out, everyone have a limited amount of lives (up to nine via 1-Ups) and one to nine continues, but everyone will only get back to previous checkpoint if everyone got knocked out at the same time.

The bosses are more and more difficult as the Cycle increase. In any Cycle, if The Arena is beaten, MOVA will become NOVA-Marx for another battle.

Also in any Cycles, if the True Arena is beaten, Exa-Sectonia would be fought right after Teppurse or Drawciusie, and in each two Cycles, the true final boss of the True Arena will also be faced right after Exa-Sectonia.

Cycle # Enemy's Strength Bosses' Strength Rank
Cycle 1 Wimpy (Weakest) Moderate (Level 3) Rookie Player
Cycle 2 Weak (Level 2) Moderate (Level 3) Amataur Player
Cycle 3 Moderate (Level 3) Tougher (Level 4) Advanced Player
Cycle 4 Moderate (Level 3) Dreaded (Level 5) Progressed Player
Cycle 5 Tougher (Level 4) Dreaded (Level 5) Heroic Player
Cycle 6 Dreaded (Level 5) Dreaded (Level 5) Real Player
Cycle 7 Dreaded (Level 5) Dangerous (Level 6) Super Player
Cycle 8 Dangerous (Level 6) Monstrous (Level 7) Legendary Player
Cycle 9 Hardcore (Level 8) Infernal! (Level 9) Mythical Player
Cycle 10 Infernal! (Level 9) Nightmarish!! (Level 10) True Super Player

Sub Games

Card Chess

Kirby Quiz

The Arenas

The Arenas are Sub Games that consist of a marathon of bosses and like the first games to feature The Arena, the players can rest between each rounds with up to five Maxim Tomatoes in reserve. Because of the amount of bosses in this game, only fifteen of them will be faced. Unlike in the previous games and like the main gameplay, you will always be in a group of four, but getting knocked out at the same time will be a game over.

The First Arena

The simpler and easier of the four, and unlocked once the player had completed the Adventure Mode. All bosses are normal and have little changes. The fifteenth is the bonus boss faced after Vam Von Teppurse.

Round # Chapter Bosses
1-4 Normal Bosses Normal Bosses
5 Mid-Bosses All-Stars 1 Mid-Bosses
6-9 Strong Bosses Last Bosses
10 Mid-Bosses All-Stars 2 Mid-Bosses
11-14 The Freaky Four King Dedede (Clone), Wham Bam Flame, Dark Galacta Knight, Vam Von Teppurse
15 The Truth Behind MOVA MOVA Rematch Phrase 1, NOVA-Marx Phrase 2

The True Arena

The longer and harder of the four, and unlocked once the player had completed the Adventure Mode, Susie's Strike and Helper to Hero. All bosses are stronger and more hectic than the normal bosses.

Round # Chapter Bosses
1-4 Normal Bosses' Revenge Normal Bosses EX
5 Mid-Bosses Ambush 1 Mid-Bosses EX
6-9 Stronger Bosses Last Bosses EX
10 Mid-Bosses Ambush 2 Mid-Bosses
11-15 The Not-So Final Five Wham Bam Dread, Drawciusie, Marx-Nova, Exa-Sectonia, Count Dedede
16 The Soul-Driven Machinery Machine Soul Madness (Phrase 1), Story-Break Marx (Phrase 2), Story-Break Team (Count Dedede + Marx Soul, Phrase 3)

Ultimate Choice

The player can only play as one of the Friends, Zenemesis and/or Susie. Oddly, Story-Break Taranza is the last boss... right before the real final boss of the stadium that is. Kirby and the other playable characters can be played after the Ultimate Choice being completed for the first time in any difficulty.

There are fewer difficulty settings unlike Kirby Star Allies, but more would be added via updates. In-between the halves are a Mid-Boss All-Stars, consisting from three to six different mid-bosses.

Difficulty First Half of Bosses Second Half of Bosses
Small Walk 2 Normal Bosses 2 Normal Bosses
Medium Sized Mid-Bosses All-Stars 1 Mid-Bosses
Big Problem 4 Normal Bosses 2 Last Bosses
Bigger Rumble 6 Normal Bosses 4 Last Bosses
Royal Regal 4 Normal Bosses, 2 Last Bosses King Dedede (Clone), Wham Bam Flame, Dark Galacta Knight, Helper Doppelgangers
Biggest Threat Story Break Taranza's Revenge Vam Von Teppurse, Exa-Sectonia

Main Characters


Although the Friends are unavailable does to Kirby being unable to use the Friend Heart, four Kirbies can be played to compensate, as well as the other characters being available at any time (although the Friendly Nemesis had to be summoned first in the Imagination Book).

Image & Name Description
Kirby (KSB)Kirby He is one thing that can have infinite power and pure multi-talent, but the World of Story Boom had weakened his abilities and can only handle one Ability, Inhale now as one of them, at a time. However, he is well balanced and can be adapted by new players.
Meta Knight (KSB)Meta Knight The mysterious knight with unknown motives and relationship with others. No one know why he decide to help Kirby and others once again...probably to show how much he is the greatest warrior of Dream Land, and he will show it in Story Boom.
Bandanna Dee When his majesty King Dedede isn't up for something, Bandanna Dee is Kirby's trusty ally. His spear is his usual weapon and will do anything to help out Kirby and the others. Just hope that he will be able to see his leader, King Dedede, again!
Magolor A former friend to an enemy, then a friend again. Magolor is great at mighty magics and capable to control an enemy, but he is also quite weaker in term of HP. Who will know what would that cute but mischievous fella is up to?
King Dedede

The captured King of Dream Land who ended to be tricked by Vam Von Teppurse. He thought that he is rejected by his own people and become snapped with anger. After learning the truth, he snap out of his wicked ways and join Kirby and co. to teach the vampire puppeteer a lesson.

Unlocked after defeating him in World 3.


Taranza had served a tyrant before being dismissed and is on Kirby's side now...apparently. After being captured by Vam Von Teppurse, he allied with Kirby and the others. His ability is similar to the Spider Ability.

Unlocked after being saved in World 5.


Allies that Kirby can make with Friend Heart. They can make Friend Abilities, revive near-defeated allies, and, if necessary, throw their own Friend Heart to replace themselves by another Friend. Like in Kirby & Magolor: Huge Trouble, there is a Friend for every normal Abilities this time, even one-time Abilities.

To have one, just throw a Heart into one of them. Simple as that!.

Helper List

Susie's Strike

Image & Name  Description
Susie While still on a feud with Kirby, Susie had realized how dangerous any dark foes can be, and want to find a source that is capable to expel any of them. With Beta Knight and the Zenemesis, she will find that source, but she might have a more selfish motivation beyond this...
Beta Knight Susie, with the Haltmann Works still stable, had made a stable knight to deal with Meta Knight and Galacta Knight called Beta Knight. While she is in-between Meta and Galacta Knights in term of power, she is much faster and is able to glide indefinitely. She is however more sensible than Susie and had no tolerance on traitors and betrayals.

Susie had found peculiar crystals called the Zenemium, and managed to gather data after stealing data that the Story Break Susie had copied from Kirby's memories. The result are the most nefarious enemies Kirby had ever faced... but the Zenemium always follows the master, or mistress in Susie's case, and while weaker in comparison to the original, they are no pushovers. Susie can call one when she collects a Zenemium.

Five of them are available at release, while more of them are available via free updates.


Anyone who are released at later date of the game's release date are numbered by the Wave release.

Image & Name  Description
Dark Matter By far the most reoccurring nemesis of Kirby, Dark Matter doesn't care how many times they got defeated; they will come back or even send a similar member to get revenge. This particular Dark Matter can shift between its real form and the Swordman form, and while strong and able to resist dark-based attacks, they take more damage from light-based and emotion-based attacks.

Dark Matter is capable of Possession, which allows it to possess an enemy with an Ability or a Mid-Boss until that enemy runs out of health. However, if Dark Matter had its corpse defeated by light-based or emotion-based attacks, or get squashed, then its over for Dark Matter too.

0 Presumably the leader of the Dark Matter, 0 had been a bigger thorn than even the Dark Matter themselves. 0 is fairly slow, but he have a special gauge that let him become 02 for more mobility. Like Dark Matter, he is able to resist dark-based attacks but is more vulnerable to light-based and emotion-based attacks.

0 is capable of summoning and controlling dark-based foes, even those that cannot be converted into helpers. This technique is called Darkness Control. 0 can even sacrifice them to get back his health, if only by around 20%. Be warned; do it too many times and the rest of your dark minions will turn on you.

Nightmare A wizard-like being who, despite being made of nightmare and darkness, had no clear connection with the Dark Matter. He can induce enemies into bad dreams and brings deformed sprites of bosses from Kirby's Adventure. He takes more damage when attacking.

Nightmare is capable of using Dream Penetration, which allows him and his allies to enter a dream of an enemy or a knocked out Mid-Boss. A Dream Room ranges from mere foods to a fountain of them. Upon leaving the Dream Room, Nightmare leaves deformed sprites into the dream, causing big damage into that enemy.

Marx As goofy and adorable as he looks, Marx is a traitorous jester who once tricked Kirby into summoning NOVA, only for Marx to hijack Kirby's chance and wished for conquering Pop Star. He is swift, powerful and able to teleport to larger distances than the other Zenemesis can do, but his attacks are short in range.

After getting enough Soul Points, he can become the more powerful Marx Soul and his attacks get slightly better range, as well as having increased maximum health. He can only retain this form for two minutes before turning back to normal, though.

Drawcia Drawcia doesn't looked too threatening at first, but she managed to turn Kirby into a rolling ball and effortlessly transform Pop Star into her museum. She can draw extra lines for her allies to hop on, making platforming less grueling, but her attacks are weakened in water and when hit by water-based attacks.

Similarly to Marx, she can becomes Drawcia Soul, but instead of being just enhanced, she goes into Soul Rampage and deals powerful blows into multiple enemies and bosses on-screen. This had a severe cooldown of three-minute, so use it in case of emergency.

Jambastion Mages A trio of mages composing of Francisca, Flamberge and Zan Partizanne, they had served the Jambastion to collect the Jambast Hearts... for some kind of cult revival. Francisca uses her ice labrys to freeze water and turn off flames, Flamberge melt ices and burn woods with her burning sword, and Zan Partizanne turns on machines and deflect thunders with her partisan.

Each also have a Jambastrick Weapon; Francisca and her soda bottle cannon, Flamberge and her fiery cannon, and Zan Partizanne and her thunder drums. They deals even more damage than their other attacks but had to be built up with 120 damage done first.

Exateno This titanic Star-EX seems to be a lot smaller in comparison, but still tall. Looks like his size is too much even for the Zenemium. Anyways, he is currently both the biggest, making him an easy target, but by far the strongest Zenemesis, and is able to deal more damage on dark-based enemies and eldritch-type enemies while taking much less damage from those enemies and dark-based attacks in general. He takes more damage when his orb of the tip of his tail get hit, but he got much more health to compensate.

As that was not enough troubles to his enemies, he can use Copy Ability just like Kirby, but because Exateno himself is so powerful, it will disappear after two minutes. Make it quick when you get one!

Crowned Magolor
(Wave 1)
This more evil version of Magolor is his powered up form when he had taken over the Ancient Crown. Although his moveset is a bit similar to the reformed Magolor, his moves are slightly slower but are able to make some more damage. However, he is also slightly larger, and while he can form a near impenetrable shield, he cannot spawn it again with a severe cool-down of five minutes.

Similarly to Marx and Drawcia, Crowned Magolor can become Magolor Soul with Soul Points, and while his larger structure may make him an easier target, he can summon Super Abilities for extra damage.

Dark Nebula
(Wave 1)
This dark force seems to be related to the Dark Matter... not that he is all that powerful on his own. This time he will not hold back, and he brought more than fire, lightning and ice in his arsenal, making him also a supporter in a way! Just like other dark-based characters, he takes more damage from light-based attacks, but he is much more agile to make up for that.

His Elemental Switch allows Dark Nebula to change his current element by pressing down, allowing to swift in the following order; Fire, Ice, Spark, Wind, Water, Poison, Leaf and Stone. He will have them for anytime Susie, Beta Knight and the other Zenemesis needs any of them!

King D-Mind
(Wave 1)
The dark mastermind behind the Mirror Dimension's corruption, Dark Mind, now known as King D-Mind, he is not ready to slow down and will pour darkness on Pop Star for revenge. Too bad that Kirby can stop him at any time. Like all dark-based Zenemesis, he's weak to light, but he can deflect them back with his own mirror attacks, making such weakness a bit minimal once you know how to use them.

King D-Mind can use Mirror Summon to make a Dark Servant, dark-based Helper/Friend, out of compatible enemy. Once he did it three times, he can revert back to his original Dark Mind form for the rest of the level.


Image & Name  Description
EnchantaEnchanta The magical queen of the Story Boom main host of the HUD level where you will choose where to go. She will also guide the player during the introduction level. She seems to have a feud with Vam Von Teppurse, and for a good reason...
Servile Enchanta's advisor, and provide useful informations for the player. He is a bit quirky when Enchanta is not around but nontheless loyal to his queen and the people of the Story Boom World.


Image & Name  Description
Vam Von Teppurse The main antagonist of the game. Naughty, hasty but charismatic, he plans to make people of Story Break world into his puppets and put them into painful situations for his amusement!
Mixed Monsters The main bosses of the game. New or old? Actually, they are mixture of mid-bosses and bosses, and even mixture of final bosses, they are dreaded for a good number of reasons. Just looking at them is worth shivering! As the story continues, they turns out to be actually retelling of various villains Kirby had faced before.
Guardian Crystal It is supposed to protect people from dark forces... and it does but it only make people stressed and violent. There is actually someone inside that crystal... but it is so huge that it couldn't be Galacta Knight this time...
Story-Break "Look-Alikes" Some of the various alternative counterparts of the heroes (and Susie). They wanted to protect the world, but they mistook their outside-counterparts as doppelgangers made by Teppurse, and fought them.
Story-Break Kirby and Story-Break Susie Counterparts of Kirby and Susie found in the Story Break world. Story-Break Kirby is more of an arrogant snob who show his talent, but nevertheless have good intention, while Story-Break Susie is a fraud that will destroy environments in order to find treasures. Both does not get along well, but even less so their own real counterparts, Kirby and Susie!
Story-Break Taranza Another notable Story-Break counterpart. A reoccuring mini-boss, he attacks the players by controlling various enemies and even some innocent beings. He is surely meaner than the outside-counterpart Taranza we know ever was, but he also searches for his long lost friend...


Adventure Mode


It starts in Dream Land, where Kirby is running after King Dedede who stole his stash of food for "food suppliment". The selfish king run fast but Kirby is catching him up. Desperated, King Dedede saw the Lor Starcutter in order to find something to hide, thus outrun Kirby. The little pink puff is confused and wondered where could be King Dedede.

When King Dedede go through the entrance of the star ship, Magolor was jumped and then scolded him for surprising him, but King Dedede doesn't mind and hide into one of the room. Magolor, curious and unsure, follow him. With dropped foods as a trail, Magolor shakes his head in disappointment, now knowing why he is hiding. When he follow the trail of foods, that trail ends at a teal colored door. He opened it and see King Dedede messed up with the Experimental Room, much of Magolor's anger.

King Dedede admitted that he stole the foods but after seeing Kirby finally catching him up, as well as Meta Knight and Bandanna Dee. King Dedede, more stubborn than ever and desperated, drop his sack but pushed a button, much of Magolor's panic. He told the other to stay away, but King Dedede wonder why. Then the shiny but old book shined and absorbed King Dedede, the latter one begged for helping.

While Meta Knight doesn't care at first, Magolor said that it have a story about a magical kingdom familar with Dream Land but saw that there is really lives inside, and worried what happens if they discover the outside. Kirby, as eager as ever, wanted to save King Dedede. Magolor, both guilty and unsure, but will make sure that the portal will stay open. Meta Knight doesn't seems to accept at first...but then remembered about that book. He found this book with all magic beings and a dark villain, something not for his taste and reject it form the Halberd when riding it, but then turn out that the dark villain would manipulate King Dedede and even under loose against Dream Land, something that even Meta Knight would not allow this, so he will join Kirby and Magolor after all.

Bandanna Dee also accepted, being really loyal for King Dedede, and worried about what would happens for him. Magolor then use a machine to open the world, used after years of attempts, and this time it worked perfectly. The four had jumped on the portal. Taranza, curious of what is going on inside, noticed that the others had jumped in and follow them, as he is interested by another kingdom. He was however delayed by the closed portal.

When the heroes jumped off at the end of the portal, they wondered where they are. Magolor indicate that this is the story where the magical kingdom is...but then it turned out that the world is more than a kingdom itself. The numberous Waddle-Dee-shaped fellows called the Squims welcomes the visitor but tell them to be careful around the environement. When Meta Knight see many zones such a volcano, he admitted that they aren't kidding.

After a tutorial level, the kingdom is...more modern than Dream Land seems to be. When the magical queen introduce herself, she reveal herself to be Enchanta. She looks serious and glorious, but she is also friendly and intelligent. Her intelligence, in fact, is what caused the kingdom looking more modern while still magical. She told them to that Vam Von Teppurse, her rival, would strike anytime soon after years of his defeat, thus ask the heroes to stop him. The heroes accepted, but then Magolor noticed that the Story Boom World would be different than the world they are coming from.

Hearing these words, Enchanta warns the heroes that the physics and power in this world works differently from the outside from what she heard. It could explain why Kirby is unable to Copy Ability! However, she explain that there are ways to go through this world without problems, and by using the Transport Star, they can reach a Stage and another. The adventure begins.


There are nine normal worlds to explore, although not all bosses listed are the only one. The Arena, the Helper to Hero Stadium and the True Arena are not technically worlds, but are listed here since they can be explored like the real worlds.

Name  Description Bosses
Steampunk Street
  • Steamy Woods
  • Nightmare Zero
Turbo Thrills
  • Tomelle
  • Vile Roadster
Optimal Ocean
  • Fatty Snail
  • King Dedede (Dedede Imposter once beaten the first time)
Rocket Road
  • Morgen
  • Story-Break Kirby (Kirby)/Story-Break Taranza (Susie)
  • Galactic MOVA
Yin-Yang Yggadrasil
  • Crazy Boots
  • Leavarok
Town of Thieves
  • Robberin
  • Wizard Haltmann (Kirby)/Story-Break Magolor (Susie)
Alpha Astrals
  • Astral Memories
  • Tachi
  • Nebulateno
Legion Liege
  • Nucleor
  • Poppy Master
  • Count Croakula
Epic Ending
  • Draculock Mages Rematch
  • Wham Bam Flame (Kirby)/Wham Bam Dread (Susie)
  • Vam Von Teppurse (Kirby)/Drawciusie (Susie)




  • Beta Knight is used as an antithesis of Galacta Knight; while the latter is exclusively a bonus boss, the former is introduced as a playable ally.