Kirby: Star Warrior is a Wii U game showing Kirby's future and destiny.


Kirby and his old friend Keeby were just laying on a hillside watching clouds go by. They spotted a few of them that look like food, but one looked like the Battleship Halberd! It was the Halberd! Metaknight, and oddly enough, Galactaknight came, and abducted them. Metaknight then said that both Kirby and Keeby were ready for official training to become genuine star warriors!

Number of Players

One player plays one trial at a time. Sometimes as Kirby, sometimes as Keeby.


The same as Kirby Super Star.


Trials are the different levels in space that Metaknight and Galactaknight give you to conquer.

List of Trials



  • Robo-Woods
  • Bonkers-Bot
  • Fatty Submarine
  • Waddle Bot 6000
  • Space Kracko
  • Combo Cannon
  • Metal General
  • HR-D3

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