Kirby: Soul Saver
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Developer(s) Pheonix Rise
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Platform(s) 3DS, Super Gamer
Age Rating(s)
ESRB2013E10OFLC PG rating
Genre(s) Exploration/2.5D Platformer
Series Kirby Series

Kirby: Soul Saver is the newest installment in the Kirby series, breaking away from the engine and graphics of the last three titles and reintroducing gameplay similar to that of Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, with exploring large overworlds and collection as it's main gameplay themes. The collection gameplay also ties into the game's plot and setting, which involves all Dream Land's souls being taken into the Ghost Realm with Kirby and Ribbon teaming up to gather them back.


Kirby: Soul Saver plays alike traditional Kirby games, specifically Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, with it having a strong empathsis on exploring large levels and finding secrets as opposed to more linear installments. Although the game includes only 6 levels to play, each of these levels are very expansive and mazelike, containing various treasures and secrets, but most importantly Dream Souls. A total of 150 Dream Souls are hidden away throughout the game and by collecting 100 out of 150 both Kirby and Ribbon will be able to leave the Ghost Realm. Upon defeating a boss a new level is unlocked, each level has their own respective boss and while not all bosses or levels are needed to be bested to enter Dream Land, having more levels open mean more Dream Souls become available for collection.

As expected, the titular Kirby is able to inhale enemies and objects before spitting them out as projectiles for basic combat, or he can choose to swallow and ultimately defeat them. By swallowing certain enemies Kirby will gain Copy Abilities with the ability he gains depending on what was swallowed, every copy ability replaces Kirby's inhale with other techniques more suited for combat.

Via a Warp Pedestal, Kirby and his helpers can return to the Dream Gate, which essensily acts as the game's HUB where levels can be accessed. As more Dream Souls have been obtained, new level gates will also be unlocked for acsess with each level requiring a determined amount of Dream Souls to enter. The Dream Gate also contains various rooms, one such room can be decorated with Treasure, furniture found in Treasure Chests scattered throughout levels, there are also glowing Copy Trophies that can be collected and taken to the Dream Gate to have their respective abilities added to the Copy Ability Hall.

As a way to increase the game's difficulty, Guarding and Dodging has been removed entirely to put more empathsis on ability reliance. Along with this the new Air Gauge is introduced, serving as a way to limit Kirby's once endless ability to fly. Whilst floating, the Air Gauge will go down at a moderate pace and once it runs out of air Kirby will be forced to halt floating and fall. Copy Abilities that allow other methods of flight also use the air gauge as well. Fortunately, air supply can be replenished by touching Bubbles, which restore a great amount of air. Helpers do not have Air Gauges, instead having a limited amount of jumps that in total equals the height Kirby himself can achieve.

Some Bubbles also contain Copy Ability Essences and food items that can be stored for later use, up to 5 at a time just like in Squeak Squad.

There are also sections in the game too distant for Kirby to fly across, so Ribbon will happily assist him in flight. These sections act as shooters but do not scroll, allowing the player to move around and explore for themselves to find souls. Ribbon has her own moveset and is considered a Copy Ability, one that shoots high ranged crystal shards at enemies. Ribbon sections are indicated with the gap crossed being darker than most gaps, these sections end when Kirby lands on terrain not included in Ribbon sections. Any helpers entering a Ribbon section will turn into Fairies, with the exact moveset as Ribbon herself.

Amiibo function as they to in Kirby: Planet Robobot, granting Kirby certain Copy Abilities related to the Amiibo tapped. Each Amiibo can only be tapped once per day and all Amiibo grant Kirby and ability weather it be a specific or random one. If an Amiibo is tapped while a player is on standby for a Helper to be created, that Amiibo's helper will be summoned.

Only after all Dream Souls are saved, can the potent Ghost ability be unlocked, making it usable in all modes except Ribbon's Route.


It was yet another happy day in Dream Land, today Kirby was unsurprisingly asleep beneath a tree as Ribbon was admiring the land's whimsical scenery, all the while Adeline was painting the slumbering Kirby. Suddenly however, a strange halo-shaped figure loomed over the sky casting darkness upon the land, this disturbed Ribbon as she tapped Kirby awake, the duo were mystified by this strange otherworldly halo, Adeline however didn't seem to notice a thing.

Just as Ribbon flew closer to get a better look at the halo, a void appeared inside of it and to the horror of both Kirby and Ribbon, all the souls of Dream Land began to be drawn into the void, including them. Fortunately for Kirby he was able to hang onto a branch as he was pulled in, as Adeline looked from her canvas she saw the void and was pulled in without realizing what was happening, Ribbon was next and as she fell into the void and Kirby in futile attempt reached out to her but ended up being pulled in with her.

The duo then awoke in a strange place, full of ghosts and spirits all around; this was surely the creepy Ghost World. In the distance nearby Kirby spotted one of Dream Land's souls and ran over to embrace it, but the soul was absorbed into Kirby's body. Ribbon followed up with another soul she had found and Kirby took it, both knew what they needed to do: save all of Dream Land's souls and return to Dream Land. With that Kirby starts towards a gloomy path of souls in search of more souls, with Ribbon following behind.

This path acts as a tutorial, explaining how the game's key mechanics work and includes a Ribbon section. Near the end of that section Kirby and Ribbon almost reach the end of the trail when a mysterious angel appears, she introduces herself as Tenshi and explains how "she has finally found a pure soul" labeling Kirby as a pure but stupid child, she completely disregards Ribbon however before attempting to take Kirby's soul. After defeating Tenshi she admits to Kirby being strong and that she'll "check up on him later", before disappearing.

The duo then congratulate each other as they reach the Dream Gate, the purgatorial center of the Soul World, and with that their soul saving adventure begins.

As Kirby and Ribbon venture, they come across Tenshi once again as she promised, Tenshi comments that Kirby is a fool for trying to brave the Ghost World and it will only lead to failure in the end, so she may as well end their adventure now. After a slightly harder battle, the duo best her once again.

The duo bump into Tenshi for the second time, she notices however that Kirby has gathered a considerate amount of souls compared to the last encounter. Tenshi then comments about how she thinks Kirby can handle the Ghost World, but then asks if he "can handle this" before attacking. While still not too difficult, Tenshi's tactics definitely improved.

On the third encounter, instead of running into Tenshi, she comes for the duo stating that the world needs the souls Kirby has been "stealing", and with a sense of justice attacks. Although Kirby and Ribbon beat Tenshi once again, they find themselves more concerned about the angel and her possible intentions.

With the forth encounter, Tenshi explains to the duo how chaotic and selfish the world is, exclaiming what it truly needs is absolute and perfect unity. Although puzzled with her mentality, Kirby and Ribbon have no chance to react as a level battle occurs, but the duo manage to beat Tenshi.

Come the fifth encounter Tenshi appears on her own, explaining that the Genesis Halo is ready. Without hesitation Kirby and Ribbon fight back, and reign victorious, but not without a sense of dread about the whole situation.

With the sixth and final encounter Tenshi seems more focused and calm, saying that the duo have almost "captured" all of the perfect souls and that her "master" can sense the massive amounts of perfect souls and is "ready", she then proclaims that this is her last chance. A difficult battle then occurs but Tenshi is much to her misfortune defeated, bursting into angelic light.

Finally, after a long adventure of saving Dream Land's pure souls and defeating Tenshi, Kirby and Ribbon head back to the Dream Gate. The area around the duo lights up brilliantly with angelic light from all of the Dream Souls, then the gate home manages to open just a crack, but not before being halted by the endlessly persistent Tenshi. The mysterious angel thanks Kirby for gathering all of the pure souls and then proceeds in a last ditch effort to show them her "full power".

After a hard battle, Tenshi is dispatched, but calmly admits that her power alone wasn't any match of course. With the rest of her remaining power she calls upon "a hero who can bring unity to this world" which summons a ghastly figure from the heavens, the great soul reaper Ghost Knight. The scythe wielding master proves to strike fear in Kirby and Ribbon, but despite this Kirby bests him, high-fiving eachother to celebrate their victory. Their party however is cut short when Ghost Knight awakens and backstabs Kirby, harvesting each and every one of the souls he's saved but leaves his own soul to be spared. Ghost Knight gives the stolen souls to Tenshi, who joyfully proclaims the "true god" of Dream Land is about to be revived as the souls are absorbed into the Genesis Halo, all she needs now is one more Dream Soul.

While Kirby is hopelessly stunned from the strike dealt by Ghost Knight, Tenshi removes the Genesis Halo and takes aim at the fallen hero, throwing the holy object perfectly to gather the one last soul needed unite the world. Before the moment the Genesis Halo contacts Kirby however, Ribbon shoves her friend out of the way and takes the hit for him, sacrificing her soul in the process out of one true final act of friendship. After feeling shock from the actions of the fairy she disregarded, Tenshi becomes overcome with dread as she notices that the last soul the Genesis Halo absorbed was impure and colorful.

The Genesis Halo becomes corrupted with darkness as it gives off a bloodcurdling cry, all souls in existence begin to be drawn towards it and absorbed, forming a horrifying demon as more and more souls become one with it. Before being absorbed herself, Tenshi turns to a now awakened Kirby, pleading him to stop the demon before it's too late, then she was gone. Truly the Genesis Halo was tainted by the impurity of one soul and became none other than the infinite and eternal, Dark Mobius.

The Dream Gate then shatters completely, theres no turning back now, this endless void is Soul Gate. Kirby in full pursuit faces the demon with all his might and courage, defying infinity itself to do so. After a long and hard battle Kirby seemingly defeats Dark Mobius, however the demon isn't finished yet as he turns into a demonic void and absorbs Kirby's soul in attempt to finally end the Soul Saver. Inside the void of Mobius, Kirby ventures in search of Dream Land's souls before coming across just that; the horrifying Eye of Mobius. In the true final battle, Kirby manages to barely defeat Dark Mobius by destroying it's soul, all of Dream Land's souls are freed including Tenshi and Ribbon who sides by Kirby.

Before they can celebrate however, they realize that they are still trapped within the void itself which is collapsing, Ribbon grabs Kirby with Dream Land's Souls as they make their escape before it's too late, with Tenshi already ahead of them. Both Kirby and Tenshi make it out successfully and celebrate in joy, however this is short-lived when Kirby turns to look and witnesses the terrifying; Ribbon is trapped in the void and unable to get out, a force is denying her escape. Ribbon of all feelings seems to be happy, like she knew this would happen, knowing that Kirby was able to save Dream Land she waves goodbye in tears before the void explodes, taking Ribbon with it and sending both Kirby and Tenshi out of the Ghost World.

When Kirby wakes up in Dream Land he cannot find Ribbon anywhere and realizes what had happened was true, Ribbon really did sacrifice herself, he saved all of Dream Land but ultimately couldn't save his friend. To comfort Kirby Adeline comes near and embraces him and unexpectedly Tenshi in apology comes to Kirby's side to comfort him as well, it seems as if she no longer cares about a perfect world of unity and looks ahead to see the world is already perfect. All three then admire Dream Land, which is more beautiful than ever and full of soul; truly Dream Land was saved.


Ribbon's Route

An alternate version of the story where Kirby mysteriously was nowhere to be seen, thus leaving Ribbon to venture off and save Dream Land.

Just as she did in Story mode, Tenshi pays no mind to Ribbon, she is still fought however, but she exchanges no dialogue.

Ribbon quickly manages to defeat all bosses and returns to the Dream Gate, but of course Tenshi persistently fights Ribbon but is once more bested. Afterwards Ribbon rejoices only to be interrupted by a sudden darkness, a strange being appears known as Miracle Matter, which begins to attack the fairy with mysterious abilities, but being weak to Ribbon's crystals it is also defeated with a bit of difficulty.

Afterwards Kirby materializes from the darkness, with Ribbon happily reuniting with her beloved friend. However, things change for the worst as the Genesis Halo appears over Kirby's head and absorbs all the Dream Souls, ignoring Ribbon's impure soul completely. To gather pure souls and revive a great being was Tenshi's intentions all along, Kirby then opens his eyes and mouth with a big smile, those eyes immediately disappear and an eye appears in the mouth to reveal that great being; Zero-Two.

With all of her strength and courage, Ribbon is able to defeat Zero-Two, however the eye isn't finished yet as in a last ditch effort to end Ribbon it's core detaches from the rest of it's eye, Ribbon faces her final enemy; Zero-Core

Finally in a burst of pure light, the core is defeated, leaving Kirby unconscious on the ground, the Dream Gate then begins to close and Ribbon in brave pursuit saves Kirby and charges towards the gate; the duo barely make it. Finally in Dream Land, Ribbon and Kirby wake up to be greeted by Adeline. who was painting Kirby and Ribbon sleeping together, much to the amusement of Kirby and joy of the others. Although with a shameful face, Tenshi approaches the laughter and seemingly apologizes for her actions, realizing that perfection isn't worth the price; Friendship. Of course Kirby and Ribbon accept her apology as Adeline finishes her painting; a picture of all four friends gazing into the wonderful skies; truly all was saved/




The game's main story mode, including all mechanics discussed in the former section. This mode features cutscenes throughout and is the most empathized mode of all, as it must be played to unlock other modes.

The Arena

Unlocked by completing Story

A tradition in each and every Kirby game that acts like a boss rush. In this game the player will start in a room resembling the angelic Dream Gate with each level gate in it's exact place, each level gate representing it's respective boss. By entering a gate the player will fight that boss, if they lose then the game will be over, however should they succeed they will be taken back to the lobby to choose another boss. Between rounds the player can go to Adeline for her to paint a Maxim Tomato, in total she can only paint 5 Maxim Tomatoes. Every three rounds the player will only be able to enter one gate and battle the game's midbosses, there are only two midboss rounds in total however and Tenshi's battles are not included in them.

After besting all of the bosses stated before the Dream Gate will now resemble the Soul Gate as player will face the final foul bosses battled there in order. The exact boss order of the arena is...

Round Boss(es)
1-6 Spooky Woods
Captain Cannon
Computer Virus
4 Mid-Boss All-Stars #1
7 Mid-Boss All-Stars #2
8 Tenshi
9 Ghost Knight
10 Dark Mobius
11 Eye of Mobius

Ribbon's Route

Unlocked by clearing Story Mode

An alternate story where Kirby's soul is missing, leaving Ribbon by herself to find it. In this mode the entire game becomes a Ribbon section granting Ribbon speed and freeflight with the goal to defeat all of the story's bosses and open the Dream Gate. The bosses however undergo a big change, this is the fact that they will all be battled in their powerful Soul formes, even Mid-Bosses are fought in this far more difficult forme, making this mode overall harder than the last. Also in this mode, all Dream Souls are assumed to be collected, granting Ribbon access to all Soul Doors in the game and allowing the player complete freedom.

As Ribbon defeats enemies, she will gain Crystal Power which much akin to Meta Knightmare can be spent to activate powerful spells, these spells and their cost are...

  • Fairy Speed () - Increases Ribbon's overall speed slightly for ten seconds, a vital spell to be used in every route.
  • Fairy Summon () - Summons a backup fairy that follows Ribbon and fires backup shots to aid in combat. These fairy helpers have Ribbon's exact moveset and up to three of them can be summoned, just like regular Helpers.
  • Fairy Shield () - Grants Ribbon complete invincibility to damage for ten seconds, can be stacked with Fairy Speed.
  • Power Crystal () - A cutscene occurs where Ribbon flies high into space with a view of her home planet Ripple Star in the background as the Crystal Shard Gun transforms into the Power Crystal. Then riding the crystal, Ribbon flies back down and crashes, shattering the crystal and dealing huge damage on bosses and enemies.

Because of the Fairy Points system, managing when to pursue towards bosses and when to defeat enemies is key, as the game's special abilities are very important for a speedrun. The players time between each boss defeated will be recorded before being added up at the end of the game and called the player's total time, the game can be replayed with an intent of choosing a faster route to get a better score as well, scores will be shared through Streetpass as well towards other players who own the game.


Character Description Role
KirbyDiscordSBBKirby " A soul as perfect as an angel, he can do no wrong. Use you inhale to suck in and spit enemies or swallow to copy thier abilities. The fate of Dream Land is yours to save!." Main playable character of Story Mode.
RibbonRibbon "A colorful imperfect soul, but a friend never the less. Her good friend can't fly over everything, this calls for a helping hand! Use Crystal Gun to take out enemies or charge up for a Crystal Beam, nothing can bring you down!" Ally, especially in Ribbon sections.
"Another good friend who is here to do what she does best, paint! Grab the snack and go! But don't forget to thank her on the way out" Appears at certain intervals to paint health replenishing items.
Tenshi "A mysterious soul who trusts only the being in her halo. She desires perfect unity and nothing less, so give her the unity she so deserves with the power of teamwork! Appears in Ribbon sections with dialogue and a fight, her dialogue implies her to be a villain

Copy Abilities

There are currently a total of 34 Copy Abilities with 28 returning and 6 new if Ribbon is included. It is unknown if any more will be announced.

Click on a copy ability to see it's moveset

Ability Star Ribbon

Ability Star Bone Hook Icon Ability Star Shadow KTnT2 Ability Star Sheild Ability Star Lava

Beam (icon) Bomb (Icon) Bubble Ability Star New CircusKirby Ability Star Cupid Cutter (Icon) Ability Star Doctor Ability Star ESP Fighter (Icon) Fire (Icon) Hammer icon Ice (Icon) Ability Star Jet KPR Leaf (Icon) Ability Star Mirror KPR Ninja (Icon) Parasol (Icon) Ability Star Plasma Ability Star Poison KPR Sleep icon Spear (Bar) Stone (Icon) Sword (Icon) Ability Star Wing Ability Star Wheel Yo-Yo Ability Star New Crash (Icon)

Ghost Icon KDL3D


Each copy ability when sacrificed summons it's corresponding Helper regardless of what enemy or method the ability was copied. The helpers are...

  • Bone- Gabon
  • Dark- Necro
  • Hook- Crabgrab
  • Lava- Asteron
  • Shield- Heavy Metal
  • Beam- Waddle Doo
  • Bomb- Poppy Bros. Jr
  • Circus- Tricky
  • Cupid- Cupie
  • Cutter- Sir Kibble
  • ESP- Cultra
  • Fighter- Knuckle Joe
  • Fire- Heat Phan Phan
  • Hammer- Bonkers
  • Ice- Chilly
  • Jet- Capsule J2
  • Leaf- Leafan
  • Mirror- Simirror
  • Ninja- Bio Spark
  • Parasol- Waddle Dee
  • Plasma-Plasma Wisp
  • Poison- Toxioad
  • Spear- Lancer
  • Stone- Golem
  • Sword- Blade Knight
  • Suplex- Staggy
  • Wheel- Wheelie Bike
  • Yo-yo- GIM
  • Wing- Birdon
  • Ghost- Tedhaun



Item Description
Dream Soul The embodiment of a pure, Dream Land soul. A very important item with 100 required to access the final level, there are a total of 150 of them and collecting the extras allow access to a secret...
Treasure Chest While not needed to progress, treasure chests can be collected and appareled at the Time Traveler to reveal Furniture, Spray Paint and Copy Pedestals, all of which promptly added to their respective rooms in the machine.
Copy Trophy If one is collected and brought back to the Dream Gate, it's respective ability will be able to be used in the copy ability hall.
Food Uncommonly found delicacies that can be eaten to replenish health, the amount generally depends on the food but a general rule of thumb is the fancier the food the more health gained. All food items can be shared with helper to replenish their health.
Maxim Tomato Kirby's favorite food, can be eaten to fully replenish all health.
Invincibility Candy An energetic lollipop. Can be eaten to become invincible, rendering it's consumer able to defeat enemies and mid-bosses on touch, immunity to damage and increased speed.


Object Description
Door As opposed to other installments Doors are manifested in the form of celestial gates. They are a prime method of getting around as all Doors surely connect to another door. Big doors lead back to the Dream Gate.
Soul Door A door blocked off by a lock with a number on it which is the amount of souls required to break the seal. These doors are found primarily in the Dream Gate representing each level but they also can be found in levels themselves.
Warp Pedestal Acts as a "save point", can also be used to summon the Warp Star to ride back to the Dream Gate and is the only way to get there again.
Switch Who knows what making contact with one could do. Mostly involved in puzzles and have various functions such as opening gates.
Warp Star Can be ridden to transport back to the Dream Gate, activating the goal game and allowing Kirby to safely claim any Dream Souls and Treasures collected.
Bubble Upon contact, these replenish a large amount of Kirby's Air Gauge and after three seconds after being collected they reappear where they were collected.
Copy Pedestal Pedestals that offer an unlimited amount of a certain Copy Ability on contact, ones found in Treasure Chests are added to the Time Traveler's Copy Ability room for out of level usage.
Key Can be picked up and carried around to open locked gates and doors denying access to certain areas, however it's holder looses the ability to jump multiple times or use Abilities making handling it tricky.


Extra items sometimes found within Treasure Chests, while not required to progress or get 100% they can be used to decorate the Time Traveler's main room.


Level Description Boss Dream Souls
Level 0
Dream Gate
The hubworld, the dreary center realm of the Ghost World with a grand gate leading back home in the center, which will open once enough dream souls are saved! Before entering however a short and linear tutorial path is played to teach the basics of the ghost world. Once the actual HUB is entered, all levels can be accessed as long as the player has enough souls to enter their door, meaning technically the levels can be played in almost any order as long as the player has saved enough souls, the first level however is obligatory. Aside from levels, Sub-Games, the Living Room and the Copy Ability Rooms can also be assessed here. Tenshi N/A
Level 1
Haunted Hallow
The obligatory level set in a dead moonlit forest littered with mushrooms that puts the basics of the Ghost World to the test. After crossing the linear forest a large and puzzling mansion appears, filled with treasure and souls in every nook and cranny! While simple at first, once the mansion is entered exploration becomes a key point in the game. Spooky Woods
Level 2
Ancient Arctic
A frozen over catacomb filled with bones all around, making it rather difficult to explore. As opposed to exploration this level focuses on combat, as it is littered with enemies and midbosses all around ready for a battle. Overall, this level's structure compliments this combat bias by having various interesting layouts designed around enemies. Wendighoul
Level 3
Laughter Land
An amusement park that manages to be more scary than anything fun. The level layout is quick paced, while there are tons of interconnecting doors to explore, they will be explored very quickly as there is always a deadly coaster, carousal or other danger to drive the exploration faster. Nothing ordinary here, only chaotic fun. Dullahaunt
Level 4
Odd Ocean
A level that takes place entirely within a dark ocean with a sunken ship as it's centerpiece. Both the sea and the ghost ship will be swapped between as the level goes on, which offers a mix of underwater and land gameplay, but if there's anything both worlds have in common it's the large amount of projectiles. Throughout the level cannons and enemies alike will be firing every which way, requiring lots of dodging and tight maneuvers. Captain Cannon
Level 5
Eerie Eruption
A grand, incan temple-like volcano that flows of liquid gold as opposed to lava. The exterior of the temple is simple enough with dangerous falling meteors of pure gold to be avoided, but on the inside many souls will be puzzle oriented, activating a trap if a puzzle is failed. Perhaps the temple is hiding a grand treasure? Idolith
Level 6
Dread Dungeon
A cave-like area full of rocky crystals and machinery possessed by ghosts, with enemies drawing near at all times. This level is very rougelike as it does not contain any ports to return back to the hub, so any souls and treasure are at risk the farther fared. This level is intended only for only the experienced as it puts all previous skills to the test. Computer Virus
Level ∞
Soul Gate
The finale world, has no structure and contains only boss fights. At first this world is simply an angelic Dream Gate but upon the disaster that spawns Dark Mobius, it becomes a demoic void of infinty. Tenshi
Ghost Knight
Dark Mobius
Eye of Mobius


Most basic enemies now appear ghost-like ingame to match the theme, this is purely atheistic and doesn't affect their behavior.

New Enemies

Returning Enemies


Mid-Boss Battle Ability
Tenshi A mysterious angel who appears at the end of every level's Ribbon section as a Mid-Boss, gaining more skills and attacks for each encounter no matter in what order of levels you fight her in.
On her first encounter in the Dream Gate she is very simple, attacking by firing off rounds of light energy from her sleeves to pressure the player before doing a spinning charge then returning back to her position.
Bonkers The soul of a mallet wielding ape with a mad temper, Bonkers will always be closing in on the player to hit them with powerful hammer slams which leave stars which can be used as ammunition to fight back. In between slamming his hammer around, Bonkers will also throw explosive coconuts into the air which explode after some time has passed and will swoop between the foreground and background as he does a hammer spin. Hammer icon
Poppy Bros. Sr. The soul of an explosive jester who just wants to blow things up. Throughout the fight Poppy Bros. Sr. will be hopping around with a grin on it's face, it's most prominent attack being it's ability to throw a barrage of bombs into the air which land and explode upon making contact with the ground, these can be inhaled and spat out for ammunition but they will give no ability if swallowed. Poppy Bros. Sr. may also attempt to skate into Kirby before skating into the background and throwing two giant bombs into the foreground, which must be super inhaled or attacked or else they will both explode into large explosions. Bomb (Icon)
Efreeti Fire (Icon)
Mr. Frosty Ice (Icon)
Master Green Ability Star Plasma
Mooncrasher Ability Star Stone
Ability Star Cutter
Crabgrab A nimble crab enveloped in foam that resembles breading, tasty, but beware this clawed menace is anything but. Throughout the fight it will grapple between the walls and ceiling of the battlefield attempting to shoot is claws at Kirby, if successful he will pull himself towards him, if not he will crash into a wall and be left vulnerable. For it's next attack it will run in a cycle along the walls and ceiling of the battlefield, occasionally shooting foam bubbles at the player from all sides. Finally when he's done with his rampage he will be on the ceiling above the player ready to drop, again left vulnerable if he misses. Hook Icon
Tedhaun Ghost Icon KDL3D


Story Mode

Boss Description Battle Abilites

Spooky Woods
Ability Star Poison KPR
Wendighoul A large hollow ghost of sorts who is completely intangible, except for it's skull which serves as a weak point where it can be damaged. Above all else one rule of thumb is never to enter Wendighoul's hollow body, as Kirby will take rapid passive damage for as long as he's inside. As for combat Wendighoul will generally attempt to dash insanely at the player and slash with his claws in attempt to apply pressure between itself and the wall, it may crash into a wall with it's skull falling to the ground, leaving it open to attacks. As another attack Wendighoul will throw multiple bones which move at a slow pace made to apply pressure before rushing in for another attack, Wendighoul will occasionally throw bones inbetween attacks.
At half health Wendighoul will gain an extra attack in the forme of roaring, sending giant icicles down to act as walls removed by either breaking or super-inhaling for the ice ability. In addition to this, Wendighoul will speed up and mix up it's attack pattern.
Ice (Icon)Ability Star Bone
Dullahaunt A mysterious cloaked figure with a pumpkin for a head. At first, Dullahaunt is completely ordinary, spitting magic to attack and swooping all over the place, but once he loses a quarter of HP things get tricky as Dullahaunt's head completely detaches! The head then becomes Dullahaunt's weak point, which then pursues Kirby in attempt to ram him, all while the body shoots volleys of magic. Another attack Dullahuant possesses upon half health is creating clones of his head and mixing them up in attempt to disorient the player, contact with a fake head results in an explosion, all remaining heads will then charge at Kirby. Afterwards Dullahaunt's head will bounce all around the battlefeild with the body rammign every which way in attempt to reclaim it, both parts of Dullahaunt are a hazard but if successfully dodged both will become vulnerable before he reclaims his head. Bomb]]
Captain Cannon Bubble Ability Star NewCrash (Icon)
Idolith Ability Star Lava
Computer Virus None
Tenshi Ability Star Ribbon
Ghost Knight Cutter (Icon)
Dark Mobius TBA
Eye of Mobius TBA