Kirby: Second Chance
Developer(s) Hammy Games Inc. Logo
Publisher(s) NintendoLogo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Autumn 2015 (PAL & America)

Late summer 2015 (Japan)

Genre(s) Platformer/Puzzle
Series Kirby
Predecessor Kirby: Triple Deluxe

Kirby: Second Chance (tentative title) is a 2.5D platformer/puzzle game released for the Wii U in 2015. It supports up to 4 players (5, if you count Mospecia's powers) at a time on a quest throughout the world of Popstar to collect the seven Copy Monuments to stop an unknown force from destroying their world.

eShop Description

Join Kirby and friends on their biggest adventure yet! As a cold evil threatens Dreamland, they must join forces with Mospecia, a mysterious mage, to bring the sacred items to their Copy Monuments!

New Features



Kirby, King DeDeDe, Meta Knight and Bandana Dee are having a picnic together. Kirby scoffs up all the food and the three others glare at him. King DeDeDe prepares to hit him with his hammer when a piece of cake begins to float. The group look at the cake, intrigued. When pieces begin to disappear, King DeDeDe puts Kirby down and walks up to the cake. He swipes his hammer above it and the cake falls to the ground. A purple character, the same species as Magalor and Taranza, appears sitting on the ground, rubbing her head. She introduces herself as Mospecia, a mage in search of the seven Copy Monuments. She explains that the Copy Monuments are ancient statues depicting the seven Hyper Abilities. These are used to protect Dreamland and are scattered around Popstar and its surrounding planets. She explains that a cold force is invading Dreamland and she must stop it by activating the Monuments with their respective items. She sees a Miracle Fruit on the picnic blanket and gasps. She says that the Miracle Fruit is the sacred item of the Hypernova Monument, when a peculiar blue Waddle Dee steals it. Mospecia and the gang chase it, triggering the first level.



Copy Abilities

Regular Abilities


Mixed Abilities


Hyper Abilities