In Kirby: Sapphire Star, the player can mix two abilities for a Mix Ability with the Star Blender, similar to Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. This is the list of the Mixed Abilities.


Image Name Kirby's Ability Keeby/Mega's Ability
Fire+Fire When Kirby gets two Fire abilities, he can breathe a huge stream of fire that covers the entire screen, aside from behind him! Almost guaranteed to hit anything in front of him! When Keeby or Mega has two Fire abilities, they can become a colossal fireball that will travel a long distance super fast!
Fire+Ice Kirby transforms into a huge ice block and then in it's place becomes a huge fire! This attack is to both freeze and fry those pesky foes!
Fire+Spark Kirby rubs his head with a towel until the static electricity burns it. Kirby runs around almost uncontrollably until doused or after enough time has passed;
Fire+Cutter Gives Kirby a bow and firey arrows to aim and shoot at enemies. If he charges up he shoots three at a time. Keeby gains a huge firey sword in which he can swing around, hold up and then throw at enemies.
Fire+Bomb Fire and Bomb Keeby, or Fireworks Keeby can light himself on fire and fly into the air! Pressing the 'B' button will allow Keeby or Mega to explode into a beautiful fireworks display.
Fire+Fighter A very powerful attack but yet slow. Kirby prepares to punch with his "hand" ignited and after a second punches with massive, firey damage.  Keeby and Mega can pretty much become a flamethrower, weapon-wise. They breathe a straight stream of fireballs, which can be aimed with ↑ and ↓.
Fire+Wind When Keeby or Mega has Fire and Wind together, they can become a fire whirl! In this form, they can burn fuses and enemies as a tornado!


Image Name Kirby's Ability Keeby/Mega's Ability
Ice+Ice Double ice's ability snowballs with its power... literally! Like Kirby with the Snow Bowl ability, Ice+Ice Kirby turns into a snowball and rolls for a distance, utterly destroying anything in his path.
Ice+Spark With Ice and Spark, Kirby can become a refridgerator and spew out several delicious Foods to heal himself with! Very useful!
 Ice+Cutter Ice Cutter Kirby can create some cool ice skates! When skating, Kirby goes faster and can jump higher! He also spins while jumping, destroying or hurt. .
Ice+Water Snowball fight! Kirby can throw snowballs that can be aimed in whatever direction!  They're not very strong, but you can hold the button to throw multiple snowballs at a time! Keeby lays down various water patches around himshelf and the patches freeze then melt. Any enemies touching the patches will turn into ice cubes!
Ice+Fighter Keeby freezes the enemy or surface with a ball of ice. When frozen, he will punch the ice block open, breaking whatever is inside!


Image Name Kirby's Ability Keeby/Mega's Ability
Spark+Cutter .
Spark+Fighter Keeby and Mega punch the ground, creating a long, horizontal, electric wave. Sometimes, a bunch of fruits will from the top of the screen, which can be poked for them to roll around the room.


Image Name Kirby's Ability Keeby/Mega's Ability
Cutter+Cutter Two Cutters let Kirby make a giant boomerang from his face which will decimate everything in front of him, at the cost of mobility! Two Cutters allow Keeby and Mega to stop moving and swing a gargantuan sword across the swing to cause massive damage!
Cutter+Bomb With this ability, Kirby can throw small, exploding ninja stars which stick to whatever they contact and explode after about a second.
Cutter+Water With Cutter and Water, Kirby can make a bunch of water needles fly from in front of him!
Cutter+Wind Kirby jumps high into the air and speeds downward with a cutter infront of him. Afterwards a sharp, blade-like beam is created.This is identiacal to final cutter. Keeby and Mega use a geisha's fan to slap a foe. When the button is being held, they will wave the fan to cause a small gust of wind. When it is released, the gust will concentrate into a tornado and go forward and destroy!
Cutter+Leaf Keeby will create a leaf sword to hack and slash any enemy. Works very well under water, but will burn when used against fire enemies.


Image Name Kirby's Ability Keeby/Mega's Ability
Stone+Stone Double Stone Kirby can still turn into a random object, but this time, it's a bigger object and can walk and jump! 
Stone+Bomb Kirby can throw huge sticks of of dynamite at his enemies. Careful, though! Kirby can get hurt by the ginormous explosion if he isn't standing behind a wall or hiding in his hard hat! Keeby plants a mine that goes off when B is pressed again or an enemy walks over it.
Stone+Water Kirby transforms into a water droplet and falls making a huge splash when hitting the ground. Although it does not quite work the same on land.
Stone+Fighter Keeby and Mega are able to punch the ground so hard that it causes two huge stalactites that travel along the ground from punching it!
Stone+Leaf Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to be a tree? With this ability, Kirby can become a tree and fall on his enemies! Just watch out for that fire...


Image Name Kirby's Ability Keeby/Mega's Ability
Bomb+Water Kirby becomes a water mine and on land blows up on contact but in water is able to move around freely before blowing up.
Bomb+Wind Keeby and Mega can become a missile with this ability. Use the D-Pad to control them and press B to detonate him!


Image Name Kirby's Ability Keeby/Mega's Ability
Water+Wind Kirby will create an umbrella to shield from enemies and attacks from above. In windy areas, he will float backwards while it is out.


Image Name Kirby's Ability Keeby/Mega's Ability


Image Name Kirby's Ability Keeby/Mega's Ability


Image Name Kirby's Ability Keeby/Mega's Ability


  • During Kirby's Fighting+Fire he yells out "Kirby!" and when punching he then yells out "Punch!". This is a reference to one of Captain Falcon's special smash moves in the Super Smash Bros. series called Falcon Punch.
  • Many of the fighter mixes are references to Street Fighter series moves.
    • Fighting+Fire for Keeby and Mega is a reference to Dhalsim's Yoga Inferno; specifically, the Street Fighter X Megaman version.
    • Fighting+Spark for the same two results in Blanka's Shout of Earth.
      • The fruits that fall are another reference Street Fighter X Megaman, where Blanka's Shout of Earth resulted in four watermelons falling from the sky.

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