Kirby: Sapphire Star is a Kirby game developed by Mega Studios and Fritez Co. for the 3DS. Like most Kirby games it includes the titular character Kirby using his signiture inhale tactics to use his enemies' abilities. The game is mainly based off of Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, allowing the player to mix abilities in the Star Blender.

Kirby:Sapphire Star
Developer(s) Mega Studios

Fritez Co.

Publisher(s) FantendoByArend
Platform(s) 3DS
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan TBA 2013
25px-Flag of USA TBA 2013
25px-Flag of Europe TBA 2013
25px-Flag of Australia TBA 2013
1 Player Adventure and 4 Player Battle Mode
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer, Adventure






The Arena

The True Arena






Image Name Description Abilities Disadvantages How to unlock
KirbyByPlazzap Kirby Kirby can use his famous inhale ability to inhale and spit enemies as an attack. He can also swallow (certain) enemies to gain an ability similar to their ability. Kirby can use stored abilities and mix them with with the Star Blender for a combo ability. He can also infinitely float.  Kirby has no disadvantages making him quite easy to use. Kirby is unlocked from the beginning.
KeebyByPlazzap Keeby Keeby has all of Kirby's normal abilities but uses copy abilities different. He even uses some mixed abilities differently. Keeby runs faster than Kirby as a change. Keeby jumps lower and floats slightly slow. Keeby is unlocked from the beginning.

Mega's copy abilities are the same as Keeby's, except for the fact that they have a larger range and are a certain amount stronger.

He is a somewhat slow runner and can get tired after floating too much. Mega is unlocked by beating the game once.
CloudPrince Prince Nimbus He is more fragile, and takes more damage from enemies. TBA

Animal Helpers

Image Name Animal Description Abilities
Rick Hamster Rick, one of Kirby's oldest friends, is back in the fur! He is very fast because he rolls around in a large hamster ball! Though it can roll over soft or sharp things easily, it isn't good with liquids, rocky enemies, or steel enemies.
Coo Owl
Kine Fish
Nago Cat
ChuchuKSS Chuchu Squid
Pitch Bird
Nama Kangaroo



Spray Paint


Animal Paint

Animal Accessories


Image Name Description Abilitiy
Mr. Frosty The wacky walrus returns! Along with slamming his body into the heroes and throwing ice cubes at them, he can also twirl around while breathing icy breath and encasing his body in ice to heal! Ice
Pakko A new mid-boss who is sure to shock veterans and novice Kirby players! Pakko is a circus seal who uses balls of electricity, balances them on his nose, and can perform numerous tricks afterward, such as throwing them at the heroes, throwing them at the ceiling to create small electric spikes to crush the heroes, or make an even bigger spark ball to jump into, and then charge into the other side of the battlefield. Spark
PoppyBrosSr.KSS Poppy Bros. Sr. The leader of the Poppy Bros. and the first mid-boss Kirby's ever fought! As always, he jumps around and chucks bombs. Sometimes, however, he will throw a huge flurry of bombs around the room and can summon Poppy Bros. Juniors to help him. Sometimes, he can trip, causing the bomb to fly wildly around the room! Bomb




Image Name Abilities Keeby/Mega's Ability
Fire With this flaming ability Kirby can breath scorching flames at enemies and can even walk while doing so. He can charge up to spit a big fireball, light fuses and melt ice with his fiery abilities. Fire gives Keeby the ability to transform into a flaming fireball and lunge forward frying enemies in the process. He can even curve up and down while doing so. Not only that but he can also light fuses and melt ice. 
Ice Sooo c-c-c-c cold. Like fire gives Kirby the ability to breathe icy wind freezing enemies and obstacles. When frozen Kirby can kick that enemy along. He can also cool hot spots . Keeby can use a super cold shield to freeze enemies. Like Kirby he can kick frozen enemies along. He can also cool hot spots!
Spark A shocking ability that allows Kirby to create a field of electricity around him as an attack. He can move while doing so but the field is stronger and better ranged when holding still. Keeby can shoot quick paced, short ranged plasma needles at enemies to attack. But is this all? Not exactly. Keeby can charge these shots to launch off bigger, stronger and better ranged spark balls at foes. 
Cutter Throw a blade and it comes back. Just like a boomerang!  Kirby can cut ropes with this ability and damage enemies as well. Slice, chop, final cutter! With Cutter Keeby can use a curved sword to make many moves with such as slicing, jumping with it, etc. he can also cut ropes.
Stone Kirby is able to transform into a random object and descend rapidly crushing  foes and becoming invincible as well! Kirby can move but cannot however jump and moves quite slowly. Keeby is able to hammer the ground in front of him with a random object to crush foes! If used in the air Keeby flips with it.
Bomb With this explosive copy ability, Kirby can throw an infinite stock of bombs at his enemies. You can change the angle, too!  With Bomb, Keeby can tackle enemies and explode on them. A quick and painless ability, given that you get out of the way as soon as the enemy recovers! 
Water Get ready to make a splash! With this ability Kirby can spit water blobs that slide across the ground. Kirby can charge up these bursts to spit a bigger, more powerful blob. Keeby is able to spew bubbles transforming enemies into collectable bubble abilities. it however hurts Bosses and Mid-Bosses normally.
Fighter Kirby is able to make many powerful punches and kicks using fighter. This is mainly a melee ability. Keeby using a super megaton punch punches  the ground and makes a small earthquake dealing damage to enemies near Keeby and makes farther enemies topple over.
Wind With this new copy ability, Kirby is capable of blowing powerful wind that can blow enemies away or hurt them! Wind Keeby is more like Tornado Kirby from the other games! He can turn into a tornado and crash and fly around to destroy everything!
Leaf With this floral ability, Kirby can surround himself in a tornado of leaves!  Leaf Kirby can walk around slowly and still maintain the leaf swirl. Leaf Keeby creates a five-way spread shot of leaves that pierce through multiple enemies at a time! It can even be aimed in five directions!


Main Article:Kirby: Sapphire Star/Mixed Abilities


Special Items

Normal Items



Icon Name Description
Bleu Village Bleu Village is the main hub of Pop Star and has doors to all of Pop Star's levels. This area has many small, empty houses that can be decorated. The player can also find secert areas that contain 1-ups and other goodies. The palyer can also buy items from Howdi and race Checks in the outskirts of Bleu Village.
Sapphire Palace Sappire Palace is accsessed throgh the Sapphire Star when it has enough power. It leads to the levels in the Sapphire Dimension and has many rooms, nooks and crannies still containing various goodies. The player can still buy items from Howdi and can battle mini-bosses in the arena.
Blue Rainbow A hub unlocked after all the Sapphire Star's power has returned by collecting all power capsules. It holds the 11 and 12 levels and still contains Howdi's shop and both Hiya and Checks' challanges. After both worlds are complete then the game is cleard 100%. Though these levels are anything but easy.


Icon Name World Nu.of Stages Description Boss(es)
Breezy Plains Pop Star 4 TBA King Dedede
Green Greens Pop Star 4 TBA Whispy Woods
Glitter Dunes Pop Star 5 TBA TBA
Bubble Islands Pop Star 5


Frosty Valley Pop Star 5 TBA Mazze and Dazze
Gear Tower Pop Star 6 TBA Hourou
Tuquoi Ocean Sapphire Dimension 7 TBA Taredirop
Peri Skies Sapphire Dimension 7 TBA Kracko
Navvi Craters Sapphire Dimension 8 TBA Galacta Knight
Sapphire Garden Sapphire Dimension 8 TBA TBA


Artwork by ϞPlazzapϟ (tbc)

Sprites by Kirbymariomega (tbc)

Template:Mega Studios Game

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