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Kirby: Robobot Revenge
Developer(s) HAL Laboratory and Pyro Enterprises
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Cryogon
Release Date(s)
April 13th, 2020
Genre(s) Platformer
Series Kirby
Predecessor Kirby: Polygon Panic
Media Included Cryogon cartridge

Kirby: Robobot Revenge is a Kirby game developed by Pyro Enterprises and is a direct successor to Kirby: Planet Robobot. It is the second game in the Kirby: Crystal Reformation Trilogy.

According to the project director, the game will not be worked on until mid-August, where Planet Robobot spoilers are allowed.


The story of Kirby: Robobot Revenge begins with a mech-riding Susie crashing into the ground at the side of Kirby's house, waking him up from a dream that is presumably about cake. While Kirby is ready to fight her at first, the frightened robot assures him that she means no harm, and that she actually needs his help. Mekkai, Susie's homeworld and the former headquarters of the Haltmann Works Company, has been taken over by a malevolent computer virus, and she is the only remaining employee who hasn't been hijacked by said virus. Kirby tells Susie that he's happy to assist, and she flies Kirby to Mekkai.

Upon both Kirby and Susie clearing their respective second worlds, they reunite and celebrate that their plan to purge the virus from Mekkai was going well. Unfortunately, their celebration was short-lived, as the lights in the area dimmed and a giant holographic screen flickered into view, a digitized eye symbol decorating it. The screen, a living representation of the Computer Virus, ordered the two to leave the planet lest they be purged. The two denied, and split off again to keep erasing the virus.



Name Description Abilities
Savior of Pop Star and the one who destroyed the Haltmann Works Company originally. The innocent yet powerful puffball now ventures to the company's former HQ of Mekkai, guided by former adversary Susie. it may be dangerous, but luckily, Kirby is one of the few able to pilot the powerful Haltmann Robobot Armors. Kirby can Inhale enemies with his black hole-like mouth. Once inhaled, they can be spit out for a Star Shot attack, which charges depending on how much Kirby has stored, or swallowed to gain a Copy Ability, a power that replaces the Inhale while active.
A female robot who used to be secretary to the president of the Haltmann Works Company, now out of a job after its destruction. In her attempt to return to planet Mekkai, she discovered that it had been infected by a mysterious virus, which was taking over all the company assets. Out of options, she turns to Kirby. Susie lacks access to typical Copy Abilities; instead, she switches between three different Modes. These Modes include Offensive, based on Fire, Fighter, and Ninja, Defensive, based on Ice, Mirror, and ESP, and Ranged, based on Spark, Archer, and Beam.

Copy Abilities

Ability Star Archer Ability Star Beam Ability Star Beetle Ability Star Bell Ability Star Bomb CannonIcon Ability Star Cutter CyberIcon Ability Star Doctor Ability Star ESP Ability Star Fighting Ability Star Fire Ability Star Hammer Ability Star Ice Ability Star Jet KPR Ability Star Mirror KPR Ability Star Parasol PlasmaIcon Ability Star Poison KPR Ability Star Sleep SonarIcon Ability Star Stone Ability Star Sword Ability Star Wheel


Kirby and Susie each have six worlds in their separate campaigns, both ending in the seventh boss-only world (TBA Mid-August). When both campaigns are cleared, the hidden "True Campaign" is unlocked, featuring three worlds and another boss-only world.

Kirby's Campaign

Level Description Stages Fortress Boss Core Guardian
Level 1
Green Gears
What was once a massive gear-filled construction yard has been covered in moss, becoming a beautiful forest of mechanical life. This is Kirby's tutorial stage, and as such things are pretty simple and easy to get through quickly. 4 + 1EX Gigavolt Prototype Mechanavier
Level 2
Laser Lane
A strange ruined laboratory that's so old and abandoned it resembles ancient temples, blueprints and screens replacing hieroglyphs and runes. The sky is tinted red by a massive laser focusing lens, which covers the entire domed facility. 5 + 1EX Gigant Lobster Laser.CIA
Level 3
Icy Industies
The light and breezy foundries for all the metal produced on Mekkai. The giant volcano-like forges dot the landscape, spewing liquid metal and hot metal plates. Luckily, the environment is ice-cold, helping to cool the metal and give everything a beautiful icy sheen. 5 + 1EX Lord Foundry V13 Snowcore
Level 4
Transceiver Towers
Dark and stormy clouds hide Mekkai's vast range of transceiver dishes, spreading dead signals throughout the cosmos. Platforming through the clouds is rough, but the heavily guarded towers are full of combat and dangerous enemies. 5 + 1EX Drone A.Blade Mecha Kracko
Level 5
Circuitry Cuisine
Rather bright and cheery, this entire zone was dedicated to making food as well as chemical experimentation. It seems safe and simple at first, but then the difficulty amps up in dangerous cooking-themed levels as well as a deadly laboratory. 6 + 1EX KAWA-5AK1 Bundt

Susie's Campaign

Level Description Stages Fortress Boss Core Guardian
Level 1
Silicon Seaside
A flooded region of Mekkai's factories, luckily not so far gone as to become a water-filled mess. Instead, its a sort of mechanical beach, letting players adjust to Susie's more advanced playstyle. 4 + 1EX Acr-0 Rusty Woods
Level 2
Origin Oasis
The junkyard of Mekkai, a vast desert where all the broken and obsolete technology is thrown. The environment is hazardous, and so are the enemies, but the sandy wreckages should be manageable by competent players. 5 + 1EX Gigant Mole Gobbleworm
Level 3
Upgraded Under
Deep underground, multiple giant drills burrow to the earthy center of Mekkai, pillaging what few minerals it has left. The caverns are massive, and transit tunnels crisscross the landscape. Beware the massive earth eating machine R.E.C.O.G.S., which will pursue you until you are nothing but mulch. 5 + 1EX R.E.C.O.G.S. Chemicameleo
Level 4
Retro Ridge
Experiments in a memory-scanning device by Haltmann in a feeble attempt to recreate his daughter ages ago. The blocky area scans into memories of the past, taking on the appearnces of some of the most memorable areas in the series. 5 + 1EX Mecha DDD Holo-Doomer API
Level 5
Corrosion Corridors
What resembles a massive haunted house made of broken and corroded circuit boards, formerly the mansion that Haltmann and his daughter resided in. It's become a home for rogue AI, which resemble ghosts due to their holographic form. Proceed with caution. 6 + 1EX Memory Titan Queen Fuwa Rover

True Campaign

Level Description Stages Secret Rooms Boss


Fortress Bosses


Core Guardians