The Kirby: Rise of Zero Tetralogy is a four-part ongoing story of the Kirby series involving the return of the Dark Matter force, after not having a proper main villain status since 2000 in The Crystal Shards. Starting with Kirby: Lucid Dreamer in 2017 (on Kirby's 25th anniversary), the canon of the tetralogy spanned across four main series games, each with the Kirby's Dream Land forename.

The tetralogy's main focus is the return of the Dark Matter species and force as a whole, as Kirby must fight the race altogether once more. While the connection to Dark Matter does not become major or significant story-wise until the second installment, the Dark Matter race have involvement in the plots of each of the first three.


As previously stated, there are four games throughout the tetralogy (hence why it's a tetralogy), each one having the Dark Matter race involved in some way.

Kirby: Lucid Dreamer

Kirby: Daydream Isle

Kirby: Miracle Maker

Kirby: Dream Warriors



  • The tetralogy also brings back many past elements of the original Dream Land trilogy and The Crystal Shards; these include Animal Buddies, the return of characters like Gooey and Adeleine, and actual Final Weapons, that are treated like ancient relics over all.
  • The tetralogy was inspired by Shadow Inferno (tbc)'s trilogy of Kirby games that focused around the resurrection of Zero and the return of the Dark Matter race.

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