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Kirby: Rhythm Rumble
Developer(s) Lollama13
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Platformer
Release Date(s)
Story, Dedede: Rhythm Rumble, Sound test (unlock)
Age Rating(s)
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Kirby: Rhythm Rumble is a Kirby game for the Nintendo 3DS, it is the sequel to Kirby: Planet Robobot, it is a 2.5D platforming game.

In this new adventure, Kirby gets trapped in a magical music box containing the world of Musiker and to escape he must fight Sonata, the goddess of music and noise.


One day, Kirby was strolling through the fields of Dreamland, and he came across a music box, he cranked it to hear some nice music, but he and many other things were sucked into another world, the land of Musiker, commanded by the tyranic goddess Sonata, to escape, Kirby and his friend must defeat Sonata and gain the key to the music box.


Character Description
The hero of Dreamland who is trapped in a music box world, how will he make it out of this?
250px-Dedede KRTDL
King Dedede
The King of Dreamland appears to take on his own journey through Musiker in Dedede: Rhythm Rumble.
250px-Meta Knight SSB4
Meta Knight
Meta Knight is one of the few that know of the world of Musiker, he and his troops helps Kirby along the journey.
The main antagonist and leader of Musiker, she wants Kirby to stay in her world so that Dreamland gets destroyed.


Rhythm Rumble plays like any other Kirby game, you jump, fly, inhale enemies to get their abilities, the usual. But now, each world has a unique super ability involving musical instruments. In order, these abilities are:

Ability Flavor text Effect
Violin "The notes from the violin go loopidy loop, loopidy loop..." Fires musical notes that travel in a wave pattern.
Guitar "Shred that guitar Kirby, those enemies can't take such serious rocking!" Shoots lasers of sound.
Clarinet "Kirby found this one with a weird squid, not sure why a squid would be playing it, they hardly have mouths." Clarinet attacks by shooting notes that line up and track 1-5 enemies, depending on how many times you press the attack button
Drums "What a warm summer, but it's never too hot to be a drummer." Can do a combo of notes that spread around Kirby.
Trumpet "Tootidy Tootidy Toot, and did I mention 'Tootidy toot'?" A better version of the clarinet, the trumpet can target double the amount of enemies
Accordeon "Who knew sound could stop someone on their tracks, maybe it's too good and they wanna stop and listen, or maybe it's something else" Stuns enemies
Harp "A beautiful instrument with sweet notes, good night little waddlers" The notes put enemies to sleep
Orchestra "A symphony of destruction, time to end this fight!" The final ability, it's a circle of instruments around Kirby that fire waves of sound.

To use each ability in puzzles, Kirby must hit the notes as they come down in the bottom screen, in the middle of levels, it's just the normal attack button.

There are also plane sections that play like shoot 'em ups, you still get to collect new abilities and even use the instrument abilities while on a little plane.

Bosses also have weaknesses, abilities that do slightly more damage than all others on that specific boss.


World Spec. Ability Boss
Mandolin Marsh Violin Basserpentine
Ukelele Forest Guitar Rhythm Woods
Symphonic Sea Clarinet Lord Angler
Instrument Desert Drums Rocky Roller
Chord Cones Trumpet Harmonyork
Accordeon Alps Achordeon Kracko
Lyra Land Harp Marcato
Arpeggio Fortress Orchestra Sonata


Boss Flavor text Desc. Weaknesses
Basserpentine "The lord of the marsh, watch out for his strings!" A large serpent with a head made of wood and a body made up of guitar strings. Its weak point is the red jewel in its crown




Rhythm Woods "Whispy Woods is here, but he looks a little different, I think he got a haircut." Whispy's musical counterpart, in place of leaves, he has music sheets and shoots out music notes.



Lord Angler "Its the king of the sea, that light might look friendly, but don't go to it." Lord Angler is a large red fish with an eyepatch and a broken ship for a hat, he is fought in the dark depths of the sea, his weak point is his glowing lure.




Rocky Roller "A living stone? I only believe it see- Oops..." A huge round rock with spikes that tries to crush kirby by rolling, its actually a robot controlled by a Waddle Doo. The weak point is the Waddle Doo, attack him when the R.R. opens up



Harmonyork "Aww, it's a giant killer robot puppy! Don't worry, it doesn't bite. Not too hard at least." A large wooden robot in the shape of a dog, just like with R.R., it occasionally opens up to reveal the pilot, attack him when it does.



Kracko "The famous killer cloud was sucked into the music box, and now Kirby must fight him once more." Kracko is fought near identically to how it was in Triple Deluxe




Marcato "Sonata's most loyal minion, he won't stop until Kirby is gone for good." Marcato is a knight in very bulky armor, he attacks with his sword, lasers, and meteors. Sword
Sonata "The queen of Musiker, she has the key to get out of this world, time to end this." Sonata attacks by summonign enemies and controlling the mist she's made of to create rocks, sword, floods, etc. N/A
Sonata's Soul "Sonata is not done yet, use this new ability to finally win and escape!" Sonata's dissembodied soul is no longer out to trap Kirby, she wants the puffball dead, this form attacks with lasers, more lasers, and the same mist as the previous form. Orchestra



Picture Name Flavor text
Ice Kirby
Ice "Brr, it sure is chilly outside, wait, you're not even outside..."
Sword Kirby
Sword "Swing and slash your way through enemies with a sweet new blade!"
Cutter Kirby
Cutter "I never thought a boomerang could be so scary and sharp, Kirby proved me wrong."
Poison Kirby
Poison "Who left this dangerous, goopy poison lying around? Oh yeah, it was Kirby."
Leaf Kirby
Leaf "Fighting evil with the powers of nature, go Leaf Kirby!"
Sparkling Spark Kirby KDL3D
Spark "Kirby is here with a new coat of paint, keep your forks away from him."
Needle Kirby
Spike "SHING! Kirby is like a rose now, pretty and colorful, but covered in pointy thorns."
Yo-Yo Kirby
Yo-Yo "Kirby has a Yo-Yo, how about that Waddle Dee gets a closer look at it?"
Parasol Kirby
Parasol "Watch him twirl, watch him glide, Kirby has a fabulous parasol and he knows how to use it!"
Spear Kirby
Spear "Kirby's gone old-school form his weapons, a good ol' spear"
Mike Kirby
Mike "RAWR! Note to self: never let a certain puffball near a microphone"
Hi-Jump Kirby
Hi-Jump "Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nah, it's just Kirby jumping into the clouds"
Bell Kirby
Bell "Ding Dong, Kirby has bells, Dong Ding, the baddies are done for"
Whip Kirby
Whip "Use this to get items from behind walls, swing around and avoid snakes"
Beetle Kirby
Beetle "Kirby turned beetles from one of the scariest bugs into the cutest and most useful!"


Aside from the obvious intrumental abilities, there are also 3 new normal abilities:

Picture Name Flavor text
TBA Magma "A mixture of fire, poison and a bit of rock, what's not to like about this spicy new power?"
TBA Crystal "A beautifully cut puffball that fires controllable lasers, truly a masterpiece."
Light Kirby KDL3D

Image not by Lollama13, sorry for not getting permission, if it was needed :T


"AAH, it's blinding, what's that in the distance? Oh no, it's Kirby!"

Note: Ability was remade to be useful, that's why it's under "New"


  • Much like with previous Kirby games, the first letters of each world make a word, in this case, it's "MUSICAL" which is the general theme of the game.

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