These are upgrades for the Abilinexes in Kirby: Power Struggle.

Stage 1 Upgrade

Image Name Attack Ability HP Perk Upgrade of Upgrade Cost Rage Ability Pros Cons
TBA Knight

Valiant Strike

Deals 85 damage.

Forces target to attack only Knight.

Lasts 2 turns.

Shield Up

Takes 55% less damage.



Is not affected by attacks that deal less than 30 damage.

Sword 150 Coins

Hero's Charge

Deals 350 damage to the enemy with the most health.

Stuns target for 3 turns.

  • Hero's Charge deals high damage.
  • Is an Ironclad.
  • Shield Up decreases damage by a lot.
  • Has high health.
  • Valiant Strike is ineffective against Picky enemies.
  • Cannot force pirates to attack him.
  • Shield Up cannot be used on allies.
TBA Tomahawk

Tomahawk Toss

50 damage.

5% chance of dealing 200 damage.

Hunting Call

All allies deal 15% more damage.


Throwing Accuracy

Attacks cannot be dodged.

Cutter 100 Coins

Tomahawk Frenzy

Deals 200 damage to 3 random enemies.

  • Has a chance of dealing massive damage.
  • His attacks cannot be dodged.
  • Can affect Ironclads.
  • Tomahawk Frenzy does not hit all enemies.
  • His critical strike is ineffective against Picky enemies.
  • Attack boost is weak.

Stage 2

TBA Hammer
TBA Glaive
TBA Firebug

Stage 3

TBA Pyrotechnician

Stage 4

Stage 5 Upgrade (Final)

TBA Centurion
TBA Slingmaster
TBA Pyromaster

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