These are Copy Abilities/Abilinexes in Kirby: Power Struggle

They can be upgraded in Meta Knight's Dojo.

Image Name Attack Ability HP Unlocked Perk Rage Ability Pros Cons
Sword Kirby

Sword Abilinex


15 Damage

5% Chance of dealing 20% more damage.

Sword Guard

Selected ally takes 50% less damage.

Lasts 3 turns.

150 Beginning of Game N/A

Ultra Sword

Deals 255 damage to the opponent with the highest health.

  • Ultra Sword deals a ton of damage.
  • Sword Guard's defense boost is very high.
  • Slice is very weak.
  • Sword Guard can only be equipped on one ally.
Cutter Abilinex

Cutter Toss

2x13 damage

5% Chance of striking another random target.

Boomerang Shield

When the selected ally is attacked, the attacker will take 25 damage.

Boomerang Shield only lasts 3 attacks.

125 Grassy Lands Level 5 

Spike Helm

Attackers who jump on Cutter will take 20% of their dealt damage.

Hyper Boomerang

All enemies take 2x76 damage.

  • Spike Helm counters jump attacks well.
  • Boomerange Shield only lasts 3 attacks, not 3 turns.
  • Spike Helm deals very low damage when used on low damage enemies.
  • Hyper Boomerang isn't effective against Picky enemies.
Fire Abilinex

Fire Breath

5x15 damage.

Burns enemies for the next 3 turns (10 damage).


Attackers get burned for 3 turns (15 damage).

Lasts 3 turns.

75 Crystal Caverns Level 8


Is not affected by burn damage.

Monster Flame

All enemies in his lane will take 75 damage.

All targets will be burned for the next 3 turns (15 damage).

  • Burn effect is very useful against Picky enemies.
  • Cannot be burned.
  • Monster Flame deals 120 damage overall.
  • Fire Breath deals 105 damage overall.
  • Burn does not work on fireproof enemies, removing the effectiveness of attacks.
  • Has low HP.
  • Quintle attack is not effective against Ironclads.

Leaf Abilinex

Leaf Blast

25 damage to all enemies.

Leafy Pile

Selected ally cannot be attacked.

Lasts 1 turn.

125 Crystal Caverns Level 17

Nature Lover

Is not affected by harmful effects.

Leaf Tornado

All opponents take 75 damage.

75% chance of being stunned for 5 turns.

  • Hits all enemies.
  • Leafy Pile
  • can avoid attacks completely.
  • Is not affected by harmful effects.
  • Leaf Tornado is not effective against Picky enemies.
  • Leafy Pile lasts only 1 turn.