These are unused or beta concepts in Kirby: Power Struggle.


Time Abilinex

There exists coding for a time-based Abilinex.

It seems to have a "Timestop" ability which, judging by the name, would have frozen enemies.

In addition, it would have been unlocked in an unused world called "Chronoscape".

"Artillery" Abilinex

This Abilinex was seen in the trailer but is not availible in the game itself. In the footage, it was shown capable of striking multiple enemies with strong explosive attacks.

The coding suggests it to be an upgrade of the Bomb Abilinex.

It seems to have been replaced by the Tank Abilinex.

Dynamite Abilinex

This Abilinex was found in the coding as a Combo Abilinex. This feature has been removed in the final game.




This unused world appears to include enemies that have supposedly warped from periods in time. It is unknown why this was scrapped.


Combo Abilinexes

The coding of the game reveals that there was originally a method of combining Abilinexes. This feature has been removed.


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