Kirby: Pop Star Tales is an action role-playing game of the Kirby series. It is going to be released to the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. The game is similar to games such as Secret of Mana, being a multiplayer action-role playing game. The game is cenetered around a new threat on the Pop Star which wants to destroy not only the Pop Star, but the entire solar system around it. Our heroes must stop them.

The game features cross-play between both versions, as with both versions having different items which can be changed between systems. Using the StreetPass, the player may get Stars, which serves as this game currency.





Image Name Description Ability
KirbySSB4 Kirby Kirby is a small, innocent kid. He, however, is very dangerous when someone tries to destroy his homeland. Kirby is the all-around of the group. Copy enemy abilities.
KTD King Dedede King Dedede King Dedede is a cruel overlord, however he does have a heart of gold to protect his minions. He is the big guy of the group, having more defense and being the slowest.
Unlocked after beating him on Chapter 1.
Can summon minions and can use his hammer.
KRtDL Bandana Dee Bandana Dee Bandana Dee is one of Dedede's minions, he is very clumsy, but he is pretty fast. As mentioned, he is the speed character, having the highest speed stat.
Unlocked after beating him on Chapter 2.
Can multiple attack with his spear.
Meta Knight(Clear) Meta Knight A queit yet powerful knight. Meta Knight is the strongest on the main four, he is fast and powerful. He can use his Galaxia sword to do some neat tricks.
Unlocked after beating him on Chapter 3.
Fast and agile and can use special tricks with his sword.

Temporary Team Members




Kirby's Abilities

Kirby can use the abilities from the enemies on battle, but it can be used once during battle, after the battle, the ability cannot be used again.

Image Name Type Ability
Sword Kirby Sword Offensive Kirby does a spin attack which can hit one or more enemies.
Beam Kirby KDL3D Beam Defensive Creates a beam shield that can protect enemies from most of the enemies attacks.
Clock Kirby KDL3D Clock Special Goes backs three turns.
Robot Kirby KDL3D Robot Offensive Shoots at one or more enemies. It can be charged to be more powerful, but the chances of hiting gets lower.
KTD Sniper Sniper Offensive Shoots at one or more enemies. It always hits the enemies.
KTD Circus Circus Offensive Shoots at one or more enemies. It can only hit three enemies.

Meta Knight's Abilities

King Dedede's Abilities

Bandana Dee's Abilities







  • Doh for the Clock ability.


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