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Kirby: Party Time! is a game that is good on birthdays, Christmas, holidays and any other day children don't get school on! It is simple, involving tons of Kirby action and adventure throughout!

It starts in a pixel world with a jigsaw background. Kirby, Goriath, Mr. Dooter, Gobbler and Wiz meet each other in NSE/Famicom appearances, just before a Warp Star takes them to another similar island, this time in WiiU/3DS looks. They then find Droppies, Leaps, Chips, Snooters and other enemies that don't give powers making a cake.

Then, despite EVERYONE'S warnings, Kirby gobbles the cake mix (Alongside Waddle Daa) all up, before burping out a cookie marked 'Happy Birthday!'. After a few minutes confessing, Mr. Dooter throws Kirby into the cookie, forming the logo.


Green Greens

Ripple Field

Cocoa Cave

Aqua Star

Mustard Mountain

Dreamy Darkness

Jam Jungle


Dedede Resort

Nutty Noon

Wild World

More coming soon?

Bonus Challenge Areas

Happiness Hall (Sword, Wing, Hi-Jump)

Apricot Atrium (Whip, Parasol, Bomb)

Luxurious Lagoon (Water, Fighter, Spark)

Lavender Lava (Animal, Hammer, Ninja)

Avalanche Avenue (Tornado, Spear, Cupid)

Blast Battleground (Smash, Item, Smash EX)

Anime Episodes Included

Dark and Stormy Knight


Waste Management

Like Mother, Like Snail

Here Comes the Son

Mabel Turns Tables

Cappy Town Down, Combat Kirby and Fright to the Finish, all as the same episode!

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