A list of Copy Abilities in the game Kirby: Onslaught. All controls assume player is facing right.


  • B: Fire Breath. Kirby breathes fire. The fire can be aimed using the d-pad.
  • Dash + B: Burn. Kirby charges forward as a fireball.
  • Hold B + Left: Fireball Inferno. Kirby lights himself on fire, dealing massive damage to nearby enemies.
  • B in midair: Fireball Spin. Kirby spins around as a fireball.


  • B: Ice Breath. Kirby breathes ice. The ice can be aimed using the d-pad.
  • B, B, B: Ice Storm. Kirby freezes the air around him, creating a wintry storm that deals massive damage to nearby enemies.
  • Dash + B: Ice Ball. Kirby encases himself in ice and rolls forward.
  • B in midair: Ice Sprinkle. Kirby whirls around in the air while breathing ice, freezing surrounding enemies.
  • Right + B near an enemy: Ice Suction/Ice Ejection. Kirby sucks up a nearby enemy, then spits them out frozen solid.
  • Ice Kick - By running into frozen foes, Kirby will kick them forwards, damaging other enemies they come into contact with.


  • B: Needle. Spikes come out of Kirby, jabbing nearby enemies.
  • Hold B + mash D-Pad: Needle Burst. Spikes fly out of Kirby in all directions.
  • Dash + B: Rolling Needle. Kirby curls into a spiky ball and rolls forward at a high speed.
  • Up + B: Mega Needle. Kirby's hat turns into one large spike and sticks straight upwards.


  • B: Cutter Boomerang. Kirby throws a cutter forwards as a boomerang. If Kirby jumps, the cutter will hit behind him on its way back.
  • Dash + B: Cutter Dash. Kirby dashes forward, holding the cutter like a sword.
  • Down + B: Cutter Drop. Kirby drops downwards, holding the cutter in front of him.
  • B, B, B: Cleaving Cutter, Nonstop Cutter, Final Cutter. Kirby performs a three-hit combo with his cutter, ending in a final downwards slash that causes a large shock wave.


  • B: Chop. Kirby slashes forward with his sword.
  • B at full health: Sword Beam. A sword beam comes out of Kirby's sword to damage enemies.
  • B in midair: Sword Spin. Kirby spins in midair, sword extended.
  • Dash + B: Lunging Stab. Kirby lunges forward and stabs with his sword.
  • Down + B in midair: Down Thrust. Kirby holds his sword in front of him and plunges downwards.


  • B: Spark Attack. Kirby projects an electric field around him, shocking surrounding enemies and blocking projectiles.
  • Mash D-Pad: Charge Power. Kirby charges up electrical energy. When sufficient charge is acquired, it is shown visually by an electric field around Kirby.
  • B with charged power: Spark Wave. Kirby fires his electric field forwards.
  • Up + B: Thunderbolt. Kirby projects a thunderbolt upwards.
  • Down + B in midair: Lightning Strike. Kirby projects a thunderbolt downwards.


  • B: Stone Change. Kirby turns into a stone. While in this form, he is invulnerable to all enemy attacks.
  • B in midair: Stone Smash. Kirby turns into a stone and smashes downwards. Does heavy damage.
  • Dash + B: Turbo Stone. Kirby transforms into his stone form while sliding forwards.
  • Up + B: Stone Uppercut. Kirby punches with a stone fist.


  • B: Ready Bomb. Kirby pulls out a bomb, ready to throw it.
  • B with bomb ready: Throw Bomb. Kirby throws the bomb. It can be aimed somewhat with the D-Pad.
  • Down + B: Bomb Set. Kirby sets a bomb on the ground in front of him. It explodes after a few seconds.
  • Dash + B: Straight Throw. Kirby hurls a bomb forward, unaffected by gravity.


  • B: Beam Whip. Kirby flails an energy whip forward, damaging enemies.
  • Dash + B: Cycle Beam. Kirby creates a spiral of blue energy orbs in front of him.
  • Dash + B in midair: Beam Blast. Kirby fires many spheres of energy downwards in front of him.
  • Hold B: Wave Beam. Kirby fires a large blast of energy.
  • Right + B near enemy: Capture Beam. Kirby grabs an enemy, then fires them off in a burst of energy.






Details and more to come...

Other Characters

The other playable characters have their own unique abilities. These change depending on what they equip.

Waddle Dee

  • Normal - Various fighting and wrestling moves.
  • Thin Headband (Wood Star) - Waddle Dee will move and attack faster. However, his attacks will be weaker.
  • Heavy Headband (Smoke Star) - His attacks are more powerful, but his moves and attacks are slower.
  • Champion's Headband (The Halberd) - Wearing this head band lets Waddle Dee specialize in wrestling moves.
  • War-torn Headband (Shiver Star) - Waddle Dee specializes in martial arts.
  • Berserker's Headband (Ripple Star) - Waddle Dee specializes in body slams, shock waves, and charging at enemies.


  • Normal - Short range slashes.
  • Long Hair Ribbon (Wood Star) - Ribbon's crystal becomes long and thin, like a rapier. Her attacks will be quicker and more jabby.
  • Blue Bow (Smoke Star) - Ribbon's crystal becomes flatter and broader, and her attacks will be more powerful and have a larger radius.
  • Yellow Bow (The Halberd) - Allows Ribbon to throw her crystal (like the Cutter ability) and shoot energy blasts.
  • Grey Bow (Shiver Star) - Gives Ribbon's attacks a darker tinge, and they will be very powerful except that each attack will sap a tiny bit of health. Good for boss stages.
  • Crystalline Bow (Ripple Star) - Like the Crystal it's from, Ribbon's crystal shard will be able to purge any enemy of the darkness inside of it, thus converting it to fight for her.


  • Normal - Swinging paintbrush and throwing paint. Helper: Parasol Waddle Dee.
  • Green Brush Tip (Wood Star) - Adeleine now shoots electricity from her brush. The attacks are chargeable. Helper: Mini-Kracko.
  • Red Brush Tip (Smoke Star) - She can now do fiery slashes, and can throw heat waves. Helper: Hothead.
  • Metallic Brush Tip (The Halberd) - Her close range attacks are more powerful and quick, but she cannot use long range. Helper: Blade Knight.
  • Charred Brush Tip (Shiver Star) - Most of Adeleine's attacks involve painting bombs and missiles which come to life. Helper: Poppy Bro Jr.
  • Elegant Brush Tip (Ripple Star) - Her regular attacks stay the same, but her helper is very powerful. Helper: Ice Dragon.

King Dedede

  • Normal - Inhaling, hammer, and smashing into the ground.
  • Thick Robe (Wood Star) - Dedede now specializes in hammer techniques.
  • Armored Robe (Smoke Star) - Dedede mainly generates powerful shock waves while wearing this robe. However, he will be slower and will fall quicker.
  • Fireproof Garb (The Halberd) - Makes the King immune to fire, and allows him to use the Hammer Flip technique.
  • Furred Winter Clothing (Shiver Star) - King Dedede now regains health when he swallows an enemy, but loses his hammer.
  • The Mask and Mechanical Hammer (Ripple Star) - Known as "Masked Dedede" when wearing this, he swings a mechanical hammer that doubles as a missile launcher.

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