Kirby Maze of Memories

Kirby: Maze of Memories (Japanese: 星のカービィの空隙郷愁 Kirby's Dream Land: Void of Nostalgia) is a "Metroidvania"-esque spin-off title based upon the Kirby series of video games. The game has Kirby forced to relive his past adventures in order to save his friends from foes old and new and stop the destruction of Dream Land.

Maze of Memories was announced at a conference on March 18, 2014 alongside several other titles. Development started two days later. Later, on December 28, 2015, the game was adopted by KinglerMaster (tbc).





Playable Characters

Character Game Description Item Needed to Unlock
Modern Kirby Kirby (series) The pink puffball is back and ready for action! Kirby can suck up foes and steal their abilities, using them to his own advantage, or spit them back out for extra damage. Aside from that, he has some additional abilities such as sliding, flying, and creating helpers to assist him. N/A
Classic Kirby Kirby's Dream Land Kirby's original incarnation is back and just in time for saving the world! Unlike Modern Kirby, he cannot steal Copy Abilities, but unlike Kirby can eat certain objects no other Kirby can defeat, and is slightly stronger than the others. Pixel Star
Yarn Kirby Kirby's Epic Yarn Kirby was turned into yarn by Yin-Yarn and was granted several new abilities. Being yarn, he is unable to inhale, making him unable to fly or steal copy abilities, but that does not hinder this fabric hero! Yarn Kirby can change his shape, moulding into various vehicle-based forms. Yarn Ball
Clay Kirby Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Kirby was transformed into a clay ball by Claycia, and lost the ability to copy abilities. Elline the fairy aids Clay Kirby, drawing clay bridges for him to travel, and he can charge forward with a star dash. Collecting enough stars enables him a special drill-like attack to use, and he can take multiple forms including a tank and submarine. Clay Paintbrush
Kirby Mass Kirby Mass Attack Trying to stop Necrodeus from plunging the world into darkness resulted in a great change for Kirby: he was split into ten. These Kirbies work together as if a hive mind, copying one another, but they can each copy different abilities. Just make sure to keep them protected or trouble will arise! Heroic Heart
Shadow Kirby Kirby & the Amazing Mirror A special Kirby from the Mirror Dimension, this Kirby is quite similar to the Modern version in that he can also slide, fly, etc., but unlike Modern Kirby he can shield himself and call for the help of other Kirbies to assist him. Shadow Star

Supporting CHaracters



Copy Abilities



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