Kirby: Mario Adventure is a game for the Wii made by LuigiRulesINC.


Kirby is warped into a portal that leads to the Mushroom Kingdom and Bowser's Castle holds the only way back. but Bowser isn't gonna be happy that somebody is trespassing through his castle.

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Kirby: The pink hero comes to the Mushroom World for his new adventure!

Bowser: The tough villain and Mario's archrival, the big baddie does not want Kirby in his castle!

Wario: Helps Kirby find Medals throughout the game.

Yoshi: P2 for the game. He uses his tongue to swallow enemies. In order to make the multiplayer mode fair, Yoshi will be able to copy abilities in this game.

More coming soon!


Beam: Use a scepter to attack your enemies with beam whips. Regular Enemy: Waddle Doo Mid-boss: Magic Scepter

Bomb: Throw explosive bombs at your enemies. Regular Enemy: Bob-omb Mid-boss: Big Bob-omb

Crash: An ability that defeats all enemies on screen, but can only be used once. Regular Enemy: Bullet Bill

Mid-boss: Banzai Bill

Mike: A three-use ability that defeats everything on screen. Regular Enemy: Walky Talky

Mid-boss: Big Walky Talky

Cutter: Throw a cutter boomerang to slice your foes. Regular Enemy: Boomerang Bro. Mid-boss: Curve Bro.

Fighter: Fight your foes with great attacks to kill them. Regular Enemy: Broozer Mid-boss: Knuckle Joe

Fire: Burn your enemies to get rid of them. Regular Enemy: Fire Bro. Mid-boss: Blaze Bro.

Ice: Freeze your enemies to defeat them. Regular Enemy: Ice Bro. Mid-boss: Frost Bro.

Leaf: Use many grass-based attacks to defeat foes. Regular Enemy: Bulbasaur Mid-boss: Ivysaur

Spear: Use a spear to jab enemies with. Regular Enemy: Pirate Goom Mid-boss: Giant Spear Man

Water: Drown your foes with this ability. Regular Enemy: Cheep-Cheep Mid-boss: Porcu-Puffer

Whip: Whip your foes and grab items as well. Regular Enemy: Tail Goomba Mid-boss: Grand Tail Goomba

Needle: Surround yourself in a needle barrier that pricks foes. Regular Enemy: Spiny Mid-boss: Pokey

Spark: Same as Needle, but attacks can be charged. Regular Enemy: Amp Mid-boss: Thunder Lakitu

Tornado: Whirl a tornado and attack enemies. Regular Enemy: Tweester Mid-boss: Giant Tweester

Hi-Jump: Jump really high and defeat foes. Regular Enemy: Paratroopa Mid-boss: Colossal Paratroopa

Wing: Flap your wings and pwn foes with epic moves. Regular Enemy: Paragoomba Mid-boss: Huge Paragoomba

Hammer: No enemy stands a chance against the Hammer. Regular Enemy: Hammer Bro. Mid-boss: Sledge Bro.

Sleep: Avoid this ability at any cost. Regular Enemy: Rip Van Fish Mid-boss: Large Rip Van Fish

Stone: Smash your enemies with this ability. Regular Enemy: Whomp Mid-boss: Whomp King

Sword: Slash your enemies with the sword. Regular Enemy: Boo (carrying a sword) Mid-boss: Big Boo

Parasol: Float down and attack with this ability. Regular Enemy: Para-Goombe Mid-boss: Mega Para-Goombe

More coming soon!