Kirby: Legends Of Pop Star
Developer(s) SuyoGames
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS, Infinity GX
Release Date(s)
Solo, Multiplayer, Minigame Mode
Genre(s) Action Adventure RPG, Adventure, 3D
Predecessor N/A
Successor None
Kirby RPG: Legends Of Pop Star is an Action Adventure RPG game being developed by SuyoGames for the Nintendo 3DS and Infinity GX, it will be released in Q2 2014. The game is mainly inspired by the Mario & Luigi and Paper Mario series. The game will feature many well known Kirby characters including Meta Knight and King Dedede, as well as a new villain, who has a mysterious plot.

The game features a variety of modes and copy abilities that Kirby can use, however, when swallowing an enemy, Kirby will spit them out instead of eating them.


King Dedede was thinking of a plot to destroy his nemesis Kirby, but every time, Kirby always defeats the almighty king. So Dedede thinks of a brilliant idea, sending Kirby far away. He summons his Waddle Dee squad to find Kirby and send him off to a faraway place. The Waddle Dee's march through Dream Land to find the pink puffball before their chance of pleasing their King disappears.

Hours later, Kirby is walking through Dream Land again, he notices a ship with a "Sailor" Waddle Doo on it. The sailor tells about the magnificent "Cakester Island", an island full of splendid cake and other amazing dishes to eat. Kirby then gets the best of him and hops on the boat and the two take off.

The path seems to be very beautiful, and it appears the destination is getting closer, as the sailor Waddle Doo finds a trashed island, perfect to drop and ditch Kirby so he is gone from Dream Land forever, there's no way Kirby could swim miles back to his home! The sailor is about to drop off Kirby, until he finds out that the island he saw was just a surprising illusion! The ship begins to get sucked into a massive whirlpool, with Kirby and the sailor Waddle Doo hanging on tight to not fall in the trap. A glowing yellow light then appears as Kirby and the sailor were about to fall in the deadly whirlpool, it appeared it was fate.

Kirby had woken up and survived the whirlpool, perhaps the glowing light might have been someone, or something else. A star like creature then looks at Kirby and welcomes him to a island called, Somia Island.


Battle System

Battle Basics

The battle system works out similar to the Mario & Luigi battle system, though, Kirby has a partner alongside him to fight evil enemies.

Kirby can bash, inhale, use items, and special attacks to beat bosses ans enemies. Kirby also can switch his partner at any time, and each partner has different attacks and special abilities used outside of battle.

Kirby is able to choose actions like Attack, Defend, and Inhale, Kirby can also choose items he has collected and use Copy Abilities, and Kirby also has Special Moves, one special move includes Balloon Bomb where Kirby becomes huge and unleashes a huge gust at a foe.

Battle Types

There are different types of battles, they include:

  • Regular Battle: A basic fight that involves Kirby fighting two or more enemies, nothing too hard.
  • Extreme Battle: A hard challenge where enemies are stronger and enemies like Super Hot Head will appear, where you can gain a Super Ability. These kinds of battles are rare, they do not happen often.
  • Surprise Battle: Some enemies might get the upper hand and attack you first. You can encounter this battle if an enemy strikes you from a bush or an enemy is hiding inside a box that you open.
  • Horde Battle: Over 8 enemies will battle you, so beware, this is a huge battle to the death.
  • Trick Battle: Sometimes, the player may fall into a trap, they will go into an annoying fight, there will be obstacles in battle sometimes, if you try to use a copy ability, the obstacle will absorb some of the attack and use it against you.


Copy Abilities

Special Attacks

Special Attacks are strong moves that require the use of SP (Star Points), they are challenging to make the perfect strike, and each attack has certain controls for you to perform them.

Special Description Effects SP Location
Balloon Bomb Blow into the Nintendo 3DS' microphone to inflate Kirby, then, when Kirby has reached his limit, press A and fire away! Blow into the microphone, once Kirby turns red, press A to unleash a gust attack 4 Plum Park
Mass Cannon Jump into the Duplicannon to create multiple Kirbys, then, once a Kirby is near an enemy, tap A to give them a leap onto them, but time your jumps correctly! Perform well-timed jumps to make some serious damage and allow more Kirbys to be shot out. 9 Stardust Sands
Yarn Whip Keep circling on the bottom screen to make perfect circles, with this, you can wrap your yarn whip around the foe and smash them around multiple times! Draw good circles on the bottom screen to strangle the opponent with yarn and smash them to the ground multiple times. 12 Mount Mistmoch
Comet Crash Aim the cursor on the enemy so they can be totally finished! If you miss, you might damage yourself, so watch out! Crash into the enemy to perform a hit that can cause some serious damage 15 Hurranio Tower
Heavy Artillery Draw the shapes good so you can have many of them to strike an enemy, once your done swipe them to hit the foe! Draw good shapes to gain multiple shapes that are strong and can deal critical hits. 17 Shimmer Shiver Canyon
Wild Star Grab as many small stars as you can so you can power the warp star as you zoom down from the sky! Collect enough small stars to give a massive hit and have a high chance of dealing more than 1 hit. 19 Lustrous Woods


Main Characters

Image Name Description
Kirby KSSU Kirby The heroic pink puffball returns, and this time he has some friends. Together with a new friend he will put an end to this new evil.
Dedede2 King Dedede The dastardly king wants nothing to squash his annoying foe Kirby, but don't count him out, he also is a villain in this game too.
KSSU MK Meta Knight The mysterious Meta Knight joins the adventure, he sometimes assists Kirby, but sometimes he battles him!

Kirby's Partners