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Kirby: Legend of the Stars (カービー:星古伝; lit. Kabii: Hoshi no Koden) is an upcoming television show based on the Kirby series, as a "reboot" of Kirby Right Back at Ya! which draws inspiration from Kirby: Planet Robobot. Not much is known currently but the series has five confirmed producers and writers: Fuzzy, Plazz, Scratch, Pyro, and Sketch.


A pink puffball-like creature known as Kirby crash-lands on the planet of Pop Star, where he meets the denizens of a land known as a Dream Land. The king of Dream Land, Dedede, alongside his assistant Escargoon, want to get rid of Kirby out of fear of being overthrown, and enlist the help of Haltzmann Works Company, a technological company that sells monsters to the king to attempt to defeat the puffball. Little does anyone know that Haltzmann has their own plans for Pop Star...


Major Characters

Name Description Debut
Kirby A juvenile Star Warrior sent to the planet Pop Star as an infant, in an attempt by his race to help keep themselves alive. Having a very simple, lazy early life, he begins a simple-minded being with little more than a concern for consuming as much food as possible. However, he is soon swept up into the conflict between the denizens of Dream Land and their king, and eventually learns the secret of his own inhaling ability. Something Wicked Which Way Comes
King Dedede A fat, gluttonous penguin who's the self-proclaimed king of Dream Land. He doesn't seem to have any royal blood backing up his reign, but what does back it up is the financial and military might of the Haltmann Works Company. King Dedede is greedy, violent, and selfish, but does seem to have a soft side for his minions. This soft side, however, certainly does not show up when Kirby comes around. Something Wicked Which Way Comes
Dr. Escargoon A snail-like creature who was a former engineer for Haltmann Works and now serves as King Dedede's chief scientist; given his role, he still keeps contact with his old employers. Escargoon is extremely loyal to Dedede, and shares much of his positive and negative traits, but while Dedede is all brawn, the slippery scientist is all brains. Something Wicked Which Way Comes
Bandanna Waddle Dee Without a doubt, the most loyal minion of King Dedede, not willing to betray the king on his life. Despite his upmost loyalty, Waddle Dee has no ill intent toward the likes of Kirby and co. being both friendly towards both parties. In the series he serves as some sort of "happy median" between both Kirby and King Dedede, delivering important info to both. Something Wicked Which Way Comes
Meta Knight A sword-wielding masked mercenary, the leader of the self-titled band of warriors known as the Meta-Knights. Ruthless in battle and quiet outside of it, Meta Knight is a true warrior, though this, combined with his mask, makes him a true mystery. Like Dedede is to his cronies, he is rather warm to his fellow Meta-Knights, and he is a true leader figure. But seriously, what is under that mask? Dueling Ground
Susie The secretary of President Haltmann, Susie is effectively the Haltmann Works Company's chief field agent. She's easily annoyed, highly intelligent, and doesn't hesitate to speak her mind when something gets her worked up. She's typically found either "assisting" King Dedede or scouting Pop Star for HWC. Something Wicked Which Way Comes
Mr. Maxx Profit Haltmann The CEO of Haltmann Works company, often referred to by the employees as President Haltmann. As the proud leader of the company, Haltmann desires nothing but prosperity by capture and documentation of all life forms in the galaxy. While not much is known about him personally, it's very apparent Haltmann is very greedy man who relies completely on money, technology and terminating Kirby, who has been a threat to the company's prosperity from the start. Something Wicked Which Way Comes

Minor Characters

Name Description Debut
The Meta-Knights
Rick the Hamster
Coo the Owl
Kine the Fish
Soldier Doo


# Name Description Abilities Writer(s)
1 Something Wicked Which Way Comes A star being crash lands on the planet of Dream Land, raising the suspicions of it's greedy King Dedede, as well as the a technological Haltzmann Works Company. Fire Pyrostar (tbc)
2 Dueling Ground As Kirby settles into Dream Land, a mysterious band of mercenaries confront Kirby as to why he's at Dream Land. Sword TheFoxyRiolu (tbc)



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