Kirby: Legend of the Stars is a 2016 3D platforming game, developed and published by Nintendo. It's the first 3D platformer in the Kirby series, and the first game since Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble where King Dedede is actually the main antagonist. 


Kirby wakes up to find his Warp Star missing. After investigating, he finds out Dedede stole it, and has taken over the entirety of Pop Star by using the Sparkling Stars' power. Kirby sets off to stop him.


It's essentially Kirby Super Star Ultra, but 3D. You play as Kirby and fly, eat, gulp, slide, etc... Though, you cannot fly to wherever ya want; if you fly too far from the level, Meta Knight will swoop in and slash you. Ouch.

Helpers can be created, but this time three at once. How's that ? Also, Kirby can now store up two Copy Abilities at once. He can then switch between that two abilities.


Others (that i couldn't find images for)

  • Meta-Knights: Sword, Blade, Ax Knight, Javelin Knight, Trident Knight, Heavy Lobster, Captain Vul and Sailor Dee don't know Meta Knight is brainwashed, and thus they'll indirectly help him to catch Kirby...


Copy Abilities


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