(DIVIDER) Animal Beam Bomb Clean Cutter Cupid  Fighter Fire Ghost Hammer Ice Mike Metal Mirror Needle Ninja Plasma Stone Sword Tornado Yo-Yo
Animal Fury Animal Angler Attacker Explosive Anger Lyre Fury Chopping Mantis Dainty Fury Kangaroo Kickboxer Erupting Energizer Poltregeist Predator Flattening Ferocity Penguin Pulverizer Party Animal Aluminium Aviator Gemini Dismay Porcupine Pincher Tanooki Terror Atomic Angst Terra Temidity Excallabur Anger Hurricane Terror Tricky Trepidation
Beam Angler Attacker Flare Beam Boom Beam Squeaky Glimmer Slashing Lazer Helios Shaft Chopping Glow Blazing Glint Specter Glow Gaveling Flash Chilly Streak Stereo Gleam Iron Glimmer Dopple Glow Puncture Glimmer Shadow Streak Nuclear Gleam Rocky Glint Cutlass Shaft Cyclone Glow Rotating Streak
Bomb Explosive Anger Boom Beam Crash Bomb Bleach Blammer Kapow Cutter Aero Blam Self-Destructive Stab Fireworks Phantom Burst Kablooie Smasher Exploding Snowman Boom Box Missiles Twin Bomb Exploding Gordo Explosive Shurikens Light Bulb Dynamite Explosive Sword Balloon Bombs a-sway 
Clean Lyre Fury Squeaky Glimmer Bleach Blammer Rubby Dub Lysol Chopper Dawn Divinity Flouride FIghter Blazing Bleach Soapy Specter Toothbrush Titan Flawless Freeze Moppy Music Fresh Foil Taintless Twin Neat Needle Spotless Shinobi Unpolluted Spark Speckless Stone Sparkling Sword Toothpaste Turbine Cleansed Trickster
Cutter Chopping Mantis Slashing Lazer Kapow Cutter Lysol Chopper Super Cutter Pit Blade Kickdiscs Burning Blade Scythe Sharp Hammer Ice Skating Soundwave Lazer Mirror Scratch Snare Star Cutter Lightning Rod Animal Statues Sharp Blade Slash Storm Chainsaw Yo-Yo
Cupid Dainty Fury Helios Shaft Aero Blam Dawn Divinity Pit Blade Valentine Vigilante Repentance Revolver Flaming Arrow Death's Angel Doki Doki Smash Chilly Love Angel Beatz Chrome Compassion Twin Emotion Stabbing Love Smoke Snuggle Plasma Perfection Earthy Essence Spear Dizzy Feelings Heart Strings
Fighter Kangaroo Kickboxer Chopping Glow Self-Destructive Stab Flouride FIghter Kickdiscs Repentance Revolver Kung-Fu Killer Firefighter Transparent  Fisted Hammer Ice Punch Sound Slap Silver Stab Double Punch Bladed Fists Shuriken Hand Plasma Glove Sand Hands Slashing Wrists Hurricane hands Guts Grinder
Fire Erupting Energizer Blazing Glint Fireworks Blazing Bleach Burning Blade Flaming Arrow Firefighter Monster Flame Evil Entity Eruption Buring Smasher Melting Ice Cube Fire Box Melting Metal Warm Glass Blazing Accupuncture Volcanic Ninja Star Match Volcano Flaming Sword Fire Tornado Smokey Revolver
Ghost Poltregeist Predator Specter Glow Phantom Burst Soapy Specter Scythe Death's Angel Ghoul Gasher Evil Entity Eruption Phantom Force  Invisihammer Chills Banshee Screech Titanium Terror Mirror Ghoul Ghostly Pricker Dead Genin Shocking Spectre Tectonic Terror Invisisword Dead Vortex  Tricky Tombstone 
Hammer Flattening Ferocity Gaveling Flash Kablooie Smasher Toothbrush Titan Sharp Hammer Doki Doki Smash Fisted Hammer Buring Smasher Invisihammer Grand Hammer Frost Hammer Soundwave Smasher Masked Dedede Hammer Broken Glass Spikey hammer Frigid Flatten Electric Gavel Rocky Hammer Bladed War-Hammer Wind Hammer Rotating Hammer
Ice Penguin Pulverizer Chilly Streak Exploding Snowman Flawless Freeze Ice Skating Chilly Love Ice Punch Melting Ice Cube Chills Frost Hammer Snow Bowl Cold Yell Freezing Metal Duo Freeze Snowflake Frozen Ninja Refrigerator Curling Stone Frigid Sword Ice Tornado Arctic Trickster
Mike Party Animal Stereo Gleam Boom Box Moppy Music Soundwave Angel Beatz Sound Slap Fire Box Banshee Screech Soundwave Smasher Cold Yell Party Hardy Silver Triangle Twin Vibration Decible Deflating Shadow Yell Shocking Soundwave Rocker Sound Sword Twister Tune Ruckus Rotation
Metal Aluminium Aviator Iron Glimmer Missiles Fresh Foil Lazer Chrome Compassion Silver Stab Melting Metal Titanium Terror Masked Dedede Hammer Freezing Metal Silver Triangle Titan Chrome Duo Metallic Needle Iron Ninja Reactor Chrome Dome Lancer Wheel Metal Yo-Yo
Mirror Gemini Dismay Dopple Glow Twin Bomb Taintless Twin Mirror Scratch Twin Emotion Double Punch Warm Glass Mirror Ghoul Broken Glass Duo Freeze Twin Vibration Chrome Duo Duplicate Dynasty Twin Needle Shadow clone Dual Shock Dual Rock Doublade Twin Tornado 2x Tricky
Needle Porcupine Pincher Puncture Glimmer Exploding Gordo Neat Needle Snare Stabbing Love Bladed Fists Blazing Accupuncture Ghostly Pricker Spikey hammer Snowflake Decible Deflating Metallic Needle Twin Needle Blitz Needle Spiked Nun-chucks Lightning Boulder Power Drill Spine Saber Dizzy Pincher Spikey Yo-Yo
Ninja Tanooki Terror Shadow Streak Explosive Shurikens Spotless Shinobi Star Cutter Smoke Snuggle Shuriken Hand Volcanic Ninja star Dead Genin Frigid Flatten Frozen Ninja Shadow Yell Iron Ninja Shadow clone Spiked Nun-chucks Ninjageddon Zap Star Clay Kunai Katana Dizzy Dagger Shadow Yo-Yo
Plasma Atomic Angst Nuclear Gleam Light Bulb Unpolluted Spark Lightning Rod Plasma Perfection Plasma Glove Match Shocking Spectre Electric Gavel Refrigerator Shocking Soundwave Reactor Dual Shock Lightning Boulder Zap Star Shockingly Radiant Sedimentary Shockwave Frictive Sword Spark Tornado Volt Revolver
Stone Terra Temidity Rocky Glint Dynamite Speckless Stone  Animal Statues Earthy Essence Sand Hands Volcano Tectonic Terror Rocky Hammer Curling Stone Rocker Chrome Dome Dual Rock Power Drill Clay Kunai Sedimentary Shockwave Force Stone Cutlass Calcite Sediment Storm Rock Yo-Yo
Sword Excallabur Anger Cutlass Shaft Explosive Sword Sparkling Sword Sharp Blade Spear Slashing Wrists Flaming Sword Invisisword Bladed War-Hammer Frigid Sword Sound Sword Lancer Doublade Spine Saber Katana Frictive Sword Rocky Sword Ultra Sword Sword Storm Bladed Yo-Yo
Tornado Hurricane Terror Cyclone Glow Balloon Toothpaste Turbine Slash Storm Dizzy Feelings Hurricane hands Fire Tornado Dead Vortex  Wind Hammer Ice Tornado Twister Tune  Wheel Twin Tornado Dizzy Pincher Dizzy Dagger Spark Tornado Igneous Twist Whirlwind Slasher Stormy Oblivion Windy Yo-yo
Yo-Yo Tricky Trepidation Rotating Streak Bombs a-sway  Cleansed Trickster Chainsaw Yo-Yo Heart Strings Guts Grinder Smokey Revolver Tricky Tombstone  Rotating Hammer Arctic Trickster Ruckus Rotation Metal Yo-Yo 2x Tricky Spikey Yo-Yo Shadow Yo-Yo Volt Revolver Rock Yo-Yo Bladed Yo-Yo Windy Yo-yo Earthbound

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