Kirby: Kaos Kronicle
Kaos Kronicle WiiU
Developer(s) AdamGregory03
HAL Laboratories
Publisher(s) Activision
Platform(s) Wii U
Nintendo NX
Release Date(s)
April 25th, 2017 (Japan)
May 5th, 2017 (USA)
Story Mode (1-4 Players)
Genre(s) Platform
Series Kirby, Skylanders
Predecessor Kirby: Planet Robobot
Successor N/A
Kirby: Kaos Kronicle is a fan game by AdamGregory03, created as a crossover between the Kirby and Skylanders series, released on Nintendo Wii U and NX family of systems.

Due to the partnership of two series, most copies of the game come bundled with a Skylander and Amiibo hybrid called Star Surfer Kirby.


Gameplay for Kaos Kronicle remains largely in-tact from Triple Deluxe and Planet Robobot, while retaining 4-player co-op from Return to Dreamland. The game introduces a new hook known as the Chest of Elements, which changes the entire level to match a random element each time it's selected, being Magic, Tech, Life, Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Undead, Light, and Dark. Switching between different elements will alter the level to make it either easier or more difficult to proceed, and is required for obtaining certain collectibles and reaching the goals of some levels.


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Character Ability Flavor Text
KTD Kirby walk
Everyone's favorite adorable pink hero is back! Doesn't matter what dimension you're from. If you're evil, you can expect him to send you packing!
Flavor Text

Meta Knight Planet Robobot
Meta Knight
The mysterious and noble warrior of Dreamland joins Kirby on his latest venture. With his trusty blade Galaxia, this knight is always right!
Flavor Text

King Dedede
He's proud. He's hungry. He's chubby. He's King Triple D, the ruler of Dreamland, ready to bring down the hammer on anyone who crosses him!
Flavor Text

KPR Susie artwork
One the secretary of the Haltmann Work Force. Now a new friend, who's joining Kirby on his latest journey in all her robotic cuteness!
Flavor Text


Character Description
Bandana Waddle Dee KTD
Waddle Dee
A friendly Waddle Dee who will appear before mini-bosses or main bosses to offer items that will heal Kirby and his friends.

Copy Abilities

Ability Flavor Text
Ability Star Archer
What's better than amazing archery skills? Amazing archery skills, and a swanky purple fedora on top of that!
Flavor Text

Ability Star Beam
Beams in all shapes and sizes, all packaged into one electricity wand! Use this shocking power wisely!
Flavor Text

Ability Star Candy
How unbelievably sweet! Eat too much and your teeth will rot! A good thing Kirby doesn't have any teeth, then!
Flavor Text

Ability Star Fire
In order to burn up the charts, you need the hottest flames in town, and that's exactly what you get with Fire Kirby!
Flavor Text

Ability Star Hammer
Wielding a massive wooden mallet, no one stands a chance against you! Speak softly, but always carry a big hammer!
Flavor Text

Ability Star Sword
Donning the cap and wielding the blade of a legendary hero, Kirby's swordsman skills are off the charts!
Flavor Text

Ability Star Water
Water is the best way to make a splash! Use it to wash up your enemies with beautiful yet deadly attacks!
Flavor Text


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Standard Enemies


Mini-Boss Ability Description
Ability Star Hammer A grouchy gorilla who's the only enemy in the game to grant Kirby the Hammer ability. Bonkers attacks by throwing coconuts, smashing the ground, using Hammer Flip, or using a powerful spin attack.
Ability Star Candy A pinyata that was brought to life by... magic? And is the only enemy in the game to grant Kirby the Candy ability. Pain-Yatta attacks by barfing candy, smashing with his lollipop, attempting to eat Kirby, and creating candy spikes on the ground.

Main Bosses

Additional Bosses